can cause uneven winding. Despite that, we need to position it as close to the hook as possible. metal sometimes has a burr that was not completely sanded during manufacturing. If there are no visible issues such as scratches, for example, we can simply clean it thoroughly., Have you tried Singer customer service? For a start, it’s a good idea to tighten the socket set screw. As a result, this can cause the needles to break. I borrowed a machine, a Singer CG 500/550, and somehow the piece that you put the bobbin onto to put thread on the bobbin came unhooked within the machine. Post a photo of your fix so we can see and learn from it!! Your sewing machine is going to give you troubles again. The bobbin winder is not locking. In short, a presser foot that is set on too low can also lead to troubles with the fabric getting fed properly. Therefore, if the solution below doesn’t work out, it may be high time to replace the worn out feed dogs with new ones. Surely, failing to produce even seams can be quite frustrating even for the most patient sewing enthusiast. On the one hand, the bobbins are not so nicely wound as they used to. On the other hand, the machine used to stop when the bobbin was full and now it doesn't. Click Here to Follow the Sewing Society on Pinterest. However, this may prove to be challenging. One of my neighbors suggested oiling it, but I don't know where or even how to access the parts to oil. However, the truth is, the solutions to this issue are actually very simple and straightforward. Bobbin Case Stuck on a Singer Sewing Machine? Next, we want to clean the debris that blocks the teeth from rising up to a suitable height. The ebook version only costs $2.99. Therefore, we may need to replace the needle. Similarly, if the needle thread tension is high, this will affect negatively the ability of the needles to work without breaking. After a few An alternative is to buy a standalone bobbin winding machine. In short, the term hook-needle clearance means that the needle should penetrate fully from the center back to the front. This helps ensure your bobbin will wind evenly. Because of this, it’s important to try out different possible solutions before giving up. Although seam puckering can be quite bothersome, it’s mainly due to the fact that we need to adjust the tension back to normal. In short, the reason why the sewing machine keeps bending the needles can be closely related to their quality. Thanks for supporting! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We have compiled more solutions for this issue at #3 and #24 on this list. The other end of the spring went into the only hole in housing that was within reach and must go in first before doing the bobbin winder end. Did you find this article helpful? Sewing Society is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Winding, You Have Thread Wrapped Around Your Bobbin Winding Pin, Your Thread Is Not Wrapped Securely Around the Tension Disc, You Are Not Guiding Your Thread Up and Down as It Winds, You Did Not Fully Engage Your Bobbin Winder, Your Rubber Ring Is Worn on Your Bobbin Winder, Sewing Machine Problems and How to Solve Them, I Want to Promote Your Etsy Shop for FREE, Fae Cardigan & Duster Sew-Along – Sewing Society, How to Sew Stretchy Fabrics Without Losing Your Mind, Baby Burial Gowns: Help By Donating Your Wedding Dress. The major reason behind issues with decorative stitches is the mismatch between the stitch length and width. I can help you solve other sewing machine problems, too! If your plastic bobbin does not quite fit on your bobbin winding pin, throw it out and use a new one. Finding Home Repair Help for Low Income Families. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Either they fix the problem or replace the machine. Never leave a long starting However, we mustn’t underestimate the issue either. We want to start by holding up to 4 inches of the thread behind the hole and the needle. It can happen without you noticing and cause your bobbin to wind unevenly. This is a costly part to repair. If you liked this post, please share it on Pinterest! But above all, whenever there is a problem, there is also a suitable solution out there. Do a tiny test on the fabric to examine the stitches. On another note, it’s a good idea to check if the needle is pushed all the way into the sewing machine. Any thoughts? Thus, start by inspecting the condition of the needle and replace it if necessary. The problem happened very soon after I got it. Repairing Handwheel on a Singer Sewing Machine? Above all, knowing how to diagnose sewing machine problems is key. Next, we can proceed with cleaning the sewing machine carefully. An alternative is to buy a standalone bobbin winding machine. Newer sewing machines are designed to guide your thread up and down on your bobbin for you. Winding a bobbin is simple and quick, and allows you to start sewing right away. Ultimately, we simply need to replace the faulty needles. It costs about $30. If the bobbin winder shaft is pressed to the right ( or however it is in your machine) because when it is in bobbin winding mode machine wouldnot work. Even if I set it up to wind it won't keep the winder in the right position. If you don’t know how to do this, a sewing machine repair technician can do it for you. Indeed, excessive lint tends to accumulate in the bobbin zone and/or under the needle plate. Next, we need to adjust the width and the length of the stitch accordingly. Try not to cut the thread, unless you must, so that it does not fall inside your machine. As a rule of thumb, we need to remember that each type of fabric requires using a needle of a suitable size. We have put it back in, but bobbin winder now doesn't turn.


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