Every Mr. Olympia contestant can lose 30 pounds of muscle and those same people will still blame the entire look on steroids. This educational video describes the rise and fall, and rise again of one of the world's top female bodybuilders, Denise Rutkowski. Ancient history of bodybuilding. Honestly I don't like the look of female bodybuilders HOWEVER there are lots of people that do. -Physique Analyzer 1 Scale Low cost Hyperlink- http://vpwow.com/NickFit As noted above, resistance training causes an increase in energy expenditure hours after you train. So proud to be recognized for our work promoting female bodybuilders, fitness models, trainers and the entire female muscle universe! The downfall of Denise Rutkowski. Bikini is a joke. They forget that back when the sport was at its peak was at a time when the vast amount of the population didn't know or understand the significance of the steroid use in the sport even for that time. THINK ABOUT BRUCE LEE MAN… SIZE DOESN'T MATTER… HE WAS NATURAL… AND STRONGER THAN ANY BODY BUILDER… SHIT SHAME THAT NON OF YOU ARE UNDERSTANDING, Dude all these bodies are all of steroids they're making money but in the long run you take all the body builders male and female… Everyone is ruined now… Because of steroids if a man is taking that much toll just imagine a woman how much painful it will be…. They end up in hospital and die of cardiac arrest between 40 to 50 years… Why.. Man why kill yourself for a fucking trophy…. I think that men like Arnold who have a large stake in this industry and a large amount of pull had a lot to do with this. It is good that they took Women's body building off they look like SHIT… I mean I feel like I'm looking at a Man with a bikini on him… They're all fake and full of steroids we all know that a woman can't build up a body like that… Because they're build with estrogen… We Men are build with testosterone which makes us bulk up… But still there are many male people who use steroids… To look like SHIT… And then what OK they won the title then what…??? Where is the fight for equality in this scenario? It's not healthy. Those couch potato GenPop MFs can go fuck themselves and thinking that downsizing these atheletes to get their support is ridiculous. Check out the one in the photo in the pink Bikini, complete with mum tum. HE'S STILL IN GOOD SHAPE NOW… HE'S LOOKING NATURAL… PLEASE STOP KILLING YOUR BODY WITH STEROIDS AND BULK UP LIKE SHIT…. I didnt see if theres fair games im sick and tired of just bikini shows since theres no science behind it. Jessie Hilgenberg's 6 Reasons Women Should Lift - Bodybuilding.com. Female bodybuilding is disgusting. People do not understand the type of dedication this calls for or the type of sacrifices it requires. *Work together with me on social media* 10 Women Bodybuilders WHO TOOK IT TOO FAR. Women never get that … Why is that this? And on men it looks better lol lol lol . As one begins the slow process of adding weights to the Olympic Lifts, the entire body compensates by getting bigger and stronger. By lifting the bar from the ground to overhead, the entire body is called into act. So women get to be so much more selective..... whereas a man.... if he's feeling REALLY horny, he will even lay a girl he wants nobody to know about. Including the competitors themselves. Get the Advanced Female Bodybuilding Training Secrets! Fitness Feuds holds the copyrights to certain music arrangements recorded for this video. The double standards are fucking sick. Workout Female Bodybuilding - Virginia Sanchez. These women and their craft are not harming anyone. By being silent on this issue they are basically pissing on all that Bev and her fellow competitors worked towards. These are athletes. Athletes who compete must have enormous amounts of discipline, the physical ability to train five to six times per week, and a lot of self-confidence. -Instagram- @NicksStrengthPower Your average male does not have this type of muscularity. So i think they should be allowed to compete. The present article examines the transformations that have taken place in female bodybuilding in France from a sociological point of view. It makes me incredibly angry because I know that the same people who put down this sport because these women supposedly look too much like men are the same people that argue that someone with male genitalia can follow me into a women's restroom simply because he chooses to wear a dress. Strong woman! Fuck off Nick you ignorant asshole female bodybuilding is not disappearing stop being such a fucking misogynist. will sex robots be the downfall of feminism and women generally ? What men do yo see outside of this industry who walk around in this kind of shape? A study published by the National Institute of Health suggests that the chronic increase in energy expenditure, even after a minimal resistance training session, may favorably effect energy balance and fat oxidation. Steroids basically turn them into men. And they're growing facial hair all over their face they look like SHIT MAN… WHY RUINE THEIR LIFE BY USING ALL THESE STEROIDS.. WHY CAN'T YOU GO NATURAL AND BUILD A NATURAL PHYSIC AND LIVE A BETTER LIFE… IT IS GOOD THAT THEY TOOK WOMEN'S BODY BUILDING OFF… EVEN IN MALE TOO… WHY THIS HUGE SIZE… MONSTERS… I MEAN THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT… TAKE FRANK ZANE.. JE: Now the big question, the one thing that has caused such a large part of the problem in female bodybuilding's growth, acceptance and perception. This is truly a story that will blow your mind.Legal: Video design, artwork, graphics, and production created by Fitness Feuds Channel. [email protected]_Nick Taormina (Italy). Commentary and narration provided by Fitness Feuds Channel. Don't be hypocrites. (2020) some ... Men's sexual drives are much more stronger than women. Woman in the gym! The Downfall of Female Bodybuilding This entry was posted by Debra Cobb on June 11, 2018 at 9:26 am Female bodybuilding has primarily disappeared in recent times. So many fucking sexist people in this comment section. The human body is built in one piece. the muscle female is answer, totally agree, It is discriminating. The Downfall of the World's Best Female Bodybuilder - YouTube 2. Rene Campbell | UK. It's totally double standard… I say let the ladies do what they love, and let their fans love them for it… I most definitely agree with you 100%. The physique one is far enough for women cause they can take anavar and still keep an enhanced athletic kinda look but still feminine enough and not virilized with the deep unnatural sounding voice and everything. 5. -Web site www.NicksStrengthandPower.com, *Low cost Codes* Data are obtained from interviews with 9 female bodybuilders in 1997 and journalist-photographers in 1999. I'd like to vommit. The use of weights was known in the past as a mean to concieve healt and beauty. Things Not To Say To Bodybuilders. This picture (200 b. C.) represents a woman (on the left), training herself with weights.


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