Footswitches are usually protected with a shield to prevent unintentional operation. Always work according to the specifications of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Assemble the safety solution that fits your requirements! Email. 73760 Ostfildern Light curtains protect personnel by stopping machinery when someone stepping or reaching into an area interrupts a light beam. Safety mats allow unimpeded access for loading, unloading and adjustment. mechanical, magnetic, RFID, optical or camera-based, High availability and productivity with maximum safety, Focus on performance, robustness and simple operation, Time and cost saving during project design and commissioning, Safety and quality thanks to certification in accordance with international standards and testing by certification bodies, Protection for your investment thanks to compatibility with products and interfaces from other manufacturers, Complete one-stop solution: Sensor technology, control technology, drive technology and visualisation from Pilz, United States (toll-free): +1 877-PILZUSA (745-9872). The non-contact operating principle makes them insensitive to mechanical play, for example when doors settle or are imprecisely aligned. These devices protect machine operators on automated lines, minimize the risks for personnel in material handling, packaging and warehousing and allow for tasks such as loading/unloading, machine set-up, cleaning and maintenance to be carried out safely. 7 Industrial Safety Devices to Protect Your System, Allied Ask the Expert: Critical Trends and Elements of Workplace Safety, Components of Industrial Safety: Proper Equipment is Critical to Asset Protection & A Safe Workplace, Managing Workplace Safety Risks & Protecting Workers in Turbulent Times. Thanks to its insensitivity to external influences you can use the LBK System to safely monitor danger zones even outdoors or in heavy industry. Whichever industrial sensor you decide to choose: in conjunction with our controllers, the right drive technology and visualisation, what you get is a safe, economical and complete one-stop solution. The key will be trapped while a process is in an unsafe state. The modular safety gate system includes various safety gate sensors, pushbutton units and accessories. These devices can be used reliably in applications up to PLe/SIL 3. Balluff safety switches and safety sensors are designed for a variety of applications. With the safe rope pull switch PSENrope you allow a safe emergency stop at each point of the conveyor. Pressure-sensitive mats are used in front of or around potentially dangerous machines or robots. Safeguard your plant and machinery with optoelectronic sensors! The absence of a door or guard reduces the time required for loading, inspection, or adjustment operations and allows free access to a machine, panel or process whilst ensuring safety. E-stops complement other safety measures and are required in many workplaces to comply with safety standards. This is simple to do using Balluff's non-contact, inductive safety sensors because unlike traditional safety switches or RFID safety sensors no special mating component is required, and these sensors are vibration resistant. Our light curtains PSENopt and our safety laser scanners PSENscan are characterised by a particularly high robustness. The camera-based protection system PSENvip is a mobile protection system for safe monitoring and control of press brakes. It allows you to make a low-cost daisy chain configuration and enables simple, comprehensive diagnostics on safety devices. Our software tools in the sensor technology range provide support during the design and programming of your sensor technology products from Pilz.


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