This is not a flat white; this white is blended nicely with blues and yellows. I find this painting beautiful for many reasons. Because I did! Another of his paintings, Composition VI, is very similar in size, design and colour palette. Then there would be a bit of beauty to relieve it all in our spirits, so much making 2019 USA look like 1913 Europe. With Composition VII Kandinsky had moved from representational painting to purely abstract works. It's chaotic, but everything seems to fit! Composition VII was created during the beginning of Kandinsky’s art career; there is a obvious difference between Kandinsky paintings from this beginning time period compared to works from his later life, as in the beginning of the 20th century they are looser, while closer to his death they are much more linear and structured. I don't have the patience to do such a thing! I find this painting very eye catching and aesthetically pleasing. chi mi aiuta a fare la lettura dell' opera del quadro di vasilij kandinskij ''Composition VII''?. These shapes can be described as layered and blocky. This painting is amazing. i see the art the real one its in art that used formal geometric styles, its amaking how a few strokes on oil paint can be such a beauty. Sommaire. (Composition VIII (1923)). These areas make the painting more visually appealing to the eye, as well as easier to understand. This painting is very confusing to look at, however these seemingly random shapes have a harmonious aspect to them. I love how Kandinsky painted. See the renowned permanent collection and special exhibitions. This would not be perceived as classical because classical has more structure and conclusion. It has massive amounts of depth, and I love the perceived randomness of the shapes. Composition VIII Artist Wassily Kandinsky Year 1923 Medium Oil on canvas Location Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA Dimensions 140 x 201 cm 55 x 79 in Wassily Kandinsky Famous Paintings Der Blaue Reiter, 1903 Composition IV, 1911 Composition VII, 1913 On White II, 1923 Composition VI, 1913 Composition VIII, 1923 Yellow-Red-Blue, 1925 Black I've always been interested in the lives of artists in different fields of endeavor. Kandinsky used very vague and plain titles in his works in order to participate in expressionism; this was an expressionistic approach because this vague title did not give the viewer much information about the piece, forcing them to reflect on it and create an individual meaning for themselves. Jeff Koons, the Goat-Footed Balloon Man and the Goddess, Great Paintings: ‘Winter Landscape’ by Caspar David Friedrich, Great Paintings: Evening Over Potsdam by Lotte Laserstein, Local Art Seen: Andy Messerschmidt’s Striking Iconography at the DAI. Kandinsky planned for this painting with over 30 sketches in water color and oils, but the huge Composition VII was painted in only four days. It is believed that the title of this piece relates to a musical composition and is inspired by what Kandinsky saw as he listened to the music. This painting is amazing.The colours make me feel very calm. Many find this painting beautiful; however, there are a vast amount of people that disagree, as it is seen as too complex and random. It is currently held in The State Tretyakov Gallery in Russia. It appears to have depth towards the center, as the darker and more brown colors seem to be on the outside. I find this aspect especially beautiful. Similar to the painting, life is confusing and many times we do not understand what is going on. This one reminds me of how complexed human mind is and how much we can have inside it. The act that he did so many sketches beforehand amazes me. There is also a smaller white area similar to this in the upper left area of the painting. there is a message from within. I think that this wide variety of opinions is symbolic in the way that people look at life. Just the same his abstract and surrealistic works are testaments to his unique talents. The theme of these abstract works was inspired by the artist’s quest to explore musical concepts in the form of painting. This piece of artwork is amazing. Similar to this white, there is a burnt orange colored area blended into the bottom right corner. Kandinsky was a genius and he's my favorite. Who owns this painting know and did anyone else have to write an essay on this? This painting is 78.7 x 118.1”, and it was created in Moscow, Russia in 1913. It's like a blistering coctail made of erratic thoughts, I guess. However, these dark spots are not very easy to notice due to the immense amounts of color surrounding it. Composition VII is an oil on canvas painting by Wassily Kandinsky. Le médium est un mélange d’huile et d’essence de térébenthine, voire d’autres ingrédients comme des vernis. Near the bottom and right side there are two white areas. Kandinsky’s Composition VII is justly considered to be the apex of his artwork before the First Word War. Kandinsky overall was a groundbreaking painter for the time period, helping society move to what art is today in modern times. Although these shapes appear to be random, I find it especially beautiful because there almost seems to be a pattern to the madness. Undeniably, it is a difficult painting, especially … Composition VI … The painting is overall very bright; however, there are different spots of darkness within the piece. This is awesome! Surprisingly that after the painter had finished his long preliminary work, the composition itself was created for 4 days only. The solar plexus of space-time. Il sert à rendre la peinture plus fluide, plus onctueuse, à la diluer, et l’aidera aussi à sécher. Composition VII has been called operatic, and Kandinsky believed that paintings could evoke sounds, just as much as music evoked images, and that both were a way of conveying emotion. This painting is extremely stimulating to the senses through its complexity and bold colors. this isn't just simply a painting. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Sitemap. I highly respect for Kandinsky and other abstract painters because in my opinion it is so much harder to convey an emotion and response through a piece that is essentially nothing, compared to common art with a focal point and a subject. There are a variety of blues, yellows, reds, oranges, and whites scattered throughout this painting. “Composition VII” (1913) by Wassily Kandinsky is considered by many abstract art aficionados to be the most important painting of the 20th Century—perhaps even the most important abstract painting ever created. Wassily Kandinsky was born in Russia in 1866. The painting is a multicolored work that is designed to appeal to the … Your email address will not be published. I want to express how greatly Kandinsky influenced me to be the person I am today. In this abstract piece, there are numerous colorful shapes covering the massive canvas. More than 30 sketches made in watercolors and oil paints precede this painting, and they can serve as “documentary” proof of this work creation. Il est très utilisé pour fabriquer du mobilier, notamment de cuisine, car il est résistant, se fabrique facilement et rapidement, et peut recevoir de nombreuses finitions. These flowing, large white and orange areas on the canvas give a balance to the other complex shapes and lines. Though, when looking at the painting, it is believed that this is related to modern music rather than classical due to the randomness and complex placement of the shapes and lines.


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