Well, they don’t. Usually though, if you want something quick and simple, yerba mate is a good choice. David vs Goliath; Ali vs Fraser; Batman vs Superman…mate vs matcha tea. As your cells get damaged, you get wrinkly, shrivel up, and rent a nice coffin for eternity (#GRIM). Did you know: Matcha has 137x more catechins than regular green tea [5]. Every cell in your body contains DNA, the blueprint for all living things. We’ve sorted out eight key characteristics of matcha vs. yerba mate, so that you can choose the one that’s right for you. Oxidative stress (free radicals attacking your cells) slowly damages your genetic programming. Yerba mate is a product made from the dried leaves and twigs of a holly tree (Ilex paraguariensis). When you compare matcha vs. yerba mate side by side, a clear winner emerges: matcha. All Rights Reserved. EGCG has been directly linked to increased moisturization, skin antioxidation, and anti-wrinkling [11]. Both deserve your time and attention. The health beverage market is slowly growing to include more drinks than the typical 'low cal' or sugar-free offerings. If you’re looking for take your mental acuity to the next level along with the other health benefits mentioned here, make sure to take a look at our matcha supplement - MatchaMax. Both matcha and yerba mate are natural sources of caffeine, and each provides about 11 milligrams of the stimulant for every one ounce serving. For centuries, yerba mate was at the center of culture for the Guarani and the Tupi. It’s all comes down to the nutrients in tea vs coffee. Many of the benefits offered are similar to yerba mate, but they may come from different mechanisms. Privacy Policy  Terms of Use. Both are low-calorie drinks that provide a boost in energy, so it’s easy to see how they can help promote healthy weight. As a result, the leaves produce more chlorophyll, which creates a darker green color associated with matcha compared to the light yellow found in green tea. Don’t go to jail). Traditionally, you both prepare and consume the tea in a dedicated matcha bowl, but you can use any bowl or cup that allows you to whisk it appropriately. Ultimately, both yerba mate and matcha are incredible, natural drinks with equally valid and storied histories. THISSSS ONNNENENEN has a heart-attack inducing...215 mg per serving! To make yerba mate, you steep your leaves in hot water in the traditional vessel. Matcha is made from green tea, which means it contains caffeine. Matcha is known for being rich in antioxidants, but it has a different antioxidant profile compared to yerba mate. The lack of whisking and sweetening involved makes preparing a cup of yerba mate a more simple form of ceremony. Get the facts and discover the important nutritional differences between matcha vs. yerba mate. Matcha was then brought to Japan in the late 12th century, where it is still the center of the traditional “tea ceremony” in Japanese culture. All Rights Reserved. Chances are you already drink Matcha or Matcha flavored beverages before. That means mate could have major implications for everything from your teeth to your waist. 4960 S Gilbert Rd. Matcha, like green tea, comes with a lot of well-known health benefits, which is what made it popular with monks over a thousand years ago. But only matcha has the unique amino acid known as L-Theanine. One of the joys of yerba mate is that it demands ceremony when you prepare it. Positive Affirmations – View in Messenger. The testimonials on this website are individual cases and do not guarantee that you will get the same results. This guide will help you read the tea leaves of all the hype around matcha and mate tea... OK, let the clash of the TEAtans commence. Origins - Where do Mate and Matcha Come From? (thermoses) full of mate. Like most standard teas, yerba mate is made by steeping dried leaves in hot water. These days, it’s the most popular drink in Paraguay and Uruguay, where you can see people strolling down the street with termos (thermoses) full of mate. The same is true of a badly sourced yerba mate. Traditionally, it is consumed through a metal straw out of a dried gourd that is passed from person to person. Epic Matcha™ Imagine doing ONE thing at the start of every day that lights a spark in your body, mind and soul. Estimates range from 25 mg in one serving to up to 70 mg. Generally, it’s about HALF that of coffee. Brought to Japan from China by Zen Buddhist monks in the 13th century, matcha quickly became a crucial component of the Japanese tea ceremony. That means matcha is a better source of antioxidants than ANY FRUIT OR VEGETABLE. The flavor profiles offered by yerba mate and matcha are very different: both are earthy, but matcha can be sweetened and tends