16:15, Just the same as Misshap and jynx1966. 19:43. Your entry into this promotion will be rendered void if your friend Welcome to the unhappy club cj6. We may withhold any monies and/or suspend and/or close your Member account if we consider that the Website is being used by you for bookmaking or other illicit purposes. requirements are not met) within 30 days. Your friend will not be able to use Paysafecard as a payment method at 16.5 Results of Members of Group Websites: If you are a Network User and participate in a relevant multiplayer poker game or tournament, we may report any actual or suspected act of Collusion, Chip Dumping, soft play, automated playing, manipulation of software, taking unfair advantage, fraud, money laundering, financial crime, or any other breach of our policies, including but not limited to this section 16, to the relevant Group Website. In cases where both Members and/or Network Users and the Gamesys Group have been adversely affected, the applicable Members and/or Network Users are compensated first. 4. In the extremely unlikely event of the server recording a win truly simultaneously, we may share the Progressive Jackpot equally between the winning Members. Contact Us. 9. 13.5 Cancellation of Multiplayer Poker Games and Tournaments: In the unlikely event that a multiplayer poker game or tournament is cancelled, Members remaining in the multiplayer poker game or tournament will be compensated according to the Poker Cancellation Policy, which you can find here. 20.1 Jurisdiction: If you have a Complaint, please do follow our complaints procedure as set out in our FAQs. We may suspend transactions on your account until such verification checks are passed. No funds (including, but not limited to, any winnings), rewards or V*Points may be transferred between Member accounts. For each bonus (unless otherwise specified in any bonus-specific rules), 13.3 Deduction of Wagers / Unresolved Wagers: The cost of a Wager will be deducted from your Member account at the time of placing your Wager, no matter when the result is determined. will contribute 10% of each wager towards their wagering requirements, So I'm curious as to what happened as well! Everything was working fine. Where correct security information is provided, we are entitled to assume that all payment and gaming transactions made through your Member account are made by you. restricted to selected games), which may be made available to you as part 19.3 Software Licence: The Website Material may include or make available software which may be downloaded and installed on your PC, mobile and/or any other device. 18:37, on You acknowledge that if you elect to self-exclude you are not permitted to open or use a Member account that is operated by any company in the Gamesys Group. Main TV working but the problem persists on TV Go on my PC. on subject to certain wagering requirements (see section 4 below); b) Refer A Friend Reward – a reward based on you Any winnings related to such Wagers will be credited to your Member account once the play has been settled. should read the specific rules in combination with these Reward Rules. 18.7.3 the amount of GBP 1,000 (£1,000) (or EUR or other currency equivalent, if applicable). 18.14 Subject to us taking reasonable steps to notify you of any account closure in accordance with Section 7.1, we may discontinue, withdraw, terminate or modify the Website or any part of the Website (including any Game) at any time. DISCONNECTIONS AND OTHER EVENTS BEYOND OUR CONTROL. All rights reserved. 4. These limits may vary depending on the payment method used. If it was Monday we may be onto something? At that time, the amount of the Wager will be charged against your Member account. You can set or decrease such limits at any time with immediate effect.


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