Beautiful words are not truthful. Achieve results, Must first be raised. Whatever is contrary to Tao will not last long. Three in ten are followers of death, Not putting on a display, He screams all day without becoming hoarse. That which fails Merge with dust. You can click to see it in a new tab. Gia-fu Feng died in 1985. It’s been around awhile, and there have been more recent manuscript discoveries, but if you want an unadorned and accurate translation that sticks to the original, this is it. If you rejoice in victory, then you delight in killing; Rumi: In the Arms of the Beloved (Cornerstone Editions), Essential Marcus Aurelius (Tarcher Cornerstone Editions), © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. look at the body as body; Heaven and earth last forever. He lets go of that and chooses this. Long and short contrast each other; This since ancient times has been known as the ultimate unity with heaven. Heaven follows the Tao. Therefore the sage avoids extremes, excesses, and complacency. do you mean by "Accept misfortune as the human condition"? Work is done, then forgotten. At their death they are withered and dry. The Tao is an empty vessel; it is used, but never filled. And three begot the ten thousand things. When many people are being killed, The book has rapidly become one of my favorites and offered a lot of meaning to me. But not through violence. Rule a nation with justice. It cannot be seen, it cannot be heard, Being armed without weapons. If a man is bad, do not abandon him. The supple can overcome the stiff. My actions are disciplined. My actions are disciplined. But a man without Virtue requires others to fulfill their obligations. That which is cast down These two spring from the same source but differ in name; this appears as darkness. Return to the infinite. When The beginning of the universe When wisdom and intelligence are born, But remain still and offer the Tao. The more thieves and robbers. Ever present and in motion. The bright path seems dim; By underestimating the enemy, I almost lose what I value. But the sage himself will also be protected. And in this way all things would be at peace. I am confused. Movement by weakening ambitions and strengthening bones. Paste or type any link here. Perhaps it is the mother of ten thousand things. Guard your senses. See simplicity in the complicated. Because men do not understand, they have no knowledge of me. But people love to be sidetracked. Therefore benefit comes from what is there; Kindness and morality arise. War horses are bred outside the city. The ten thousand things are born of being. A New Translation by Gia-Fu Feng and Jane English What nonsense! More words count less. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } When he stands before them, they will not be harmed. What others teach, I also teach; that is: This is your go-to if you don’t want to be mislead about the form or language of the original. I recommend you start with his one, because you'll understand what's going on. When the country is ruled with a light hand : Essays on Man's Relation to Materiality, Out of Your Mind: Tricksters, Interdependence and the Cosmic Game of Hide-and-Seek. Earth follows heaven. And set an example to all. Jane English, whose photograps form an integral part of this book, holds an BA from Mount Holyoke College and has received a doctorate from the University of Wisconsin for her work in high energy particle physics. Knowing the sons, yet remaining in touch with the mother, Therefore the sage, travelling all day, The Tao of heaven is to take from those who have too much Can you be as a newborn babe? Creating, yet not possessing. When nothing is done, nothing is left undone. Know The easy way seems hard; Therefore Thus the ten thousand things all respect Tao and honor Virtue. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. If any one of them happens to be otherwise, I will appreciate if you could contact me as soon as you can. Those So ever living. Choosing the right translation for Tao Te Ching is indeed a challenge for many people. Those who talk do not know. He does not grasp and therefore does not lose. The great pretense begins. Darkness within darkness. Working, yet not taking credit. This is the crux of mystery. When there is no peace within the family, I do not think it can be done. Great purity seems sullied; For a discussion of the translation of the word tao, see the introduction to my translation of Lao-tse. It will be honored from generation to generation. Yet much remains to be done. The great Tao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right. He remains unattached and calm. And in this way be saved from harm. My words are easy to understand and easy to perform, A small country has fewer people. Hold fast to the center. If you change your mind later, unfollow with one click. The spirit is whole and strong. Indeed, while there are times when he takes liberties with the original, he often does so in a way that we find to be totally in keeping with the spirit of Lao Tzu. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon.


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