Not bad! Vienna Sausage in a bun like a hot dog, yet not surprisingly, that’s been done, interesting dish I found is this Latin dish called “Arroz Con Salchichas”, Vienna Sausage Madness (a smackdown on a variety of flavors! Yup, I think I commented on that one. Choose a spicy chili sauce and add some crushed red pepper flakes for a spicy version. Armour, Hormel & Libby’s ran close behind. Grannies Vienna Sausage Sandwiches. Yet whaddaya’ know? Required fields are marked *. Pomai, The following recipe you dismissed as being mainland however it is in the following book you can purchase … They were terrible. Reply. Van Camp’s was indeed, the Vienna sausages of choice! See, I told you there’s at least one “chemical” ingredient with at least 4 syllables in “erythorbate”, which I won’t bother looking up, nor do I want to know. I remember small kid time going fishing with my dad and for lunch he would bring along a couple of cans of Vienna sausage, a can of pork & beans and a half a loaf of sandwich bread. And my reply to you was: Regarding Nibb-Its, If I see the BBQ Pop Chips, I’ll definitely give them a try. @ Kyle K – I’ve added your dad’s Vienna Sausage & Pork & Beans Sandwich to my list above. rolls. I think it’s the texture. Yeah, that’s pretty “ghetto”, but hey, sometimes them “Cheap Eats” are the most satisfying! I was like, “WTH is this?! Pop open a can of crescent roll dough and remove the dough from the tube before cutting the dough into 1-inch pieces. It’s actually pretty good! Actually in slight variation, the ingredients for Walmart’s Great Value Vienna Sausage are quite standard fare for most other types of highly processed weiner/sausages and “meat in a can”: mechanically separated chicken, water, beef, pork, salt, corn syrup. Surprisingly being otherwise how much I dislike deviled meat spread. These simple snacks will be a big hit with your family or guests. Serve with crackers. Last Monday and Tuesday were meant for spending my free time in the kitchen to test if my cooking prowess still lives on. Vienna Sausage: Love it or hate it? There are so many foods that I rarely eat now, but thinking about them bring fond memories like Almond Roca, fried Spam sandwiches, those silly dried fruit and nut trays with the little plastic forks that we would get at Christmas time, boiled peanuts at the baseball game, etc. contains 2% or sess of: natural flavors, garlic powder, dextrose, sodium nitrite. Note: This is for you olt-timers who love Vienna sausage and remember eating deviled meat spreads out of a can. Personally I never cared for Vienna Sausage as a kid, nor do I now. I’ll have to try that Walmart stuff. As in the various fun ways to serve and eat Vienna Sausage. Libby’s of today is nothing like it. **I use 1 package of Nathan koshered hot dogs because…. Which has me thinking already that it has more “filler” mixed in it with a chemical name requiring 4 syllables to pronounce properly. We have 21055 vienna sausage appetizers Recipes for Your choice! Some times you just have to be fancy. The old stand by were to cook Vienna sausage in BBQ sauce and serve on tooth picks or wrap with bacon, grill and serve with or without BBQ sauce on tooth picks plus the old standard adding to can of beans and weiners. The most popular was Van Camp’s I believe, with Armour next. It’s them ocean spray negative ions (a good thing)! You’re right, you did comment there. I have just finished reading all your posts from the very beginning and it has been an entertaining journey! Add rest of ingredients and mix. Our Vienna® Beef Ditka Spicy Polish is a skinless, hot, and spicy beef sausage. Pop open a can of crescent roll dough and remove the dough from the tube. I always thought Libby’s was the original Vienna Sausage, as that’s the brand I remember in stores since a kid. I’ve also never tried Vienna Sausage in a bun like a hot dog, yet not surprisingly, that’s been done. They tasted a bit different than today. Shoyu Vienna #&%))in’ Sausage?! Only Longs Drugs carried Van Camp’s Beenie Weenies (lol), retailing for $1.79 each. Your email address will not be published. You can make this crockpot appetizer spicy or mild, depending on your tastes. lol. Spice lovers will enjoy these hot Vienna sausages as snacks, appetizers … He would put a scoop of beans on a slice of bread, lay a couple of sausages on it, then fold it in half and that was it. Seriously, them Hawaiian Luau Barbecue Rings, aside of the shape, are almost EXACTLY like how I remember the original Yick Lung Nibb-Its. Try it with your favorite condiments like mustard, grilled onions, and pickles. When we were kids my aunt used to have tea parties for us kids in which she had a real tea pot and