Yeah, these are that good! Slice your onions into 3/4 inch thick slices. This recipe right here is why Twitter is so magical. I sometimes mix Sriracha with BBQ sauce as well. We still make the dip the same. Thanks so much! Separate the … I could only imagine how amazing these would be at a tailgate and it for sure rivals one of the best smoked appetizers ever - the smoked stuffed jalapeno pepper. Peel the skin from the outer layer of the onion. Some onion slices may be larger and require 2 pieces of bacon to complete a ring. We met up with fellow blogger Frank from Culinary Lion to make his Cajun BBQ Sausage Bites. I added spicy sriracha hot sauce and make a spicy mayo dipping sauce. Nobody went home hungry that's for sure and everyone had to get the recipe. Once you are done use a long skewer or toothpick to keep things nice and tight. Thanks so much!! If yes, what temperature setting would I use? Thank you so much this will be a new regular 'round here! Check this out! Peel and cut yellow onions horizontally into ½-inch thick rings. To make the spicy sriracha mayo, combine 2 T of mayo, 1 T of sriracha sauce, and 1 tsp of lime juice. For the sauce I used Gray Poupon with Wasabe, Sriracha, Dukes, lemon pepper and some fresh honey to sweeten up. could you make these ahead them freeze them and cook them later??? Wow, I thought I saw it all until now. thanks for checking out the recipe. Sign Up. Just not as pretty. I need to try that ASAP!!! If you are using a charcoal grill you can do this via indirect heat and some smoke wood on top of the coals. A new favorite for special occasions. Looks awesomely yummy! See how the sauce sticks right to the onion? Used three strips of thick cut bacon on big ones 2 pieces on small ones. Wrap a piece of bacon around an individual onion ring; continue until bacon is gone. Bacon, sweet onions, pepper and sriracha hot sauce (or any other hot sauce you like) is really all you need. I'm sorry sir but I was excited to find this Web site went straight to what I'll call the home page, had a pic of a big Ole burger on right side with menu next to it in reads in beef, Pork , chicken, appetizers, etc. Brush that hot sauce on thick. The next step is to take full slices of bacon and wrap them around the onion ring. The inside onion won't be nearly as tender. Heavily cover the onion rings with pepper and smoke, grill or bake for about 90 minutes at 250-350 degrees. If your Web site is this difficult to navagate, I'll get my smoking, q'ing, recipes elsewhere. Between his sausage bites and my bbq onion rings we were the talk of the tailgate. They are such tasty and mild onions. When ready to cook, set the temperature to 400 degrees F and preheat, lid closed, for 10 to 15 minutes. Thank you! I've done these probably 6-8 times now and prep time is not 15 minutes. My all-time fave sauce. This provides some stability but at the same time isn't too hard to bite through. Today, I was using my Ugly Drum Smoker so I loaded the grate with bacon wrapped onion rings and let it go for about 90 minutes at about 280 degrees F. You'll know they are done when the bacon looks nicely cooked. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. This immediately went to the top of my to-do list. This post may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. Smoked Bacon Wrapped Onion Rings; Spicy Sriracha Onion Rings. Read recipe notes submitted by our community or add your own notes. Set up your smoker for cooking at 240°F with indirect heat using pecan wood for smoke. After making them the first time, I wondered how they would be with the onion coated with BBQ sauce instead. But still delicious all the same. Ez to make, came out perfect,great apps....!!? The onions are Very large and i estimated about 7 oz. I have never even considered such a marvelous idea. Aim for 250-350 degrees F and grill the onions rings for about 90 minutes. Sweet onions are a must for this recipe. Mix well. Put on top of a pub burger- very impressive!! Can it be made in the oven? The only catch here is that the longer these onion rings cook, the softer the internal onion will be. I love Sriracha, but have to say the ones using BBQ sauce are our favorite now. Your probably right about the prep time, maybe ill bump it up to 20 minutes prep. Smoke cook the onion rings for about 2 hours or until the bacon is crisp and nicely browned. You do have to be careful, since the sugar in the BBQ sauce will brown more than wth just the Sriracha. I eat Keto and am wondering where all the carbs come from? Sriracha hot sauce, on the other hand, is thick so I knew it would stay on the onion the whole time.


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