the present paper aims to present the state of the art in terms of local climate change and urban heat island mitigation techniques. mitigation strategies against the UHI. The SAHSB PT methodology uses Solar Reflectance Index (SRI). From these spectra, optical properties of the coated surface such as total solar reflectance (TSR), infrared emittance and solar reflectance index (SRI) have been calculated. This methodology allows architects, engineers and designers to improve sustainability in school buildings, in projects or in the rehabilitation of buildings. The building and construction sector (B & C sector) is one of the major industries, and it can play a crucial role in the improvement of the most relevant environmental impacts. H+ is frequently the dominant ion near 800 km, and at night, the longitudinal variations clearly seen in the O+ concentrations were not as easily seen in the H+ concentrations due to the larger scale height of H+. Zonal winds were found to have significant effects in the longitude regions 150°E to 270°E and 300°E to 360°E, where the magnetic declination is significant. Solar Reflectivity (R) & Solar Reflectance Index (SRI) by Color. a simplified calculation method in force in Italy. This latter spectrum is used to obtain the coefficient of solar reflectance (or reflection) which appears in the formula for calculating the SRI (Figure 1) . This paper studies the influence of the runoff as a result of precipitation change and takes a case study in Zhelin basin with the help of the SWAT model to simulate the runoff. 0 the aged reflectance becomes equal to that of the soil. For building applications, surface treatments and coatings that completely hide the aluminium substrate are needed in order to obtain an attractive appearance, good corrosion properties and overall protection against outdoor environments. The RR capacity of glass bead samples with a refractive index of 1.9 is better than those of 1.5. The specific influence of anthropogenic thermal fluxes as well as of the urban morphological and construction characteristics to UHI is thoroughly examined. Indeed, the visible spectra of the pigment is dominated by two localized transitions, with negligible charge transfer for both a dye monomer and dimer either in vacuum or acetonitrile solution. The test bench, called Maison CBET, consists of a transportable standard container modified in a heated, ventilated and air-conditioned habitable office. ASTM E903-12 Standard test method for solar absorptance, reflectance, and transmittance of materials using integrating spheres; ASTM E971-11 Standard practice for calculation of photometric transmittance and reflectance of materials to solar radiation; CIE 130-1998 Practical methods for the measurement of reflectance and transmittance Several passive building technologies are available to mitigate the UHI phenomenon and reduce the energy consumptions in buildings. This study supports the adoption of the accelerated aging practice to speed the evaluation and performance rating of new cool roofing materials. As Kevin Lalli stated, there is no reflective index of glass. important cause of the urban heat island. It is quite difficult to find studies regarding area-wide data from UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) remote sensing in evaluating the energy saving performance of a cool roof. Moreover, in Milano, an aged, white, highly insulated roof, which has a solar reflectance of 0.56, may reach a surface temperature 16 °C higher than a new roof, which has a solar reflectance of 0.80. The detailed impact of the main weather parameters and conditions on the magnitude of the UHI is also investigated. When solar radiation strikes glass, it is partly reflected, partly absorbed in the thickness of the glass and partly transmitted. A school building has peculiarities connected to aspects of sustainability, as it is a building planned to offer adequate environments for the education of adolescents and children. Particularly for July conditions, a longer-lasting 'nuclear winter' effect is observed than was found in earlier modeling studies in which normal tropospheric residence times were assumed. The utilization of such single performance parameter may be greatly helpful in defining requirements and policies to prevent building overheating, reduce cooling energy demand and mitigate the fallouts of the urban heat island effect. The most used measurement method is probably that described by the ASTM C1371 Standard, which correlates the thermal emissivity to the radiative heat flux exchanged in the infrared between the sample surface, kept at ambient temperature, and the bottom surface of a hot emissometer head. The retro-reflectance of prism sample is much larger than the all glass bead samples at incident angles up to about 60–70°. A complete HVAC system is also installed. Nevertheless, application of the slide meth, surface multiple of that of the emissometer head in order to allow space enough fo. Nevertheless, for many roofing solutions with, steady state conditions can be assumed thro, ), especially for common surfaces with high thermal, can be an excellent parameter for product, K) and (from left to right) uninsulated (R, has found a strong interest in the construction sector in view of its effectiven, roof surfaces are required in the U.S. [10]. An innovative test bench has been developed in the framework of the Project CBET – Cross Border Energy Trainings, funded by the Interreg ALCOTRA 2014-2020 Program of the European Union and aimed to increase the educational, training and professional skills on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and green buildings in the cross-border area between Italy and France. Participants reported initial and laboratory-aged values of solar reflectance and thermal emittance. With samples showing a low thermal conductivity, the ‘slide method’ modification is generally used: the hot head is allowed to slide above the sample in order to prevent this from warming up. RR capacity of samples was investigated by an optical emitting–receiving fiber system. Dynamic simulations highlight the different thermal behavior of the investigated cool roof in comparison to the standard roof, also as a function of the roof thermal resistance. In addition to low weight, aluminium is a metal that is known for its excellent reflectance properties. It is defined so that a standard black surface (reflectance 0.05, emittance 0.90) is 0 and a standard white surface (reflectance 0.80, emittance 0.90) is 100. The components of these winds parallel to the magnetic field lines act to raise and lower the height of the F peak and, additionally, at night, to modulate the plasma decay rate. In case the angle of incidence is perpendicular to the glass surface, the fraction of reflected light is given by the reflection coefficient or reflectance, R, with n o being the refractive index of the medium the light is coming from (e.g., air with n ≈ 1) and n G being the refractive index of the glass:


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