==>I thought there was an updated version. It is resistant to water, alcohol, household chemicals, scratching, chipping, and wear. Applying Wipe-On Polyurethane : Wipe-On (also called oil-based) polyurethane blends the best of both worlds of finishing: the high durability and protection of polyurethane with the simple wipe on application of an oil finish. After the finish has cured for a week or so, I typically use 0000 steel wool and paste wax to "finish the finish", as Marc says. The above sequence shows the process for rubbing a table top with a suitably ample finish to a uniform satin sheen. Perhaps they are referring to between coats. After finishing the 2000 grit pass, rinse off and let dry. As a swirl remover, fina;l "waxing" this is one of my favorites http://www.calcarcover.com/product.aspx?cid=110&id=1399 , I have also seen it in some auto stores  like Pep Boys and Advance Auto . ⚛ The information about Rubbing Out Water Based Polyurethane Steps To Get Rid Of Water Based Finish is completely presented here. Wipe the surface with a clean cloth every so often to gauge progress. All finishes prefer warm, dry conditions. You can post now and register later. It is a beautiful finish guys. As soon as you are done rubbing, wipe off all the wax aggressively using paper shop towels. You want to use a block and sand the debris flat, because the Abralon pads are a sponge pad and will ride over the debris, and while it will smooth it, it will no level it. Change ), Rubbing Out a Polyurethane Varnish Finish. Basically flatten-out using 400/600WD w/soapy water and take it to matte, then work your way through Abralon 1000-4000 and finish with a glaze... let the finish cure a few days before doing any serious rubbing out. Currently I am using paste wax and 0000 steel wool to rub out my finish, but I hear if other guys using different methods. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Powered by Invision Community, mineral oil and wet dry sandpaper, while others use mineral spirits and wet/dry paper. I have recently switched over to spraying water Bourne finishes. Do you have a formula to calculate curing time on force cured WB. Rubbing lets you quickly remove any dust nibs, surface and brush marks or sheen anomalies. If you're committed to an oil-based finish, hand rubbing with polish or wipe-on varnish is probably the most effective way to cut the sheen. Its basically like a wax , but not a wax and no silicones, its designed for a new finish . After the finest pumice grit, switch to rottenstone. The goal of a satin rub is to leave a very uniform scratch pattern going in the direction of the grain, which will refract light evenly. 8. I am quite happy with spray results I achieved. Using their times/temps just blisters the hell out of General and target both. Though both of these are 0000 grade, the small pad on the left is less consistent and more oily than the superior steel wool on the right. 3. September 26, 2013 in Finishing. I have also read that some people use mineral oil and wet dry sandpaper, while others use mineral spirits and wet/dry paper. There are three strong reasons for doing so. Clear editor. I use a little soapy water as a lubricant, just be sure not to let the white slurry dry on the surface or it can be a bear to get off, Keep it clean . I have had no issues with the soap and water on General Finishes topcoats. However, it dries too fast for all the little laps and strokes to flow and level themselves on a top large enough for dining. How long must you realistically wait to rub? I use a red, grey and white non woven abrasive pad like Scotch Brite to rub out my waterborne finishes. A good high gloss rub will reflect objects in it without distortion. Copyright 2020 The Wood Whisperer, Inc. 9. The problems with water-based polyurethane are that it doesn't level out as smoothly as an oil-based finish, and it doesn't protect as well against the elements. Try to rub a gloss finish too soon and you’ll find that rub as you might, you still don’t seem to develop a good gloss. The final satin surface appeals to the eye and hand. To remove the excess wax, sprinkle a little bit of cold water onto the surface. Some people have posted that steel wool should never be used with a water Bourne finish due to rusting issues, but I can't see how it would rust if the finish is cured and used after the final coat.


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