9H SLY ORTHO FIRM TUFT : Bought this mattress on 25/2/2019. We bought a Sealy Spa Super King mattress from Bensons in January 2020. Bought my mattress at christmas, at the start it was perfect, then my partner started complaining of a bad back and went down to the settee some times. © 2020 Trustpilot A/S. Bought gel pocket Olympea king size bed with mattress from a retailer couple months ago and neither of us can sleep in it it’s so uncomfortable, messages Sealy who told us to go back to the retailer which we did, they were very helpful but after they spoke to Sealy were unable to help. Ended up with 1 out of 4 wall coat hooks broken. I don’t want a replacement, I want at least some of my money back. We have been sleeping in our Cunarder beds for eight weeks now, and despite having given a poor review originally, simply because I was asked to so weeks BEFORE DELIVERY, after eight weeks of sleeping on it, I must say we love it!Yes it is extremely firm, but we knew it would be after many, many nights sleeping in them on Cunard ships, the reason for the purchase. Finding the right mattress for you is incredibly important when trying to have a good night’s sleep. This is a firm and sturdy mattress that is still beautifully comfortable and can offer a restful night’s sleep. WHAT ? All rights reserved. It is also endorsed by the Orthopaedic Advisory Board, so you know that Sealy has ensured this mattress can stand up to many of the claims they have made about it and is a top-quality product. £599.00. Best Wishes Sealy UK. Very happy pleasant experience no problems. COMFORT ? They need to take a look at their policy as this is awful. I bought the Sealy Nostromo because Which gave it such a high rating. This has a plush upper layer covered in a micro-quilted knitted cover that is created to always be soft to touch. If you’re still undecided between pocket sprung and memory foam, find out more about choosing the best type of mattress. It appears well made, is comfortable and most important, hasn’t “dipped” at all where we have laid. We returned to the shop following the covid lockdown and showed photos to the store manager of the dipping. Part of this is due to the Tencel fibre fabric used throughout the mattress. These Sealy mattresses are incredibly affordable, so you will be able to get your hands on the perfect Posturepedic mattress without breaking the bank. Surrounding the springs of this mattress is comfortable layers of upholstery, all working to create the ultimate sleep experience. If you are on the hunt for a firmer mattress that still offers comfort and heat-regulation in all weather, this is a brand you should definitely look into; there’s something in the Sealy range to give everyone a great night’s sleep. I have had the best sleep in years since purchasing this bed. Sealy manufactures four different lines of mattresses including the widely popular Cocoon By Sealy mattress - Read Reviews. i havent been sleeping great this past few weeks, and always a stiff neck, then i discovered it was my mattress, its sagging in the middle, and i cant even turn it, its been a very bad buy, i have now contacted the shop where i bought it. My husband and I bought this mattress January 2018 from Benson for Beds. We have had a Sealy bed for 3 years, we had to change the mattress as it kept having ridges, which Sealy replaced, but for the last year we both have pain in our backs. Such claims about these mattresses are also backed up by the high praise that comes from the reviewers and purchases of this product. Or ‘please send photos to customer service’ ( waste of time, I’ve done that and they reply they cannot see a problem by the images alone and advise to get an independent inspection which we have to pay for!) The Sealy brand has been ensuring that we are able to get a good night’s sleep for over 100 years now. We are sorry to learn that your mattress is sagging. This mattress has a very firm feeling while not being so tough that it becomes uncomfortable to sleep on. I also told Sealy that Bensons had "failed to tell us if we wanted to change our minds we had to pay" Benson had only had these terms and conditions given to their staff and it had not been rolled out yet. This mattress is firmer than some, but that does not mean that Sealy has compromised on comfort. Sealy is a brand that you should definitely consider if you want a high-quality mattress that does not break the bank. Now 18 months after purchasing,the bed constantly makes noises whenever any movement or you sit on the bed. Even if you tend to sleep towards the edge of your bed, this mattress will be able to support you properly, and actively works to prevent bulging and sagging around the edges. The Sealy Response Performance Mattress has a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, and delivery is handled by the retailer where you purchase the mattress. In store they had it placed under a giant ceiling heater we lay on the bed loved the mattress soft but supportive. Try Which? As a company, Sealy also has some high-profile connections to important organisations and accreditations, so you can rest assured that their mattresses are the best on the market. Awful. I have followed all of the advice to turn (not flip) the mattress every month, I have put it in a very warm room to allow the gel to warm up and go back to normal for a few days. I was assured by Lyndsey that she would look into this as soon as the factory was open.I was totally surprised this morning by a call from The Bed Factory to organise the delivery of a replacement Mattress from Sealy. After around 10 months we had to call bensons and report that the bed had dipped badly on both sides where we sleep and that the edge of the bed a had collapsed.After a few back and forth phone calls we eventually had an independent bed inspector come out to inspect it, not surprisingly he said that the dipping was at an acceptable level in relation to the age of the bed (10months!!!) This level of “settlement” they call it is not covered in their warranty. This, despite the tracker saying that it had been received in the depot on 26 August. Panther have not attempted to contact me again either. We were told we had 40 nights to change our minds which is why we contacted them within 30 to say we wanted to !!! Bought the Sealy Singapore titanium bed and divan set complete with the headboard for over £2250 in November 2016. We are incredibly disappointed with the service from Benson and the quality of the mattress from Sealy. Sealy mattress is one of the oldest mattresses in the game. Sealy has now been making mattresses in the UK for over forty years, and Sealy products can be found in bedrooms all over the world. Sealy read these forums and answer a generic reply. And started feeling uncomfortable to sleep.Sorry very disappointed. Also the top material pilled really badly within a couple of months. Typical price. The mattress has developed deep ridges down both sides where my wife an I sleep. It has a higher spring count than many other mattresses you could find on the market, which is part of the reason why it is simply so comfortable. I have purchased a mattress and base and headboard from QVC two days ago. The mattress is described as firm however the support is firm whilst still feeling soft when you lay on it. Which? The Mattress Guide is supported by readers whereby we may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to you) for products purchased through the links on our site.


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