Thank you so much for going to all this trouble to explain how to do this. Once your camera is on the tripod and in place, you can start to place objects and create your images. The camera automatically selects the appropriate shutter speed so you get the correct exposure. This will give us focus on the subject, but leave the background blurry, so we concentrate more on the main objects and will stop you getting distracted by unimportant details in the background. The best cameras to buy in 2020: cameras for every user level and every lifestyle! Xpozer – Show off your photos and fill your walls with the Xpozer frame system. Thank you! I have so often been disappointed with my photographs of the reference material which obviously lead to a poor painting. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Looking forward to hearing how your new shots turn out. Slow shutter speeds help create motion blurs, while fast shutter speeds freeze the object. Start here: the BBC’s guide to secret symbols in still life painting. I came to your site via Joanie Springer and I see why. And yes, sometimes still life images are created with this kind of expertise and equipment. Smaller subjects do not need much background - just a good surface on which to place them will do. Turn the dial on the top of the camera to Aperture Priority Mode. Ken Rockwell the recommends the Nikon D3100 as the ‘Best Camera for most things’ and you can find them currently at a great price, so you’re in good company! As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. For instance, the light through my window is best up until about lunchtime, but if I was photographing using a west-facing window then it might be better in the afternoon. This is called your ‘persistence of vision’ and is the secret sauce to creating realistic portraits. For still life photography, especially if you are shooting products for advertisements, it is recommended that you select the lowest ISO possible to minimize image noise. Skylum – Your photos, more beautiful in minutes. She also loves helping other photographers learn this part of the craft. Join here and get started today: Follow Charlie on Instagram: @1charliemike, Use the code “AYEARWITHMYCAMERA” to take 10% off Capture By Lucy backdrops, Owned by Emma Davies Photography Limited, a company registered in England & Wales with number 11244376, Registered address: The Old Rectory, Church St, Weybridge KT13 8DE, Photography lessons for complete beginners. We explain the mysteries of depth of field, Watch the video: how to control depth of field. Feel free to experiment and create some pretty funky set ups. They can be a large sheet of paper or card, or they could be fabric draped over a big cardboard box. If you use a point-and-shoot camera or a smartphone, it’s often almost impossible not to get everything from your feet to the distant horizon in focus. Drobo is storage that protects data — photos, videos and everything else — from hard drive failure. If you have a tripod available then you should definitely use it if you’re shooting still life indoors with natural light. Deep depth of field: Notice how the fence posts in the foreground are in focus, as is the house and mountains, Shallow depth of field: Only the brush is in focus, even the paints at the front of the palette are out of focus. How do you get everything in your picture to look sharp? Higher ISO settings make your sensor more light-sensitive but also increases camera “noise” or the grains in your photos. While blurred backgrounds can be a real bonus for subjects such as portraits, the limited zone of sharpness can be a problem for other types of photography. and I’m so pleased that I’m going to be able to use my camera in developing my painting techniques. If you know a little something about the Exposure Triangle, you will know that this will be greatly dependent on the ISO and aperture you have just set. Are you aware of others doing this electronic “sketching” as prep work and what do you think of it? You are most likely up close, so nothing more than f/9 is really required. Aside from the initial cost, everything else is free unless I make prints. Thank You very much Will, Appreciate the time you spend to put this information together, I learned a lot from you article! Some of the more expensive digital SLR cameras do have a full frame view but most entry-level digital SLR’s have a smaller digital sensor in size, so when you put a 50mm lens onto your camera body you will get a slight crop factor.


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