Thus, in spite of it was spite of the fact it was carried out in a laboratory, it has high ecological validity. Reconstructive process. Forgetting, amnesia, Bartlett's theory of reconstructive memory and Bartlett's study. Displacement. Decay. Forgetting in STM when incoming information pushes out older i… Forgetting in LTM when the memory is not used. The book provided an in depth analysis of Bartlett's schema theory, which has continued to inspire scientists studying schema theories today. Bartlett’s Theory of Reconstructive Remembering . Reconstructive Memory 1 Theory 1.1 Bartlett argued that memory is determined not only by the information actually present, but also by the relevant past knowledge the person possesses. Cast your mind back to Bartlett’s theory about Reconstructive Memory and also how schemas affect recall. Strict control over variables --> to determine cause & effect relationship In spite of its methodological limitations, the… "War of the Ghosts" The "War of the Ghosts" experiment from Remembering (1932) was Bartlett's most famous study and demonstrated the reconstructive nature of memory, and how it can be influenced by the subject's own schema. Bartlett, though it is not exactly the trace theory of memory either. Interference. Bartlett consistently used the active verb ‘remembering’ rather than ‘memory’ to . Memory rarely relies on a literal recount of past experiences. This information will certainly be helpful when creating your argument regarding the extent to which memory is reliable! Anterograde amnesia. By using multiple interdependent cognitive processes, there is never a single location in the brain where a given complete memory trace of an experience is stored. Cognitive psycholo- Cognitive psycholo- gists do retain a notion of hierarchical organization as in Bartlett. Rather, memory is dependent on constructive processes during encoding that may introduce errors or distortions. STRENGTHS Bartlett's theory of reconstructive memory has several applications and explains many real life situations.


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