In its letter dated 24 May 2017, the Commission expressed its intention to amend the EBA's draft RTS in four main areas. bobsguide attracts over 70,000 fintech buyers and sellers every month. <>>> The RTS set out the SCA requirements and exemptions. ���9&�9�l�*cg�o{���<. The Opinion also explains that sufficient time has been available for the industry to prepare for the application date of SCA, given that the definition of SCA had been set out in PSD2 when it was published in 2015, which gave clear indications that existing authentication approaches would need to be phased out, and because PSD2 already granted an additional 18-month period for the industry to implement SCA. Article 33 says: ASPSPs need to develop “contingency measures for the event that the [dedicated] interface does not perform … unplanned unavailability of the interface and that there is a systems breakdown. The EBA published its final draft RTS on SCA on 22 Feb 2017*. x��ko�6��}�-jY|�����z@{���}h���cg/���]'�����$r���dwEQ��pf8/���7����ٮ���������ͯ�'��ߎO�o?�9�\ݜ�V��w�w����6Ϟ5/^�l~?�)%I�5B���Fq�v��|8�sא��e�Qk{ޜ\�n߿���ּ���+宾?�F����"+�Vs�H%Z�+��Ƭy��˦9~��������hF¡=�� -���f)�K�-����\}X���%!��W�d� a��}��������-�@{��8� ���X��gn��%��#݉�+w;�M贃��ٽ�u~�X The EBA has also published an Opinion on the implementation of the RTS (Opinion) to clarify the RTS. He started working on planning the progressive development of new and current solutions and is currently responsible for PSD2 compliance and the Hungarian instant payment projects. 23 February 2017 . Please note that by accessing or contributing to the discussion you agree to abide by the EPC website conditions of use. What is also interesting is how national authorities will decide on the exemptions, and what tools and methods will they be using to monitor and stress-test the performance of the dedicated interfaces in all the ASPSPs. The Opinion does so separately for each of the three SCA elements of knowledge, possession and inherence, and also provides clarifications regarding combinations of these elements. The RTS requires that full documentation, as well as a testing facility, are made available to authorised PSPs at least 6 months prior to the end of the 18 month transition period. EBA announces conditional ‘grace period’ for PSD2 SCA RTS compliance. During the transition phase, screen scraping will still be permitted – as mentioned in the RTS introductory text: ‘screen scraping’ or, mistakenly, as ‘direct access’ will no longer be allowed once the transition period under Article 115(4) PSD2 has elapsed and the RTS apply.”. 'Set the date' will change the date at which you are viewing the document. are based on the OAuth standard, which is based on the concept of redirection. endobj The PSD2 has conferred 11 mandates on the EBA, one of which relates to the development, in close cooperation with the European Central Bank (ECB), of draft Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on strong customer authentication and secure and common communications (Article 98 of the PSD2). The RTS deliberately refrains from referring to any particular authentication approaches in the industry, in order to ensure that the RTS remains technology neutral and future-proof. The final amended text which the EU has now published addressed this topic as follows: Screen scraping will not be permitted after the 18 month transition period. %PDF-1.5 30-36), Article 30 General obligations for access interfaces, Article 32 Obligations for a dedicated interface, Article 33 Contingency measures for a dedicated interface, Article 35 Security of communication session, Chapter VI Final provisions (arts. To help you better understand the main principles and key players of the final here, as well as an interview on this topic we published at the end of 2017. Once the RTS have been published in the Official Journal, they will enter into force the following day and will apply 18 months after that date. Finally, in order for all payment service providers (PSPs) to be in a position to rely on the eIDAS certificates, the Opinion identifies a few measures that competent authorities may apply, including by requesting the revocation of certificates issued to a PSP that has had its authorisation withdrawn. One of the no-no-no-s is redirecting to the ASPSP for authentication or other functions, which was the fundamental concept of banks, having most of the responsibilities according to PSD2, to make sure that security credentials are staying confidentially within their boundaries. b)requiring additional authorisations and registrations in addition to those provided for in Articles 11, 14 and 15 of Directive 2015/2366, c)or requiring additional checks of the consent given by payment service users to providers of payment initiation and account information services”. We provide deep expertise in payments and digital financial services to enhance clients’ perspectives and deliver actionable advice to enable measurable and sustainable change over time. the lengthy consultations they ended up publicating it February 2017.


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