I know this question has been asked before but the answer was along the lines of “There are plans in place” but beyond that I dont recall anything more specific. Converting projects is very hard and I think learning the new controls is harder than it needs to be with incomplete documentation and examples that are either not working or weak. It looks half-baked and more like an advertising gag. Feel free to add comments below. I moved that development initiative to PHP and Drupal. Currently 57885 is ranked 9th. Ironically, PHP feels more like Xojo than Xojo to me. If they get bought out by an enterprise that wants to use the tech internally, all they need to do is stop offering subscriptions and suddenly you're scrambling to rebuild your entire app on other technology. Working HiDPI on Windows in Xojo? I’m still in the community:  Sort of. Xojo has one shot to impress developers with this release and inconsistency is a bad look in my opinion. Anyway, that’s a quick and dirty summary of things I’ve learned. I wish nothing but the best for Xojo. Right now, I’d say the safest release is 2019 R1.1. There’s probably a half dozen ways of doing this better. Among some of the big additions is the ability to load data dynamically using the WebDataSource. You can chalk this up to a variety of issues that all revolve around Xojo. In my opinion this is the exact wrong place to use ByRef. So they changed things to satisfy people who wouldn’t use Xojo anyway. With its advanced object-oriented features, introspection, delegates and inline scripting it is also used by professionals as they make the large-scale apps needed by their companies. Monday a Feedback Report 61895 titled “Do a Xojo ‘Snow Leopard’ version that focuses solely on bug fixes and performance improvements. I have looked at other frameworks/languages, and their communities weren’t as welcoming. If you don't want to start with C# because of its high learning floor, you can start with VB. And that, in my opinion, is one of the larger problems with Xojo: never knowing which release is good or bad. I hate Web 2.0? ARGen can save you many hours of tedious coding by abstracting the database code to read, write, and interface with controls. And iOS (for me) has never gotten past the “Lego” stage, and seems to be a platform requiring mostly declares to get anything done. The transition to 64-bit was a huge multi-year project. Incredible when you think about it. Update on my 2020 R1 status. And the fact that there really seems to be little forward motion. It was written by Alain Bailleul, who’s left Xojo for the B4X product family and who wrote his own web application framework(s) for B4J. – Local hosting if desired: Docker Containers, The mentioned stack is of course much more complicated and more complex than Xojo. Xojo Cloud is easier. This should be a big time saver for some Xojo developers. That means we picked up at least two big projects a year and a ton of smaller filler projects. You might feel like I’m complaining for the sake of complaining. It certainly would have given much more forethought into API 2.0 and how it would affect the existing user base and the documentation done long before any coding started. I didn’t renew my Desktop subscription this year, (down from pro a while ago) as my desktop app is getting maintenance and small updates. I guess at 45 I’m ready for the graveyard. They also now have a String.Characters iterator. Everything Non-Web 2.0 While Web 2.0 is by far the biggest part of 2020 Release 1 but it is not the only important change. API 2.0 is now supported along with classic API. However, I would like to counter the argument that all web technologies are constantly evolving and the path that Xojo has now taken with Bootstrap is the right and future-proof path for me personally.


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