Here are some useful tips to help you become more productive on social media: There are so many aspects of social media you have to get right. If your marketing plan includes video content (which it should), make sure you follow a few of these social media best practices to make sure your content shows up in searches: As a highly visual platform, Instagram can sometimes be difficult for search engines. Their interfaces allow you to choose various streams to monitor, so you can monitor tweets that mention you, Tufts’ lists, search terms, direct messages, etc. This will help you determine the success (or failure) of your social media campaigns and help you measure your social media ROI. Facilitate group discussions by posting useful information and prompts for future discussions. Which social media platforms should you post on? If you have a brochure or a website, drive people to your social media channels, and vice versa. “Give to get” – Successful social media marketing programs involve listening and participation. Determine relevant statistics and track them over time. Managers of Instagram accounts at Tufts should check on the account at least once each day and have enough content to post a few times each week. Including the word “Tufts” in the naming of your raw video file will help enhance your SEO. How do you schedule out media content in advance? Put down your goals for social media marketing. Rather, put the focus on the group and members. Here are some metrics you need to track for your social media campaigns: You can track these metrics and compare them with your social media goals. document.write (""+a[3]+a[2]+a[1]+a[4]+a[0]+""); people recall 65 percent of visual content. Also, remember that social media algorithms are more interested in how much people engage with your content, not how much you publish. The Social Media Marketing toolkit contains: Start your Digital Marketing Plan today with our Free membership. Software applications such as TweetDeck and Hootsuite can help you organize your use and monitoring of Twitter. A platform like Facebook requests for this before you can advertise on their platform. Furthermore, user-generated content is a popular form of content your audience will love. This goes back to the concept of “don’t post for the sake of posting.” People will remember how you made them feel, so show them that there are real people behind your business. Not everyone will post their complaints on your social media page. Furthermore, it will boost your productivity and results on social media. The questions are endless. Study the data provided by the respective analytics functions in Facebook (Insights), Twitter (, YouTube (Insights) and Flickr (Stats). Live video has taken over political social media. A social media calendar is a great tool for helping you stay organized with posting. Engagement statistics (likes, comments, and shares). Just because people are very active with your Twitter account doesn’t mean they don’t need a pamphlet or an updated website. When you carry out research on your ideal audience, it becomes easier to understand their pain points and messages they can resonate with. Don’t judge your success solely on numbers. . Remember, time is of the essence, and you should always reply within 24 hours (at most) of receiving the message. You may have fewer followers on Twitter, but if you are cultivating a highly engaged community, the number means little. Social Media Best Practices: Start with a plan, not tactics. Instagram is a free photo and video sharing app that allows users to apply digital filters, frames and special effects to their photos and videos. Managers of Facebook pages at Tufts must be able to check on the page at least once a day and should have enough content to post at least once each week. Flickr is an image and video hosting website and online community. If you have no photos for three weeks before receiving 50 from a recent event, feel free to add them all at once. You can indicate photos that are copyright protected by including “© Tufts University.”. While many of the same basic principles apply, each platform is a little different in how you should optimize and make the most of your content. Listed in Forbes as one of the top 20 women social media power influencers and was crowned the Social Influencer of Europe by Oracle. Some vital details you need to know about your ideal audience are: To capture these details effectively, you need tools that can help you out. Create a strategy to prioritize your social media marketing activities to support business aims with this workbook. But without a social media strategy, you simply have no chance. That’s why in this blog post, I’ve put together a list of social media marketing best practices you need to implement on your social media … creating content for social media and engaging in real-time with your audience. As technology takes over, social-media-savvy is a must if your organization aims to … You can utilize your business’s LinkedIn page to help connect with other businesses and potential clients. Read up on our latest pharmaceutical marketing strategy recommendations to optimize your marketing plan and convert more customers over the next 12 months Take stock heading into 2021 after what has been a challenging year for pharmaceutical marketers, healthcare, medical ….. Definitions of Integrated Marketing and why integrated omnichannel marketing is essential to the success of your business Without getting too Aristotelian, with marketing, the whole is most certainly more than the sum of its parts – when it’s done right ….. Study these best practices and implement them in your social media campaigns – not only will they help you be more productive with your time, but they will also help you achieve your goals faster. A customer wants to be heard, plain and simple! Visual content drives engagement. Here are a few big ones: Promotion, sharing, and interacting – these are the three parts of a balanced social media content strategy. Use this information to better understand your audience and to inform content decisions. While it is tempting to use views, fans or followers as a metric by which to assess your engagement in social media, it is not the ideal measurement. Managers should login each day to like and comment on users’ photos, and monitor comments and tags. Success with building community via social media is not an end result; it is a process. For businesses that win on social media though, it can be rewarding. We’ve already mentioned how important having visual social media content is for your business, but it’s worth mentioning again. Studies have shown that after three days, people recall 65 percent of visual content versus only 10 percent of written content. But, as there are so many different choices out there, you can check out this detailed guide on how to pick the right social media management tool for your business to help you. Lilach Bullock is highly regarded on the world speaker circuit, Lilach has graced Forbes and Number 10 Downing Street. That rises to 72% if they’re making a complaint. Defining the scope of exactly what digital marketing is, using the ‘5Ds of Digital’ and the Smart Insights RACE Framework My recent blog post on 2021 digital trends shows the latest innovations, but here we go back to ask ourselves ….. © Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Ltd, Use of this website constitutes acceptance of the Smart Insights Terms and Privacy Policy including cookie-use, Save up to 50% across our range of annual memberships with our Black Friday Sale, Explore our Social Media Marketing Toolkit, Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Toolkit, Digital Experience Management (Desktop/mobile website), 10 common social media marketing mistakes, Smart Insights (Marketing Intelligence) Ltd. Even with that, you may have a poor result to show for your effort. People love brands who are authentic, personable, and make them feel something. Each social media channel has targeting options you can use before your ads go live. On Twitter, users expect frequent updates. How often should you post? Below we’ve broken down some key topics and best practices when it comes to social media for political campaigns. Which channels bring the best return on investment (ROI) for your business? Assign social media tasks to team members or freelancers. Batch these tasks together and leave time to do them at once. Whether you’re responding to positive or negative feedback, having an established response plan is critical to avoid any problems. To create an effective social media strategy, you need to consider the following points: By going through all of these essential steps, you will have a solid social media strategy in place that will help you be more productive with your time, while also having a massive potential impact on your results.


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