Plus, this product comes in a compact size that will be able to ensure a convenient storage. However, when the package arrived, the product carton states (and this is a direct quote, photo attached) "Designed and assembled in Germany. Give The Gift That Keeps Giving - If you know anybody who loves baking or cooking with eggs, the Clack is the perfect gift for them. Egg cookers come in handy when meal prepping, because you can easily cook hard- or soft-boiled eggs while you make lunches for the week — no need … So much fun too - highly recommend! The right egg cracker will never fail to bring you the best comfort while using it. They’re just plain white. Use a small pairing knife to remove the top or bottom. The supporting insert in the packaging suggested I contact K&J directly before initiating an Amazon return, but none of the URL's listed on the insert appear to be working. [[VIDEOID:a027aafe33e1474bc33276ed8aea76b4]] Works great and is very nice quality. This gadget is great. Just plop the egg in the holder and put the egg cracker on top. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. After two tries I got it to break a perfect circle and prodded the top off with the provided spoon. I also left feedback for the seller 2 days ago, but have not heard back. Please try again. To use, place an egg in your egg holder before placing the stainless steel clacker over the egg. Horrible packaging! Our new egg topper arrived quickly, in a cardboard retail package. Plus, this egg cracker is designed to be used with all types of eggs with different sizes and will allow you to crack the egg without having to dirty your hands at all. Nice Clean shell removal even on a raw egg. Smack!I brought this to a family breakfast and everyone had a kick trying it out & topping their soft boiled eggs. Works perfect. Anything that helps eliminate messy cooking in the kitchen is always a welcome addition, plus you never have to worry about eggshells finding their way into your food with the Clack! This little tool exceeded our expectations! Does that qualify as "Made in Germany"? This along with amazon's Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker make for the perfect european breakfast. Instructions Bring the water to a boil. It doesn’t contain any toxic substance that might be harmful for your health and won’t get rusted easily as well. There was a problem completing your request. The Clack is made of sturdy material, and should last us a lifetime, so I think it's worth the price. In this buying guide, we will give you some helpful tips that you can use in order to choose the best egg cracker for home using. The unique design will make it even more convenient to operate and will be able to save so much of your effort and time. The mechanism of the egg topper cutter uses vibration to score the shell, Put the egg cups on the flattened surface, the egg in the holder, and toper above the egg, No more annoying small egg shell pieces in your mellow egg The Egg Top Cutter allows you to effortlessly remove the top part of your egg so that you can dig in straight away. Egg topper was thrown in a flimsy carton together with 12 cans of dog food I ordered with it. The egg, which is an excellent source of protein for your diet according to the American Egg Board, is soft-boiled by simmering the egg in a pot of water on the stove for five to seven minutes. I tried this on large eggs and the scoring is harder to do but on jumbo eggs it comes out consistent every single time I have used it. Removing the shell from a soft boiled egg can be tricky and messy. I think part of the appeal was the ritual: the special egg cup, the gentle tapping around the top 1/3 mark of the egg to access the tender innards... at least that's my memory of it! Clackity Clack Don't Look Back! This egg cracker topper will provide years of easy crackin' kitchen fun for anyone ranging from kids to adults.


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