Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is, Please help the original poster by using the. Take a listen. Won't hurt anything plugged in directly either...the mic doesn't care if the phantom is on or not. That made me wonder if things like phones supply phantom power via their 3.5mm TRRS jacks. it will damage it. I once joked with someone about using the phantom power switch on the interface as a "mic on/off" button and they said that it could damage the microphone. So, I gathered them all in the studio along with a classic radio/podcaster mic, the Shure SM7B, and had our own Mitch Gallagher read into each so we could listen and compare them. In a word, no. Shure features plenty of advanced internal hardware to protect the cartridge and other components. We’re breaking down what makes the Shure SM7B a studio staple, and why it’s worth the cost. bass rolloff, flat, presence boost). The Shure SM7B reigns as king of studio recording for good reason: vocal recording and reproduction is clear and crisp, especially when recording in a controlled environment with the flat frequency response selected. The bass rolloff and presence boost selections are difficult to differentiate from one another, both by ear and when comparing the frequency response charts. Its compact design makes it much more portable, and more streaming-friendly than the Shure SM7B. Take a listen to hear what it sounds like. The SM7B is a costly microphone, and you’re paying for two things: professional performance and premium construction. I also prefer the XLR input placement on the SM7B: it doesn’t interfere with the mic stand adapter, whereas its placement on the 55SH Series II can pose a problem. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Elektron Octatrack + Shure SM7B + Cloudlifter. Fuston is now the Manager of Written Content for Sweetwater's web and print publications. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. It will save your ribbon mics and I've always been under the understanding that you don't want to hot-swap w/ condensers, either. Phantom power will not harm the SM-7b, they are referring to some ribbon mics that can be harmed by it. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. The Cloudlifter has been phenomenally successful and has garnered hundreds of glowing reviews, such as these found on our site. Some vintage ribbon mics employ an output transformer which is centre-tapped, and that centre tap is earthed. From the patchbay, the engineer will connect each microphone in the recording rooms to the a preamp channel which will also have its input terminated at a TRS or TT patchbay. Its internal air suspension shock apparatus greatly reduces mechanical noises that would otherwise make their way into recordings. If you are connecting everything from the microphone to the preamp with XLR cables you will never damage a ribbon mic with phantom power. I would then blend the sound of both to get the best tone. These panels generally terminate in the control room into a TRS or TT patchbay. and the gain available (in dB) from each. When testing the microphone, the use of an external pop filter felt redundant. What differences did you hear? Phone Hours | in your case no but make sure not to use 48v with a ribbon mic. The specific situation that can damage a ribbon mic is usually only something you'd see in a bigger facility. The Shure 55SH design is heavily influenced by 1930s automobiles. The SM58 is clearly a vocal-oriented mic as shown by the heavily attenuated bass response. If you have multiple recording rooms or a very large recording room, there are likely multiple panels around the studio with XLR connectors for mic cables. To install the windscreen properly, refer to the included user guide as it requires the use of an included attachment piece. Does the ShureSM7B need phantom power? NOTE: These units are only designed to work with passive mics — mics that don’t require 48V phantom power — because they do NOT pass phantom power on to the mic. Sorry to bring an old thread up but I just had the same thing happen at a studio tonight!! 5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W, Fort Wayne, IN 46818 The Shure SM7B doesn’t require phantom power, but you may want to consider it if you have an aversion to maxing out the gain on your mixer. Already have an account? The answer seems to be yes. Excellent vocal reproduction Damage can be caused while connecting a mic during the brief instant when not all three pins have made contact. No need if the OP has a mixer with mic preamps. In other words, the Shure SM7B is equipped to minimize audio clipping and signal distortion from loud outputs. Is it bad to have this on or is it fine? Editor’s note: this Shure SM7B review was updated on November 22, 2020, to expand the list of buying options, and to address the Shure MV7 USB/XLR microphone. Hi, I have an SM7B plugged into a Cloudlifter which then goes into a focusrite 6i6. As a budge alternative that supposedly sounds close to a SM7B you might consider a Mercenary Audio modded Shure SM58. Two toggles allow you to select one of three responses, depending on what the situation calls for (e.g. From the tweakiest techniques to the biggest ideas, our experts work hard to constantly supply inSync with a steady stream of helpful, in-depth demos, reviews, how-tos, news, and interviews. As a leading manufacturer of ribbon microphones, Royer knows about low-output microphones; so they designed the dBooster to work well with both ribbon and dynamic mics. While these sounds are ignored by our brains, they’re often registered by sensitive microphones and can add time to post-production when not preemptively combated. Upon removing the mic from its packaging, I immediately noticed the mutable frequency response illustration on the back. He has hosted recording forums since 1998, both on the internet (3dB) and Facebook (3D/FB). I currently have my Shure SM7b connected to my Allen & Heath Zed 10FX mixer and then out to my QSC K10 speakers, so it is not routed to my octatrack at all. The original SM7 debuted during Michael Jackson’s Thriller music video, and its iterations remain a must-have for recording musicians and avid enthusiasts alike. This audio snippet was recorded from my makeshift kitchen island desk with the dryer running just a few meters away. Which one you prefer is a matter of personal taste, but I think whichever you choose will do a good job. i figured everything was kosher, just wanted to be shure. The CL-1 has been so successful since its What’s more, the yoke’s adjustment is smooth and offers just enough resistance to keep the microphone in its deliberately placed position. Surely the reason the SM7B isn't affected by Phantom Power is that it's Dynamic, it relies on Electromagnetism created by the moving coil, where as Condensers need the Phantom Power to create the current needed to measure a fluctuating capacitance.


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