When mole tunnels are close to the surface the tops of the tunnel are convex and may be pushed down as you walk. That usually means trapping or toxic chemical bait. Anyone who tells you different, and believe us when we say we’ve heard from many, is not going to be a consistent mole trapper. Voles aren’t exactly at the top of their respective food change. Lawn Damage: A vole may be tiny, but at the rate they multiply and chew everything in sight, they have the power to destroy the most beautiful landscape in no time at all. So, when considering whether the paths you are seeing in your yard and mulch beds are the result of moles or voles (field mice), our advice is to ask yourself these two questions. They’ll move in, cut tunnels through your lawn and snack on your grass until they’ve cut roads through that perfect lawn. These little critters don’t really look to get inside our homes because they have other targets – our yards and gardens. A vole ( Microtus spp) To make matters worse, vole damage seems to appear that much more dramatic when it’s combined with all the other conditions affecting the lawn that go along with winter including snow mold disease and winter kill. Even if you have a simple yard with a grass lawn and a tree in the corner, a vole family will still be happy to settle in. Their tunneling will make raised areas where they have dug, and will leave mounds of dirt scattered about--not to mention the pathways through your grass. Prairie voles, meadow voles, montane voles and sagebrush voles are among those that make their homes there, and other species are spread across the country from Alabama to Oregon. They have small ears and a short tail. Technically, voles can be seen indoors too, but that’s rare and it’s even rarer that the vole got their intentionally. Because of this, if you have voles invading your property, you will soon notice damage forming on trees. They like to run around in their thin subterranean tunnels and eat the vital parts of most plants and even trees. The one letter difference in what they’re called often proves to be a stumbling block in communication about the animals. Unfortunately for us, these long, extensive, and complicated tunnel systems can be devastating for our yard’s or garden’s soil. And if you have pets that use your yard, they may pick up those parasites and bring them inside with them. Voles can do some serious damage to your lawn. For very small garden beds or other areas, Sanchez says, exclusion like this can be effective to keep voles from burrowing into them. Some of the parasites voles may be carrying include, lice, mites, fleas and ticks. Learn more about the warning signs and treatment options. And having a parasite infestation in your home presents a whole new set of problems. Wildlife seeks shelter for the winter in the fall. If not, move the traps to new locations. They have small eyes and their ears are furred and don’t project much. Since voles are rodents, this means that they have a set of incisors that never stop growing. Determining what sort of animal is doing the damage is a key to finding a solution. The University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources says that vole damage to lawns usually repairs itself when spring growth ramps back up, and is not permanent. Colorado alone hosts eight species of voles, which are often called meadow mice or field mice. Their damage may not be as easy to spot, but they still have their tells. A mesh fence can also protect your prize flower beds, gardens or other sensitive areas. Voles’ nests become intricate networks of subterranean tunnels that often are weirdly close to the surface of the ground. To make matters worse, vole damage seems to appear that much more dramatic when it’s combined with all the other conditions affecting the lawn that go along with winter including snow mold disease and winter kill. “Voles and mice are rather cousins than brothers or sisters”, the experts add. Left unchecked, voles can girdle small trees and shrubs and make a lawn look like their own private subway system. They can have multiple litters in a year, and every 3 to 5 years there is a population boom. “Do those pathways seem more like surface ruts or true tunnels”? Even hawks circling overhead can be a clue that you have voles in your yard, says Colorado State. Make sure the fence extends about a foot above the ground. Sanchez doubted the effectiveness of repellents, saying the first concern with using them is where the voles would end up. In other words, even if you’ve encountered a wandering vole inside your house, garage, or warehouse, worrying about property damage to it will likely not be necessary. And if were up to us, the term vole would go away and the different types would be given names that had mouse somewhere in them. As the vole pathway can be thought of as a rut, the mole pathways can be thought of as tunnels. “It’s a matter of people recognizing the signs of voles if not seeing voles themselves,” Sanchez says. This, as well as tree wrap, hardware cloth or other wire mesh will protect from vole damage. And one “excellent avenue of free vole control,” says the UMass extension office, is an open winter without snow. You should have caught a few by that time. 21 Deer-Resistant Plants and Trees to Grow in Philadelphia, 14 Deer-Resistant Plants and Trees to Grow in Boston, Be sure to read all product labels. You may have seen big plastic pipes at the base of trees or shrubs in your neighborhood. As such, they can cause a great deal of damage to any outdoor property in a very short amount of time. The damage to trees and other ornamental plants is worst in the winter when voles don’t have much else to eat. Apply the repellents around trees or shrubs you hope to keep free of voles, but make sure not to apply them to any portion of a plant that may be consumed by a person or pet. “Is there a lot of excavation(mounding) and raised areas or does it just seem like things have been pushed out of the way?”. It’s not just your grass that voles will eat. Save Your Home From Ruins with a Termite Control Plan. To prevent the voles from forming a feeding pattern, apply repellents before the damage becomes significant, or before it occurs at all. http://www.mrgrassblog.net/mole-voles-landscape/. It comes down to how much time people can afford to invest in the effort. We offer a very effective bait worm that is dropped directly into active feeding tunnels. Aside from setting eyes on the animals, those runway systems are how you know you’ve got voles. Even though there are omnivores, like most rodents, voles have a strong preference for grasses and roots. Wikilawn’s mission is to provide the best resources and information to help you enjoy your outdoor spaces the way you want. They live like this because of the protection these tunnels give them from their numerous predators. This makes concave little passageways open to the surface. That, in turn, makes you disturbed because you know some creature has been crawling around making this damage but you’re not sure which animal. Keeping your yard and property well-protected with subterranean fences and vole repellents is often a great idea. Accordingly, voles are also known as field mice. Definitely not!”, commented professional exterminators Fantastic Pest Control UK. Since moles thrive under the surface, that’s where the trapping needs to happen. So, before we go any further, let’s clear it up. And, for seniors living in community housing, this is becoming a serious problem. “It would be a really rich area for a vole to discover,” says Dana Sanchez, a wildlife specialist with the Oregon State University Extension. Reach out to us today and let us take care of that vole problem for you, before they can destroy your lawn, trees, and ornamentals. Cover the tops of the tubes to keep from trapping small birds. Bushes will begin to have dry, brown patches and flowers will die as these rodents chew away at root systems or bulbs. Cover the trap with a box with a 1-inch hole cut in it to reduce catching birds or squirrels. As a result, the main type of property damage you can expect from voles has to do with your lawn or garden and all the vegetation in it.


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