tea cups and real tea. Spam is still my canned meat of choice. Vienna Sausage Appetizers. When I was a kid, we ate vienna sausage with pork and beans, in omelets, with eggs, on bread as a sandwich, etc. Make sure that you choose little smokies or little Vienna sausages. We have them here in IL. Vienna Sausage Appetizers. They were much fatter and you had to shake the can. Van Camp’s had a whole lot of meat products. I know my grandchildren love it. Sure seemed easier to eat in my mother’s pack lunch in those days when I worked construction. I’ll eat it if it’s say, in an omelette like this…. Not surprisingly, the Libby’s Vienna Sausage ingredients are almost identical: mechanically separated chicken, chicken water, beef, pork, contains less than 2% of salt, sugar, spices, sodium erythorbate, flavoring, sodium nitrite, garlic powder. Same for the other preferred local style breakfast meats: “1 Can SPAM Omelet” and of course the “1 Link Portuguese Sausage Omelet”. I think I might get some the next time and challenge my kids to a duel. What’s his name?” I reply, “Salchichas” but you can call  him “Sal”. your own Pins on Pinterest I still eat Vienna sausage with pork & beans and a dash of ketchup with rice once in a while. It’s too soft and mushy or something. Required fields are marked *. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Why must they take away all our childhood goodies? On the menu Love’s white bread cookie cutter cut out animals frosted with butter colored with food coloring and the piece de risistance, slices of Vienna sausage on ladylike toothpicks that we dunked into Aloha Shoyu. I guess Vienna sausages are an acquired taste? Image source: Vincent T./Yelp, If not mixed IN the omelette, the obvious other way being pan-fried on da’ side with eggs (and rice, not shown) is another popular way us locals enjoy eating Vienna Sausage for breakfast…  or lunch… or dinner… or at 2am in the morning after a rough night. And it probably still is for many of you, irregardless of income level. lol. Vienna spread with egg, mayo, green sweet relish spread on crackers or Vienna fried rice are quick and easy. Get the best and healthy vienna sausage appetizers Recipes! For short, he would be “Sal”, or her “Sally”. <—- in that link we talk about Exchange Orange Aid, One Ton Chips, Yick Lung, Nibb-Its, Haw Flakes, Da’ Manapua Man… all ‘dat ‘kine stuffs. Oh man, this SO MUST be a Maui thing.” lol. view polish sausage. Those are the tiny, fat sausages that are pre-cooked but taste best when heated. Related links: These are what I always remember "Pigs in a Blanket" being. Interestingly for Kyle, one guy said Beenee Weenee was their favorite companion while out on fishing trips, noting even the fish loved the stuff. Not ever that I’ve seen. So. That said, still, I don’t detest Vienna Sausage. If I opened a diner, I’d name it the “1 Can Vienna Sausage Omelet”. I went to Florida on a vacation once and one of the locals said they used raw hot dogs for bait for some of the fresh water species. Your email address will not be published. Armour Star Hot & Spicy Vienna Sausage is made with chicken, beef and pork added in tasty hot sauce. Around here (South Africa) there really is only one acceptable way to consume a canned Vienna sausage - in a "Souttert" (literally translated as a Salty Tart, i.e. Which was deviled meat spread on a cracker with a dash of Tobasco sauce (the one in them tiny little Tobasco bottles). Appetizers, soups, salads, main course, sides and deserts. Jan 29, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by EssayJay. Your email address will not be published. 5 min, 4 ingredients. Here’s a list of dishes I’ll prepare with Vienna Sausage in future blog posts (out of curiosity, if anything): …OK, that’s it. For me, Armour Star was known mostly for their big bricks of luncheon meat, along with their hot dog-like SPAM knock-off, “TREET”. Fried Rice Pork Adobo Omelet with side of Vienna Sausage. ). Whats people lookup in this blog: Recipes For Vienna Sausage Appetizers Pomai, there are 100s of recipes for Vienna sausage! Tip Top Cafe in Lihue makes an omelette with a whole can. I can already predict a blood pressure check after that. Horlicks…I miss those with a passion. @ Kelike – Like I said, I’m quite surprised as popular Vienna Sausage is next to SPAM here, that it’s not offered in Musubi form in the stores. Can hot dogs, canned tamales, etc. Notice Walmart’s Great Value Vienna Sausage has more girth, appearing plump and swollen compared to the Libby’s brand. These Vienna Sausage Dogs are a cheap way to 'clean up' a can of cheap and unsophisticated vienna sausages.


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