Connection touches you on all levels and that inevitably leads to more gratefulness for nature. While they do have their weak moments, they always pick themselves back up. People make their unique choices and must learn their own lessons. When you’re ill, physical symptoms tend to come on gradually and get worse over time if not treated. Quite often you have discomfort in some part of your body but can’t put a finger on exactly where it is. Your new colleague who gives off a good vibe has a high vibration. Have you tried to eat your favorite burger and realize how much you now dislike it? Once the symptoms set in, they didn’t ease or go away until you were cured. Your rise gives you awareness of the webs in your life, how your actions and thoughts lead to manifestations, how people end up in your life at just the right time, how you might see the right message at the time you need it. People with high vibrations are very thankful in general. A running nose and drowsiness just might be the flu. If you’re suddenly falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon, it could be that there is a vibrational shift happening in you. Unless you are someone they truly trust, you won’t be learning any of their secrets. Since you begin investing time in conscious places, you increase the chances of meeting like-minded people. Your soul rise may induce quicker learning and you might begin to have knowledge in areas you previously never studied. Free of distress. Or you might sense there will be rain, even though the weather reporter doesn’t mention it. A Strong Urge to Explore your Individuality. It can be suppressed, never allowed to express itself to the fullest. If electricity continues to flow through it, it may get damaged or burn out completely. She is so nice, so happy and so pleasant to be around. Recognizing just one of these signs in your life can be evidence that your soul is on a rise. People with high vibrations are usually very intuitive. With your thoughts and friends changing and energy increasing, you naturally gravitate towards those matters that influence world events. Blocked energy remains stuck until it is released. You feel appreciative for all that you currently have. Try to eat lots of higher vibration foods. You can raise your vibration, but there is a process to it. Linear thought integrates with holistic, and your stronger cosmic connection makes you a clearer channel for a flow of light (information) to integrate within your psyche. That rise is a consciousness expansion. Interests Change. Take time to pay close attention to your body and you will quickly identify where the energy blockages are. There are many signs of a rising consciousness, but possibly the most meaningful might be your connection to Oneness. You have to deal with the real cause of the blockage. Nothing is the same ever from second to second. This is because they are operating on a level that resonates with the universe. These are 20 signs that demonstrate you are reaching a new level of consciousness: If you had a routine of going out, partying or other recreational activities, you may suddenly lose interest. Many people who are familiar with this concept assume this shift is a purely spiritual process, but that’s not quite true. These are some key identifiers to help you tell them apart. An air of focus and precision despite what’s happening around you.…. If they do not take care of themselves they won’t be able to take care of others. All the symptoms of a shift from low to a higher vibration are the same as those experiences when one is ill. Nausea and an upset stomach could be caused by food poisoning and headaches could be a sign of infection. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That light touches your DNA, your cells, giving you access to more intelligence. They will approach each and every situation being able to look at it from all perspectives. We are aware of the beauty surrounding us and really making the most of each day that passes. […], […] Movies and shows are valuable gems to explore for knowledge because all arts come from the subconscious. Medical tests and examinations detect nothing, Symptoms of higher vibration – How to Deal With them. … We are all connected and that is something many need to come to terms with. You might feel the impulse to pray or meditate as your heart chakra cracks wide open. Something is different and that something changed your way of seeing the world and yourself. Being in your energy field calms others. Shifts from low to higher vibrational energies feel a lot like illness. They are quick to forgive and quick to forget. With more light, elevated thoughts, nature connection and a drive to assist others, you become a much more attractive human being. At the time of an upward vibrational shift, the vibration of your body is lower than that of the energy that is coming into it. Chinese therapies such as acupuncture have been used for hundreds of years to relieve pain caused by energy blockages. This greater sensitivity tunes you in to life patterns around you and far away. They know that without the universe and the powers at play they would not be where they are. Relax, you won’t get damaged or burn out completely when higher vibration starts flowing through you, but your body and mind will strain before compatibility is achieved.


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