I was too generous to Cummings in the blog, as readers will doubtless note, and I got some of it wrong. Aren't they all? There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Nebulous effort to represent his vision of an Odyssean education. To see what your friends thought of this book, Some Thoughts on Education and Political Priorities. This experience deepened Cummings’s … However, the paper’s most striking feature is that it bears the hallmarks of “the voice of one crying in the wilderness” (John 1:23). Essays Radical and Orthodox, my latest collection of theological, philosophical, historical and literary essays, Facebook Group: David Lindsay, Shadow Leader of the Opposition, The Lanchester Forum, critical support and supportive criticism of Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson, David Lindsay 2020, supporting my council and parliamentary campaigns, OffGuardian, which publishes me regularly, The Universe - Britain's leading Catholic newspaper, The London Progressive Journal - it publishes me regularly, Bryan Gould's London Progressive Journal articles, The Kamm Scam: "Fake 'Journalist' Defends A Forgery", The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, The Laura Pidcock Drugs Challenge: Day 113, The Laura Pidcock Drugs Challenge: Day 112, The Laura Pidcock Drugs Challenge: Day 111, The Laura Pidcock Drugs Challenge: Day 110. Dominic Cummings’ legacy will permeate society for years to come – unless Labour stops relying on spin. Income security is receiving increasing attention as the financial consequences of COVID-19 are becoming clear for millions of households. And it is something we should not blame Dominic Cummings for; it is we in mathematics education community who are largely responsible for the silence that replaces policy discussions relating to mathematics education in this country. National Geographic Recommended for you The skills, and approach to problems, of our best mathematicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs are almost totally shut out of vital decisions. ... and which the education system will be tasked with nurturing. Please activate cookies in order to turn autoplay off, Dominic Cummings is a special adviser on policy to the education secretary, Michael Gove, but is resigning at the end of the year. I oversimplify here but this is the thrust of the essay. Its basic thesis is that the world is changing, but Western politics aren’t keeping up; the questions posed by artificial intelligence, climate change, and the rise of China call for twenty-first-century answers. As you indicate, the paper has an astonishing breadth of references and a huge ambition. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Michael Gove's Department for Education was a nest of eugenics. Nebulous effort to represent his vision of an Odyssean education. And Yang’s own book is called The War on Normal People, which argues that America’s politicians have forgotten about the ordinary worker. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Cummings wants Britain to train grand synthesizers and problem solvers, not regurgitators of fact, and he adopts physicist Murray Gell-Mann’s term “Odyssean education” to describe his preferred pedagogical approach. Britain used to be the home of scepticism, pragmatism and empiricism. Will turn my attention to complexity science, AGM models etc. His essay is replete with military allusions and metaphors, while his interests in the history of warfare, genetics and computer science lend it a Cold War sensibility and sci-fi tone. In 2013, he self-published Some Thoughts on Education and Political Priorities, a synthesis of scientific speculation, meditations on government failure, and public policy. Descending from the mountain with revelations. With a general election all but inevitable in the coming months, Johnson will likely do everything he can to keep Cummings close. I suppose a grand synthesis of ideas of different disciplines can contribute to useful policy ideas. If Labour wants an alternative story of national renewal for its 'race to the top' then it too will have to develop an account of the fundamental purposes of education, where innovation and energy can be harnessed to improve standards in our schools and colleges, and how English education can be reorganised. That is not to say it shouldn't be read critically, but it should be read in the first place. What a horrible irony it is that Britain been lead of out of Europe by the author of this wildly bold, didactic and incontinent paper. What is the political purpose of this project? All rights reserved. Even in 1872 such a synthesis was impossible, but at least that work has the virtue of poetry. For all that, Cummings' essay demonstrates how Gove has been able to pin the English left onto the defensive on education policy. On the evening of Friday 11 October 2013, the Guardian published a draft essay of mine – ‘ Some thoughts on education and political priorities ‘ (links here and here ). I oversimplify here but this is the thrust of the essay. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Though it’s difficult to characterize Dominic Cummings as a politician, he is an influential thinker, with strong views on how government should be run. Fortunately an equal measure of quotations dilutes his prose. Europe is mean to be the home of dangerous intellectual abstractions. A new party is now in the process of registration. But that is an instrumental goal in service of a deeper objective, namely to secure a 'fragile civilisation' from the existential threats of global warfare, economic cataclysm and deepening resource conflict. Cummings simply substitutes politicians and the bureaucratic class for Snow's literary intellectuals and gives the whole thing an Asian pivot by extolling the virtues of a rigorously trained leadership class servicing a project of national advancement. The paper is written by a thoughtful and well-informed person who is passionate about mathematics and mathematics education. Dutton has an obsession with racial differences in penis size. Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You? Some Thoughts on Education and Political Priorities, Indeed Of course Dominic Cummings is a eugenicist. Exhaustive searches of Posted in: Political ideologies, UK politics. Uncle Sam needs a better way to budget for federal lending. But I think some of my reflections on his thinking remain valid and help explain his worldview. Refresh and try again. I have just read Mr Cummings' paper. Now that he’s effectively running No. http://www.conservativehome.com/thetorydiary/2014/05/a-profile-of-dominic-cummings-friend-of-gove-and-enemy-of-clegg.html. If only more of the population were better at advanced maths then we would be better equipped to deal with complex systems. I have also written a pIay adapting Balzac and translated Aime Cesaire for the Young Vic. Yang’s campaign slogan—“not left, not right, but forward”—appeals to post-partisan Silicon Valley-oriented futurists, including Elon Musk, Eric Weinstein, and Jack Dorsey. Despite the lofty position to which I'm thus raised I don't feel remotely qualified to critique his paper. “Mathematicians, scientists and entrepreneurs are almost totally shut out of vital decisions,” and one result is a political class incapable of thinking coherently about the future. It offers some thoughts on America’s Advanced Research Projects Agency ... pointing out that there’s more to government than what Cummings saw at the Department for Education… Like Mohammed in his cave or Marx in the British Library. Toby Young remains the single most influential eugenicist in the world, although Cummings is probably now the single most powerful. Course it is, ducky. He cites geneticist Robert Plomin, who argues that intelligence and inborn personality traits are so strongly determinative that we ought to shuttle kids into clear career paths on the basis of these facts alone. The graphic says its source is one of Mr Cummings’ essays, entitled ‘Some thoughts on Education and Political priorities’, which he published while he was an adviser to then-Education Secretary Michael Gove. He twice refers to Dostoyevsky’s famous quip that “revolution must necessarily begin with atheism,” interpreting it as a call to reject all received authority. The author argues that maths is the key to political problem solving and that lack of advanced maths is the reason British politicians and business leaders are not good at their jobs. Cummings is apparently the intellectual driving force behind Gove, himself the Brexit campaign's intellectual driving force. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJjShkGCa4c, Insecurity by design: What qualitative research reveals about the experience of inadequate and unstable income, Universal Credit: Evidence and experience, Stay home, eat out and other mixed messages: Why embracing uncertainty about the evidence would have bolstered Covid communications.


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