My…, I have been an entrepreneur and passionate blogger for over a decade, during which time I have written thousands of articles on my blog and many other publications. Humans used to spend their evenings in darkness, but now we’re surrounded by artificial lighting all day and night. When you get these viral sensations, you can also except brands and organizations to jump in on the trend and try to piggyback off it with the appropriate hashtags. I write about digital marketing topics, from content to social. While it’s easy to understand why the person answering the tweet wouldn’t have heard of the just-over-2000 strong town, it’s a bit more difficult to understand how they wouldn’t know that Alaska is, in fact, a U.S state. Twitter was found to be a “significant contributor” because it increased their awareness of other people’s stress. But other research has found, that for some people, social media can help boost their well-being. This of course led to immediate backlash, the $650 million loss that I previously referenced and, not surprisingly, very bad publicity for Snapchat especially as Rihanna wouldn’t accept Snapchat’s apology. A handpicked selection of stories from BBC Future, Culture, Capital, and Travel, delivered to your inbox every Friday. The list goes on. Three billion people, around 40% of the world’s population, use online social media – and we’re spending an average of two hours every day sharing, liking, tweeting and updating on these platforms, according to some reports. Since that time, over 64 academic journal articles have been published on #ILookLikeASurgeon and countless more on the utility of SoMe. “Exposure to such highly idealised representations of peers’ lives may elicit feelings of envy and the distorted belief that others lead happier and more successful lives, which may increase perceived social isolation.”. Romantic relationships aren’t immune, either. Being able to instantaneously connect with a suitable, matched and engaged mentor, especially if that is not available locally, is a significant strength of SoMe. And while they certainly achieved that, it also led to some serious consequences. The researchers concluded they “felt the Facebook environment created these feelings and enhanced concerns about the quality of their relationship”. go through an editing process and get approval from their manager before posting an update. In this blog post, I’m going to share some of the biggest social media fails of 2018. Dr Nikki Stamp (MDA National Member) Welcome to our new website. Traditionally, doctors have been cautioned away from using social media with concerns over professionalism, privacy (of doctors and patients) and standards such as those relating to advertising.1 In recent years though, doctors have taken up social media with great fervour as they see it as much more than social. Women’s magazines and their use of underweight and Photoshopped models have been long maligned for stirring self-esteem issues among young women. A good or bad mood may also spread between people on social media, according to researchers from the University of California, who assessed the emotional content of over a billion status updates from more than 100 million Facebook users between 2009 and 2012. That said, social media is changing faster than scientists can keep up with, so various groups are trying to study compulsive behaviours related to its use – for example, scientists from the Netherlands have invented their own scale to identify possible addiction. Anything that is shared on any one of your websites/blogs/social media/etc. Social media is not going away. As doctors, we have a duty to contribute to public health through prevention and education of the public. This study demonstrated that particularly for women in surgery, SoMe could connect mentees to mentors with similar interests as well as background, including gender. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience. Analysis of data and dedicated study into SoMe shows a few noted benefits. Last year, researchers from the University of Pittsburgh asked 1,700 18- to 30-year-olds about their social media and sleeping habits. And used responsibly, the benefits of social media far outweigh concerns. taxing in front of spectators. Facebook responds to mental well-being claims, Is it time to rethink how we use social media? Social media has enriched my clinical practice, my empathy for patients, and my commitment to public health and social justice. The purpose was to engage people and make them ask – and answer – impossible questions.


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