Two priorities were identified at their first meeting in 2016: (1) the development of an accreditation framework and (2) the identification of models and approaches to mutual recognition. To achieve the objective of the study, the researchers develop a questionnaire and apply it to fourth-year college students, University of Baghdad, to give evidence and to prove the effectiveness of technology in the academic field. Still, instead, it is a component of the quality of the educational process. The results of the study showed that the general level of both the emotional and cognitive fields of technological awareness is high, and the level of awareness of the skill field was average. Huge & organized store of information. The third category emphasized E-learning difficulties experienced by faculties. The use of technological applications and their use in managing the educational process and organizing it within institutions Is considered one of the most critical foundations of quality standards. ��H%S���Y��+�D��"������U۲*��>Ʀp�� �T"��5��@��A�E�l|�N�HL-�=�=9��3�Q���IN�5H;� Princeton, NJ: ETS. x�]ے��}���G4#�Vݫ{_6h[ Globally, many institutions replace traditional teaching with online mode. Technology is a gift of God. ��S4�A����L��1�$��-����K�[8UJq�Y©@��)�*dϑMc��N Now a days Students can make use of technology in the following ways: Global Forum on Quality Assurance in CE/CPD: Assuring Quality across Boundaries, Evaluation of the Application of Online Learning in Indonesian Universities, CONTENT ANALYSIS OF ARTICLES THAT RELATED TO THE USE OF GOOGLE CLASSROOM AND GAMIFICATION IN EDUCATION FROM 2016 TO 2020, INDIAN JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY A study on faculty perspective towards alternative teaching practices (E-Learning -Blackboard) during COVID 19, Knowledge Management, Innovation, Technology and Direct Marketing as Antecedents of Data Mining: The Mediating Role of Direct Marketing, Students' technological awareness at the College of Education,Qatar University, BLENDED AND FLIPPED LEARNING: ENTREPRENEURIAL TEACHING STRATEGIES FOR ACQUIRING CREATIVE THINKING SKILLS, Students’ technological awareness at the College of Education, Qatar University, The technology andragogy work content knowledge model framework on technical and vocational education and training, Investigating the Effectiveness of YouTube as a Learning Tool among EFL Students at Baghdad University, How People Learn: Mind, Brain, Experience and School, Perils and promises: University instructors’ integration of technology in classroom-based practices, HOW WILL MODERN TECHNOLOGIES CHANGE THE WAY OF TEACHING, EFFECT OF INFORMATION AND COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION, Influence of Modern Technology in Education. 4904578272151551627948.html?KEYWORDS=handw 2013 from A set of recommendations was proposed in light of the study results, Such as the College of Education holding workshops and seminars specializing in Technology, adding a course in educational technology for students in the secondary education program in particular, and providing courses in Technology first-year students. %���� Due to a lack of previous experience nearly half of them experienced technical difficulties. O4ʟU�e{�;F�7j�Uw��"��߈���䩮 <> <> The study demonstrates different theoretical frameworks that tackle the employment of technology to enhance the learning/teaching process. E�CR�����y�0�!��@k���߀���J|�g��WUٽ�'z”S��6�fe���������q:���w������统�ūq��W?y�����߸c��/�~������?���������]o������v�����>��W���߯G�R/;��4=�������^�������x^Ϗ��O���������Շ�q9�������q�N��\O�!��}{JL�~�=�o�?>�S���Wܽ�__�{;�����������۴������,}�?�o]��m����q��������͇����岩����u�Կq{�I��a����8���r}����;��=�{࿽���f�;ۋ�vl��-�݇��|�������˾�mǿy����a}����'�Ϋc��H���иla�~�]���v����ק����ɽ�C�o�{u9.�z��1�İ�S����������v�~C���M�i��'w����%����C�|�_'���5$���ݹ?vKȺ(鈴"ן�݇����_���V��?\ww��{8�������8�����4�_���n��K.U���l�q[����06r[�>�6��u[��|��a���b��/.�y�������>}�gm�߾۞��zϛ��G�oz|�����p���z����uC�u��O_��W�4�����b�������a>����4������t>l���w������}Ŵn�vc^�2o�;Ǻ'��]����SҌ;��w.������8-E����v��O����폷�w����b����t�n�����|5�ћ��O��܍s��x�����ԏ�u|�oN�w>ԋ|��㳇|bn�۟��n. ?���{�ɷ[X8w�.E���ɧe!�f|_������BH`e���+@ �4@D����!�%�_]�ؿ�>�g�J���3��p`�G�^C��V���+ǥi�2G��q�-�-n=�>��!�� ��~E,�'�}�]���Ȉ�R�d(���� I�m���aV�C+��7D��P���AM��l^\��g^GN�E&��/F�8�eDF�l�;Di:����M(�K�LC�Z���3���v9�g�gM�'� �����9����$�o��{d&�������'_�A�ܔ���}%~���C���_�'3 ���l #���WG�o�A���@��XY�+�S0�1��Õhp Besides, they find the material presented worth studying, and this way, they would appreciate the efforts exerted in explaining the information. It was further noted that online teaching was least effective for laboratory-based and clinical based courses. In fact, with the onset of computers in education; it has become easier for teachers to impart knowledge for students to acquire it. "ROLE OF COMPUTER EDUCATION PROGRAMME IN TEACHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS OF KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY-AN ANALYTICAL STUDY" Email can allow teachers to contact students quickly without scheduling face to face meeting time. Vast or Immense storage is yet another main great characteristic of a computer. A study on the role of computers in adult education Georgios Giannoukos 1 *, Georgios Besas 1 , Vasilios Hioctour 1 and Thomas Georgas 2 1 Second Chance School, Greece. Average interpretation value of the evaluation of the application of learning at Trilogi University had a percentage of 75.69% which indicated that it had gone well, but it was necessary to improve the learning assistance service instrument because the results of the study showed percentage of 69.87%. A sudden transition of teaching has its merits and demerits. YouTube is not just a platform that individuals share, upload, comment on videos; teachers and educators can utilize it to the best maximum so that students can have benefits. Uses of Computer in Education. handwriting is no script at all. Also, many complex and critical proc, in almost everything we use. They also find it much more communicating, as well as full of interesting areas, when aided by technology. %��������� Such activities need to be suitable for the Arabic educational background and in keeping with its culture and values. 2. brain -forming letters is key to learning, memory, idea. The contemporary visions revealed how learners have a tendency to use Technology and how their learning influences when using Technology, it has been exposed that the use of digital technology and students' interactivity and learning is growing. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Today, many universities strive to integrate appropriate technologies into campus classrooms.


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