This cooling cucumber dish is often served alongside a spicy Indian entree. A truly delicious treat to behold. Kadai goes well with paratha, or any naan bread. It is also a gluten free dessert. Make Masala Soda! This naan has a slightly sweet flavor (from the Raisins and Dates) and is especially tasty with some plain yogurt. Spicy tandoori chicken wings that are grilled in the tandoor oven to perfection with yogurt, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, garam masala, red chili powder and turmeric. The literal translation of Shahi Paneer is ‘Royal Paneer’ which is very appropriate name for this dish, fit for a king. It is made from puffed rice, vegetables like potatoes, onions and tomatoes and spiced up with different Chaat Chutneys. Our responsibly raised chicken comes from locally based companies. Grated carrots, milk & sugar simmering over a low heat, & are garnished with chopped nuts & raisins. Simple and subtle in flavor is prepared by using unique blend of common ingredients and spices. This subtly sweet naan bread is the perfect accompaniment to an Indian curry. Rosé wine is the best wine pairing you can have. YOU CAN TASTE THE DIFFERENCE. Well you've come to the finest Indian food place, The Spice Room. We use as much we can get our hand on all-natural, hormone free, vegetarian fed, antibiotic free, free range chicken. Cauliflower cooked with onions, tomatoes and spices is a simple authentic dish which will delight your taste buds. A delicately spiced chicken and lentil soup. Simply angelic in taste, Shikarni is a stunning variation of homemade yogurt flavored with cinnamon and topped with sliced bananas. Soft naan bread garnished with cheese and onion. No MSG is used in our cooking.Please notify the staff if you have any allergies or dietary requirements and we will be happy to make suggestions accordingly. It is a popular street food in India and is loved by many. (Vegan Upon Request). (Vegan not available), Simmered in a creamy tomato; butter sauce flavored with dry fenugreek leaves. (Vegan Upon Request), Basmati rice cooked with mixed vegetables, saffron, spices, and topped with dates and nuts. Order online to receive the same delicious offerings. Loved the simplicity yet deliciousness of their food. In our laid-back style, we would like to introduce to you to the way Indians like to enjoy their food. Pathia has its roots in an ancient Persian dish. Thukpa is a Himalayan noodle soup made with mix vegetables or your choice of meat.~ Vegetable Noodles (Vegan Upon Request) $12, Panner Noodles$13, Egg Noodles $13, Chicken Noodles $14, Lamb Noodles $18, or Shrimp Noodles $18, Vegetable Thukpa (Vegan Upon Request) $12, Egg Thukpa $13, Chicken Thukpa $14, Lamb Thukpa $18, or Shrimp Thukpa $18 ~, This is a spicy and protein-rich vegetarian curry with red kidney bean and Potato curry that goes very well with rice or garlic naan. Your choice of~ Mango Lassi, SweetT Lassi, Salty Lassi, or Rose Lassi ~, Spiced milk tea is flavored tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of homemade aromatic spices and herbs. (Vegan Upon Request). Layers of potatoes, onions and the three famous chaat chutneys into each hollow puri ball. Lassi is a popular traditional dahi (yogurt)-based milkshake or smoothie that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Spice Room3157 W 38th AveDenver, CO 80211, Order OnlineMake a ReservationGet Directions, Everyday 11.30AM – 9.30PM, OUR DELICIOUS FOOD IS MADE FROM SCRATCH USING. Naan is traditionally a leavened Indian flatbread baked in a tandoor, or clay oven with high temperature and served hot and brushed with ghee or butter. (Vegan Upon Request), Stone-ground whole Wheat meal flour stuffed with Jalapeño ask for cheese for more fun. Mulligatawny is the ultimate “fusion” food, invented centuries before anyone would even know what that meant. ~ Punjabi Mixed Vegetable Kadai (Vegan Upon Request) $12 , Kadai Panner $13, Chicken Kadai $14, Lamb Kadai $18, Shrimp Kadai $18, or Salmon Kadai $19 ~, The royal cream gravy cooked in a mild coconut milk, onions, ginger, garlic, with almond, raisins and cashew paste. Soft bread garnished with jalapeño and cheese baked in a tandoori oven. One of our most popular dishes. (Vegan Upon Request), Roti is a flatbread made from stone-ground whole wheat meal flour. 12:00pm - 2:30pm, Dinner: (Everyday) Pakora are a delicious Indian crisp fried snack made with spiced chickpea batter & any main ingredient like onion, paneer, choice of meat or veggies.~ Vegetable Pakora $5 , Mushroom Pakora $7, Paneer (Homemade Cheese) Pakora $7, Chicken Pakora $8, Shrimp Pakora $10, or Salmon Pakora $13 ~. Taddaaaaa! The Spice Room is a great spot for good Indian food. Slices of onions dipped in spiced chickpea batter and deep-fried. Every day we make many decisions about what we eat and every one of our food choices has an ethical and environmental impact. These entrées go very well with naan, roti or seasoned yellow rice.~ Vegetable Makhani (Vegan Upon Request) $13, Panner Makhani $14, Butter Chicken(Chicken Makhani) $15, Lamb Makhani $18, Shrimp Makhani $18, Salmon Makhani $19 ~, Popular Indian vegetarian delight made of paneer and potato balls in a rich smooth, creamy & delicious coconut and onion-tomato gravy. We use reusable plastic containers. It is a delicious dish and Rosé wine is the one of best wine pairing you can have. It is one of the best Indian sweet dessert. The Spice Room Chicago is the new kid on the block with a rich history in Authentic Indian cuisine. Pick up welcome from 2 Phillip Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, The Quay Building - Ground Floor2 Phillip StreetSydney NSW 200010% Surchage on Public Holidays, Lunch: (Tuesday to Sunday) Hightly recommend to anyone looking for an authentic experience. Our to go containers are made with environmentallyfriendly recycled paper & are compostable.


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