to be more mellow than the smoky, woody taste of yerba mate. The Guarani received yerba mate as a gift from the spirit of Tupa to reward them for their values. Mate is a great source of zinc, aluminum, chromium, manganese, and nickel. However, it's important to know that the nutrient content found in your yerba mate depends on what you buy. While both products offer caffeine and antioxidants, there are real, distinguishable differences between yerba mate vs. matcha. The Jesuits failed in their mission, and Jesuits would ultimately paly a huge role in the commercialization of yerba mate or "Jesuit tea.". Matcha is insanely easy to prepare. Yerba mate is an infusion of leaves and sticks from the holly tree, and matcha is a fine powder derived from the leaves of a tea plant. Because matcha is a fine powder, it can be used not only in traditional tea ceremonies but also in a variety other ways. The clash of the TEAtans ends with matcha on top, simply due to its massive catechin count and its proven benefits. So, how do catechins make you immortal? Yerba mate and matcha have some of the best name recognition among these 'new' health drinks, but people often confuse the two. After all, it's global popularity is only just beginning. It’s basically instant happiness. You can enjoy matcha for its versatility and convenience, or yerba mate for the richness of antioxidants, or you can just have both! In addition to social occasions and formal events, matcha is served (most famously) during the tea ceremony. You then use the bombilla straw to drink it because straw filters out the solids and allows you to drink the steeped tea. Just a quick aside, both matcha and mate are used around the world by millions as a skin care product. Matcha is another antioxidant powerhouse that could protect against damage from free radicals—evil, unstable atoms that cause damage to cells, lead to aging, and contribute to certain diseases. When the man drank the tea, he grew stronger and went off to refind his kinsmen. Research has shown that mate’s effects on adenosine receptors could lead to improved cognitive function. Yeah, caffeine might keep you out of prison, but the crash might be worse than 25 to life (it’s not. OK, so we’ve established that both matcha and mate are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and that both are low calorie and full of clean energy, so what about all those other benefits vegans keep screaming about on social media? Sign up for our mailing list to get the latest and greatest VitaMonk wisdom. Finally, want to know more? Another benefit is the fact that yerba mate can offer seven of the nine essential amino acids. It can even boost your metabolism to help you burn more fat. About Matcha Matcha is one of the most popular food and beverage ingredients nowadays. Mate had a positive effect on short and long-term memory in laboratory rats when they were evaluated on social memory and step-down inhibitory avoidance acts (tasks where rats need to figure out how to get food from a box) [9]. The tradition of yerba mate comes from the Guarani people, who use it for its medicinal properties and to restore vitality to life. So instead of getting a cold-brew turbo blast of caffeine followed by a fiery crash, the pleasing medley of nutrition in these teas lets your body gently absorb caffeine throughout the day, even though the energy and alertness are effective immediately. These days, it’s the most popular drink in Paraguay and Uruguay, where you can see people strolling down the street with. The amount it contains varies dramatically depending on the type of matcha you have. Matcha has 137x more catechins than regular green tea [5]. When it comes to healthy energy, Japanese matcha tea … Yeah, caffeine might keep you out of prison, but the crash might be worse than 25 to life (it’s not. Yerba mate originated in South America. They also contain antioxidants, and may help to lower blood sugar, boost metabolism, and assist in weight loss. Uruguay is the largest consumer of yerba mate on Earth. Both matcha and yerba mate have strong social-cultural importance in their places of origin. You can’t go wrong with either, though! Do you have questions about yerba mate? They would then put the powder in the bowl and whisk it. After the arrival of the Spanish in Central and South America, yerba mate became a politicized drink. The same properties can also help you enjoy more benefits from your daily exercise. Man kann ihn gut in großen Mengen trinken, da er eher wie ein normaler, wohlschmeckender Tee daher kommt. Both ancient beverages are healthy choices for your cup – but how do they really compare in a sip-to-sip matchup?


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