7% Goods Service Tax (GST) will be imposed over the total invoice value if purchased locally in Singapore. screen /recorder when purchased from Expandore. Then there is thin gap before the other layer that is made from glass or hard plastic. Lance port must The way the touchscreen works with this sort of screen is an electrical resistance is created between the layers so that a charge can run from the outermost to the innermost screens. of power and this makes it five times more power effective than its closest ranking competitor. must be power up for approximately 30 min before calibration Resistive:Resistive touchscreens are made with several layers. Having looked at the GY-HM250U before, I knew the camera had an affordable price point and had performed well in a variety different productions. Only following product can be Calibrated by us They're either not big enough or not full resolution. I'm not going to be buying a dolly and tracks or a big jib, not only are they too expensive, would need more people for that!I'm an aspiring DoP and wedding/corporate/events videographer. with other leading camera brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, Red, JVC and Panasonic. A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO LIVESTREAMING IN 2020, L.A. Castle Studios Creates Safe, Easily Accessible Space for Productions. Top Rated Seller. Ninja Blade is the perfect option for shootings at home, on top of a mountain or in a studio. Being able to buy something that can do more than one thing on the set I find to be a valuable reason to acquire such an item. This Ninja including NP series battery, AC mains power, Continuous Power dual battery system and a DC power adapter which is used for large batteries. Don't buy more gear than you can afford the crew to operate. 17 … C $510.93. As the cast was entirely teenagers, and most of the crew aside from the adults of myself and the "producer" who I roped in to operate sound. Am thinking I've narrowed down my decision to Ninja Blade vs Ninja 2. Just because the editors can handle it doesn’t mean it is the best workflow. Two of which is the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 for Nikon F mount, and the Panasonic 14-140mm). This is the rundown of the major differences between the Atomos Ninja 2 vs the newer Ninja Blade. Also, if you're looking at an A7S, consider waiting for the Atomos Shogun, which would allow you to record 4K. There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Sales1@expandore.sg or Whatsapp me Steven at 96270430 not be defective or else we can not connect to the Since these models are HDMI they are mostly used with DSLR cameras with HDMI output for video. This layer is also coated with a conductive material. headphone jack to ensure that your audio needs are well taken care of the Ninja Blade makes sure that you never lose sync, or your audio does not drift through Shogun can be arranged at fees is SGD 50/calibration per unit. For most of my shoots almost 30 minutes is plenty. The Ninja Blade also makes it possible for users to play Apple ProRes or DNxHD files anytime, anywhere. I was kinda thinking about the Sony A7S or GH4, but the cost of the A7S together with a Shogun just seems too pricey for where I am right now (a starting out professional). (such as around workflow around tagging clips on set and then in post). I now own way, way more stuff than I can possibly operate solo, and crew are expensive. You will Everything about the camera is Atomos brand from standard IP cores and HDMI/SDI interfaces. Probably the biggest point of confusion I have between the two is how the Ninja Blade and Ninja 2 run different version of Atomos OS (with the Blade having the newer version of course), as I can't seem to clearly find any info on what specifically is the benefits of that. Both the Ninja 2 and the Ninja Blade are great devices. monitors however, they will exhibit color drift over time In this case both layers are made from glass that have been coated in a conductive material. calibrated in the factory prior to shipment. Normally reserved for more expensive monitors, it’s never been easier to get one click calibration. Many people ask me why would I want an external recorder in the first place. from the Sensor using your lens irrespective of its type or age. You have to press hard for it to register.- Poor contrast due to the additional reflections from the extra outer screen- Cannot support multi-touchCapacitive:This is similar to resistive screens in that there are two layers separated by a thin gap. You are only limited to the amount of space on the media you install in to the Ninja Blade. This Ninja Blade is a smart option for production recording, monitoring and playing back deck and comes combined with a wide array of devices that gives it that extra touch as a tool. The Ninja Blade supports different types of lenses, and this makes it an economical solution as


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