Spin is a consequence of relativistic quantum mechanics. The magnetic moment that occurs due to spin of the particles which have unknown structure is called as the spin magnetic moment. Associated with the electron spin is again a so-called g-factor, that has a value close to 2. de F´ısica Te´orica, The University of the Basque Country, Apdo. The spin angular momentum is s. The z-component is quantized in units of !, taking values ±1/2 !. Mart´ın Rivas∗ Dpto. , if the energy gap 2 E p 0 in the denominator is different from 2 m c 2. In the form of the relativistic quantum mechanics, we calculate the magnetic moment of Dirac electron with no orbital angular-momentum. This g-factor relates the spin to the resulting magnetic moment of the electron… The spin-magnetic moment of the electron will be given by Eq. Are the electron spin and magnetic moment parallel or antiparallel vectors? We speculated in the above section that the origin of the spin-magnetic moment relates closely to Zitterbewegung. The spin-magnetic moment of the electron is revisited. It is inferred that obtained magnetic moment may be the spin-magnetic moment, because it is never due to orbital motion. A fundamentally new approach to definition of spin magnetic moment of electron is given in this paper. Relativistic quantum mechanics (Diracs theory) yields exactly 2, while the contributions of QED give a small deviation. The magnetic moment of an electron, measured in Bohr magneton units, is −9.2740. 644, 48080 Bilbao, Spain February 2, 2008 Abstract A direct measurement of the relative orientation between the spin and magnetic moment of the electron seems to be never performed. 1.2 Spin moment The electron has a mysterious built-in spin angular momentum. The spin quantum number is 1/2. Calculate the spin magnetic moment of an electron based on the mass and electronic charge. However here in the material that follows it is accepted that the magnet moment of any particle is due to its actual spinning and the spin rate can be computed from its measured magnetic moment. In contrast with the existing descriptions of the spin magnetic moment based on accounting for the interaction of electron with the physical vacuum, it is shown in this paper that the principal component of this moment, i.e. The Bohr magneton is defined as the Bohr magneton, is a property of photon. Magnetic Moments. We investigate the problem about what the spin-magnetic moment is.


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