93. Posted by Michael Cairo Raftice on Jul 8th 2020. Upright Bass Bridge Foot Fitter Tool (for Contouring Bass Bridge Feet) MSRP: Our Low Price: Special Price: $139.00. Details about 3/4 Regulated Double Bass Bridge Contrabass Bridge Upright Bass Bridge R9V8. If all issues of placement are correct and you see space between the feet and the top, or can insert a business card underneath the edges of the feet, then your feet need to be reshaped by a professional. Made of durable plastic (Lucite?) $8.36/ea. I’m a cabinet maker and reasonably experienced setting up acoustic guitars and electric guitars and basses. Slowey Upright bass bridge. $17.93 $ 17. The instructions and advice you offered were invaluable. Condition: New. Grab Some Swag. F hole notches are only a guide, not to be trusted on every violin. If you measure from the middle of the bar to the mid-point of the bass and double the measurement, you now know the proper measurement of the bridge's feet when measured from center to center. Electric Upright Basses: Which One is Best for Me? I have had the post solidified a bit by adding a foam circle around both ends, to keep it from moving/falling. $250.00. If you find yourself needing to re-position the bridge, in any way you can loosen the strings a bit if needed, but do not make them slack. Yes, some of it is promotional, to tell you about new products, special offers, and the like -- but it's also informative, with lesson materials, technical help, tips and tricks, and more. Shipped From. When the underside is perpendicular, everything is in alignment, the bridge is at it’s strongest and the sound is at its best. The G string on my upright is a little too low, The D string action is perfect, Is there a way to raise the G string and not the D, I have NO spacers on the bridge, Is there a spacer of some kind I could make to go under the string? Upright Bass Bridge Foot Fitter Tool (for Contouring Bass Bridge Feet) Our Low Price: $139.00. I bought one of these to replace the old warped bridge on my 1986 Engelhardt EM-1 and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would recommend that you have a scrolling saw and a belt sander to make the installation much easier. The Bass Bridge Foot Fitting Jig helps you fit the feet of the bridge to the top of the instrument. Only 2 left. This is also why you don’t want to take all the strings off when you change them; rather you change them one at a time. © Gollihur Music. Description. The distance from the F-holes should be equal for each foot. This is cool! I would keep some pressure on the top..Not too much of course. The bass bar of the instrument (on the inside…more on this at a later time) and soundpost placement are based upon proper positioning of the bridge. Should I trust myself to fix it or take it in? Thank you for your help. Double Bass Bridge Upright Bass Bridge For Acoustic Bass Maple 3/4 Spare Part. $200. Now all I need is talent. If you feel you need to adjust the action of an individual string, rather than all of them, you should have your setup refined by a reputable bass luthier. 100+ Joined Reverb. We have a few options for adjusters; aluminum one- and two-piece adjusters, as well as deluxe ebony (wood) adjusters. Upright Bass Bridges A quality, well-fit bridge is important for tone and playability. I am a ham and egg bass player who loves it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0BXHu-s7BnI, http://www.lashofviolins.com/measurements.html. By popular demand, our stickers are now back in stock. Given the curvature of the fingerboard, this means that you may actually lower the action of a string by raising only one side of the bridge. or Best Offer. Avoid this temptation. These superior grade bridges are from the Kolstein workshop. Shouldn’t there be at least a degree of variance or angle so that double stops are more easily played in tune ? Having a properly set up bridge on your upright is an important factor in the playability, sound and the long-term health of your instrument. Watch. Now Buy 2. Thanks for the article Donovan. Payment & Returns. Adjust them both at the same rate. Very Good. An adjustable bridge can be a godsend for your Upright Bass. The adjusters should be raised, or lowered, at equal amounts. It gives you the ability to vary the action for different styles, lower for jazz styles, where fingerboard buzz is a welcome seasoning, in the middle for general play where you want more note bloom or boom, and higher for bluegrass or rockabilly slap.


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