My kid loves wraps too. Uncover and stir in the taco seasoning and corn. plant-based crunch The Alpha Burger. plant-based breakfast Chik’n Strips. For science. To take the flavour and textures up one more notch I cook the rice blend with vegetable broth and my favorite chunky salsa. Mine are about 12″ (30cm), but 10″ (25cm) will work too. Alternatively, let the frozen burritos thaw in the fridge overnight, then place on a baking sheet and bake at 350°F until heated through (20-30 minutes). Bring your tortillas to room temperature, or warm them slightly for even better pliability. Prepare the black beans and rice according to recipe instructions. Fold the tortilla over the filling, then press it down on the other side and push the filling back a little bit. You can order them from Whole Foods through Amazon. They are also sold in many independent natural food stores. Ingredients: filtered water, organic onions, organic coconut milk (organic coconut, water), organic cauliflower, organic brown basmati rice, organic potatoes, organic carrots, organic garbanzo bean flour, organic diced tomatoes, organic peas, organic bell peppers, organic potato starch, organic tapioca starch, organic tomato purée, expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic sorghum flour, spices, organic raisins, organic green beans, sea salt, organic garlic, organic cane sugar, organic sweet rice flour, organic black pepper, turmeric. March 11, 2019 Last Modified: August 21, 2020 by Regina | Leelalicious 18 Comments. Bring to a boil, then cover and simmer for 40 minutes. Amy’s Kitchen. Those recipes made enough for 14 burritos. Just to make sure I’m reading this correctly, when you freeze them they are not wrapped individually and they are put on a plate without covering them before microwaving, correct? *, Ingredients: filtered water, organic tofu (filtered water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride), organic brown rice, organic mushrooms, organic pinto beans, vegan sour cream (organic tofu [filtered water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride], filtered water, expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic lemon juice, sea salt, organic brown rice vinegar [filtered water, organic brown rice, salt, koji spores], stoneground mustard [distilled vinegar, water, ground mustard seeds, salt, spices]), organic onions, organic garbanzo bean flour, expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic pickled carrots (filtered water, organic carrots, organic distilled vinegar, organic garlic, organic cane sugar, sea salt), organic potato starch, organic tapioca starch, organic garlic, organic sorghum flour, organic tamari (water, organic soybeans, organic alcohol [to preserve freshness], salt), organic cane sugar, organic ginger purée (filtered water, organic ginger), organic cilantro, organic jalapeño peppers, sea salt, organic sweet rice flour. Freezer burritos have been a lifesaver for me lately! This is such a great recipe, Regina! I need measurements . All you do is prep and cook the 2-part filling, place it on a tortilla, and roll everything up. *Always read the ingredient and nutrition statement prior to consumption. OTHER MIX-INS: Feel free to mix and match the filling, just try to keep the amount of filling to about 1/2 cup. includes sunflower seeds. They came on … But interestingly enough, I have only ever made Breakfast Burritos. Amy’s Kitchen does not use any peanuts, fish, shellfish or eggs. Thanks, Alpha Foods is one of the newer brands on the vegan landscape. All foods and products should be considered at risk for cross-contamination with milk and other allergens. Thanks for the great recipe. I don’t offer nutritional advice here on Yup, it’s Vegan. A delicious mix of sweet potato cubes, red onion slices, and corn seasoned with taco seasoning (or any other Mexican/TexMex seasoning of your choice). Woah!! You may have noticed that the filling only includes freezer friendly ingredients. All these frozen breakfast items are vegan: I won’t health shame any person (unless that person is making erroneous and dangerous health claims that aren’t evidence-based). You don’t wrap the burritos individually before freezing them and you don’t need to cover them before microwaving, correct? Flip once halfway through. These are a million times better than take out. (See photos in the blog post for a visual aid). Swap out some or all of the black beans for. To assemble, place about 1/3 cup of the cooked rice just below the centre of a large flour tortilla. find your flavor Tamales. Dry spices are calculated as $0.10 per teaspoon, and oil as $0.16 per tablespoon. My caregiver just made this for me for my lunch, I agree with you, it was alright but it was not outstanding in any way, so I asked for the cheese one and you could tell there was cheese, but only just barely, I am going to ask my caregivers to make me some home made ones, do you have any recipes for one? Since I live in Mexico I get them from a tortilleria that makes them fresh every day without any preservatives and additives. Enjoy hot. contains soy. *, Ingredients: organic tofu (filtered water, organic soybeans, magnesium chloride), filtered water, organic unbleached wheat flour, organic roasted potatoes, organic black beans, organic whole wheat flour, organic onions, organic diced tomatoes, organic tomato purée, expeller pressed high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic bell peppers, sea salt, organic tapioca starch, organic wheat gluten, organic garlic, spices, organic cilantro, black pepper, organic jalapeño peppers. The next day place it on a baking sheet in a 350°F oven (cling film or aluminum removed) for 20-30 minutes until heated through. Availability: Amy’s Vegan Frozen Burritos & Wraps are sold in the freezer section of major grocers in the U.S. and Canada, including Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, Natural Grocers, and Kroger stores. And it’s a bonus that they offer over a dozen dairy-free and vegan varieties. I’ll see what I can come up with Tony! I just keep them separated in the freezer until they freeze (so that they don’t stick together) and then put them into a shared bag or container in the freezer after they have become completely frozen, usually overnight. Otherwise you can use whatever oil-free saute method you usually use, but you may need to add extra seasoning because both recipes use oil-soluble seasoning. *, Nutrition (per wrap/burrito): 290 calories, 9g fat, 40g carbs, 5g fiber, 3g sugars (includes 0g added sugars), 12g protein. contains soy. Store the wrapped burritos in a large freezer-safe container or freezer bag. Sorry, I haven’t tested reheating them in the oven from frozen but I’m sure it would work- just not sure the exact amount of time needed.


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