Below are some additional features to consider. They also offer impressive speed control to make them versatile for handling multiple projects. Bosch JS470EB Corded Barrel-Grip JigSaw; 5. Regardless, the only thing stopping me is a $50 price difference between the two. The grip must be ergonomic and soft enough for a barrel-grip jigsaw because unlike top-handle saws, there is lesser space for holding it. Follow the instructions and it should not be as hard as you might think. The best thing about Bosch tools is that they can always live up to your needs. Mostly straight lines, possibly curves.   Your link has been automatically embedded. Top handle will serve you just fine.. and it's honestly easier to use. Tool Review - Makita LXT Brushless Jigsaws - 18V Cordless. I put my left hand on top of the release handle at the top in front of the saw to hold the saw firmly to the stock. As much as there is a slight difference in the amount of power that you get with the two models, they are still both powerful. Sometimes I guide the barrel with basically my finger-tips only. Until today, I’d never cut with a barrel grip jigsaw. The JS470EB is a barrel grip while the JS365 is a top handle model. Another top option would be the Bosch JS365 top handle jigsaw. Price. We always have to see how the unit compares to other units in terms of the power. D-handle vs. Barrel-Grip jigsaws. In general I prefer a barrel grip. The large die-cast aluminum footplate will provide you with the best performance and durability to work on various projects. I believe I would enjoy using the barrel grip better (no stores near by to tell) due to handling thanks to lower center of gravity and natural placement of hand. The manufacturer made this unit to have a tool-less blade change system. you have way more control of a barrel grip when you do curved cuts. They are built with durability and performance in mind. January 27, 2015 in Power Tools. As much as it is more expensive, it sure makes up for it with the features and performance. Grips are intended to keep the blade straight along the cutting line, and both generally do a good job at it. Having the precision machined plunging mechanism will improve the accuracy and the overall operation of the model. It has a variable speed from 500 to 3100 strokes per … So when you are working at speeds as high as 3,200, it should be easier to handle them otherwise it would lead to one disaster of a project. A good jigsaw needs to be versatile, durable, quality, easy to use, and many other features. But at $50 more I think I could learn how to use a proper top handle unit. This ensures that you can enjoy a smooth operation on overall while working on a project at any time. You can never go wrong with the build quality of this jigsaw. It is why each time someone wants a jigsaw would consider a Bosch tool. Barrel grips do have advantages but can be a little tricky to get used to if you have always used top handles. Another thing that will appeal to many users should be the low vibration mechanism of the unit. Our Rating . ... Barrel Grip vs Top Handle Jigsaw The Bosch JS470EB model is the better tool between the two. At 6.5-amp motor rating, this is a top consideration for anyone who needs to work on multiple projects.   You cannot paste images directly. Regardless, the only thing stopping me … This makes it good for making any angled cuts you might have in mind. But if you ever use "downcut" blades, the "D" handle will allow you to exert more force on the saw to prevent it from "bucking". Such speed control will improve the overall versatility of the unit. It also has a better cutting capacity that a professional would need when handling a project. Still as part of cutting capacity, we also find that it can bevel up to 45 degrees. The Solution: Lacking the LED lights should not turn you away from owning this unit. This type of motor makes it a good unit for handling even the tough materials. Powered by Invision Community. The ergonomic handle also means that you can control the unit better when working on a project. Maybe look for upside down cutting on youtube.. never really heard anything about upside down cutting with a jigsaw. The handle design often determines just how good the unit is to work on a project. Quality. The JS470EB is a barrel grip while the JS365 is a top handle model. You can post now and register later. Unlike the JS470E that has a barrel handle, this one is a top handle jigsaw. The JS470EB is a barrel grip while the JS365 is a top handle model. The first product on our list is a Bosch corded jigsaw. --> Is it justifiable as my first Jigsaw for the difference in price? Having the ergonomic top handle with the soft-grip areas ensures that you enjoy the comfort of the unit. By Tim Malyszko in forum General Woodworking and Power Tools, By John Shuk in forum General Woodworking and Power Tools, By T.J. Mahaffey in forum Neanderthal Haven, By Perry Marshall in forum General Woodworking and Power Tools. If you are a DIYer and you need a jigsaw for occasional use, then the JS365 model can be an ideal unit. so the jig saw cuts from underneath your piece. Tools in Action Regardless, the only thing stopping me … i owned the JS365 for about 1 month and ended up sending it back. i bought the JS572EB (or better to say JS572EBL with the L-Boxx) and i love it. It is the same principle as cutting with a table mounted jigsaw. It is fitted with a 6.5-amp motor that delivers enough cutting power to meet the demand. D-handle vs. Barrel-Grip jigsaws. I went with the top handle because that’s what I have always had. The cutting capacity is good for the price you pay for the model. The Solution: The unit comes with a comprehensive guide to help you make the necessary adjustments before making bevel cuts. If you want a professional tool, always spend more to get the JS470EB unit. Unlike the JS470E that has a barrel handle, this one is a top handle jigsaw. Below are some of the features that make it a desirable unit to pick right now. There is no doubt you would enjoy using it for various projects. Below are some additional features to consider. i really dont like top handle jigsaws. Granted, most of my experience was with relatively inexpensive jigsaws, which pretty much universally means top grip. D Handle vs. Barrel Grip Jigsaw - Comparison Overview. after using the JS365 for couple projects i had to wear a wrist-band for a long time.   Your previous content has been restored. BLACK+DECKER BDEJS4C Corded Jig Saw; Best Corded Jigsaws 1. I went with the higher class jigsaw because of the precision control, that i dont have to sand so much. Seeing as how using a barrel grip versus a D handle (top handle) jigsaw comes down to preference, there aren’t too many pros or cons for either. Still, there is a difference in the feel of using the two. Looking at either the Bosch JS470EB (7amp) or the Bosch JS365 (6amp). They are also made to be within the affordable range. That is what you get with the two models reviewed above. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on   Pasted as rich text. Re: Jigsaw - Barrel vs Top Handle ? For such power, you also need the best control over the speed. Bosch JS260 vs Bosch JS365 120V Top Handle Jigsaw, Makita 4350FCT vs JV0600K Top Handle Jigsaw, Bosch JS260 vs DeWalt DW317K Top Handle Jigsaw, DeWalt DW331K vs Bosch JS470E Top Handle Jigsaw, Makita 4329K vs JV0600K Top Handle Jigsaw, Bosch JS260 vs Bosch JS470E Corded Jigsaw Kit, DeWalt DW317K vs DW331K Top Handle Jigsaw, Makita 4350FCT vs 4351FCT vs. Bosch JS470E Jigsaw, Bosch 1617EVS vs Bosch MRF23EVS Fixed-Base Router, Bosch RA1181 vs Bosch RA1171 Benchtop Router Table, Having the dust blower keeps the cut line visible, It has a low vibration mechanism to offer a smooth operation, The motor is highly powerful to make it better for cutting various materials, It is highly versatile with its variable speed control, You need a wrench to make bevel cuts at 45 degrees.


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