Things to look for: 1) a white film forming on top of the liquid – that’s your SCOBY! After cooled to room temperature, pour the sweetened tea into your sterilized jar (I washed mine in hot water with a natural dish soap and then microwaved it for 2 minutes just because I’m paranoid and figure that would kill off any lingering bacteria!) If you don’t have a friend who brews, get your hands on some kombucha from a local brewer or health store — I just get mine from Whole Foods. And it is. I just pour it slowly on top! Also appreciate the tasty free teabag and tea blend she includes, a nice touch. Good luck – hope you’re starting to see it grow! Use 8 oz of the mixture (the top of the mixture, not the sediment in the bottom) as your starter kombucha for your first batch of kombucha and discard the rest. Organic sugar (this is a must; the SCOBY cannot grow without the sugar). I got a fantastic result: delicious kombucha for pennies compared to the commercial product. Thank you for the wonderful write up on how to grow our own SCOBY! I'm a real foodie, wellness nerd, natural beauty junkie, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. And thank you for this awesome post. If you follow the steps below and nothing grows, go ahead and try a different brand. But don’t give up! thank you. If you think you see mold, do not take any chances and discard the kombucha immediately. The SCOBY may sink, but it should eventually float back up. I plan to buy a few more of these kits as gifts. SCOBYs rarely “die” though it can happen. This will be enough to ferment about two quarts of sweet tea. Thank you for sharing ! Yep, basically just a big slimy blob of bacteria. (I’m really selling this whole thing for you, right? Boil 2 cups of water, add the two tea bags and stir in 3 tablespoons of sugar until the sugar is completely dissolved. Also do you think organic coconut sugar would work? (But don’t give up hope!). Just checking. If it is naturally flavored then I think that would work! I’m on day six is there anyway I can email you a picture of my scoby it looks funky. Unwanted bacteria and mold growth is a far more common issue, though. ★☆ Please know that not all store-bought kombuchas work effectively for growing your own SCOBY. The visit Fermentaholics shop today and view all of the different Kombucha products we have! I am going to make this wish me luck. Or better yet, you could just get a SCOBY from her since they multiply with each brew… as you’ll soon learn! LOL unfortunately I doubt I could help you from a picture – they do look super funky when they’re growing. Thank you! When the SCOBY is around ¼ inch thick, “feed” it by adding 2 more cups of sweetened tea (just as you made in step 1). Cover with paper towel (preferably doubled-over) or a clean, breathable cloth and secure with a rubber band. Cover the mixture and return it to its warm, dry resting place and leave undisturbed. If you don’t have a friend who brews, get your hands on some kombucha from a local brewer or health store — I just get mine from Whole Foods. Remove the SCOBY with clean hands (cannot stress this enough!) If you have a friend that brews, awesome! *I used a half-gallon glass jar because I have a small apartment and it is easier for me to handle weight-wise, but most people typically use a 1-gallon glass jar. 3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Digestion ASAP,, Come-Boo-Chuh- Part 1 | Crunchy In The Suburbs, 2 organic black, green, or white tea bags OR 2 tbs loose organic tea and a tea diffuser, 6 tbs organic sugar (this is a must — the SCOBY cannot grow without the sugar). All of your instruments (including your hands) must be sterile so as not to contaminate the kombucha. It typically takes between 10 and 15 days to grow a SCOBY from store bought kombucha — more quickly in warmer temperatures and more slowly in cooler temps. All of your instruments (including your hands) must be sterile so as not to contaminate the kombucha. But don’t worry… it’s simple. and had a major failure with one brand before trying a second that worked like a charm. You’ll also need a large glass jar (must be glass!). Contrary to what you may think, refrigerated SCOBYs tend to be more prone to growing mold. When your SCOBY is ½ inch thick, it’s ready to go! How do you sterilize your jars? The internet is filled with interesting recipes and ways for using your SCOBY, from dog treats to candy! No it shouldn’t matter, but also I doubt it will tear! If you’re still unsure, let me know! Congrats! Hi, Annetta. And to complicate things: it’s not something you can just pick up at the store. Hey there and welcome to Body Unburdened! You can purchase a SCOBY online, find one at a health food store or borrow one from a friend. Your email address will not be published. If you’re not seeing any growth after 1 week, I suggest discarding what you have and trying again with a different brand / starter kombucha. Oh goodness – one of the most important parts! And if it doesn’t it’s not a big deal.


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