NOTE: Pyramid Lake Tribal Code and Regulations and fines have been updated. CLICK HERE to download the press release; CLICK HERE to download a map of the closed area Pyramid lake is an easy 50min drive from Reno Nevada. The banks of these fertile waters are rich with marshes and sand dunes, making a watery haven for all sorts of wildlife. This is our 4th year guiding pyramid lake from shore. This website contains an abundance of information about Pyramid Lake. Whether you fly fish or prefer fishing with conventional gear, Pyramid has much to offer. One of the most unique parts about fishing at Pyramid Lake is that anglers wade out into the shallows, fish ledges and drop offs from the vast number of beaches that surround Pyramid Lake, all while standing on a ladder. You can obtain permits online or at one of the permit sales agents locations listed below. Pyramid Lake Fishing Visitors from all over travel to Pyramid Lake for its fishing. Fishing at Pyramid Lake is as Good as it Gets Consider this scenario: You are taking a road trip and decide to take a detour through the Paiute Tribe Reservation. The lake will be opening on November 2nd for the season. Joe & Crew run a premier angling operation that offers both fly fishing and spin guided trips. Fish are scattered throughout the lake and at various depths, although most anglers are going 25-30 feet down. Each angler has access to two 8wt. The Maholo Nymph was the first popular pattern for Pyramid and continues to catch fish all over the world. Pyramid Lake, Nevada, is covering an area of around 125,000 acres (15 miles long and 11 miles wide). Pyramid Lake is the only remnant of ancient Lake Lahontan that contains Lahontan cutthroat trout and Cui-ui. For thousands of years Pyramid Lake has been an excellent fishery. Forums > Michigan Fishing > Cold Water Species Fishing > Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports > A few from the beach Discussion in 'Big Lake Surf/ Pier Reports' started by GRUNDY, Nov 30, 2019. At 25 miles long and 4-11 miles wide, this is a very large lake that can be quite intimidating to the first time fisherman, however it can be fished similar to many other small stillwaters. These fish get big eating Tui chub a species native to Pyramid Lake. We take pride in ensuring your trip is one you remember for years to come. You will need to get your tribal permit online at This 2019 - 2020 season we are excited to bring our Crowley lake still-water tactics to pyramid and will be offering still-water charters aboard our 20 … A rental car will be needed for your trip when you arrive. To make the summer steelhead rig run your line through a barrel swivel( do not tie the swivel to the line...more on that later). The stable platform enables you to stand when casting and comfortable swivel chair to sit down on for long periods. Pyramid Lake is a desert lake located on Paiute Indian reservation land. The red chenille really makes this fly look alive in the water. 1,360 surface acres at capacity with 21 miles of shoreline and over 700 feet deep in some parts. General Info: The lake is approx. We are only one of three guides that offer both options to fish pyramid lake. Whether you fly fish or prefer fishing with conventional gear, Pyramid has much to offer. PYRAMID LAKE: The lake is open to fishing. The ladders allow fisherman to stand comfortably in 3-4 foot water along the shoreline breaks where trout move. Welcome aboard our 20 ft center console Robalo we limit our load to 3 anglers each angler has access to two 8wt outfits 1 floating line for indicator fishing a fast sinking line for retrieving. © 2013-2020 Pyramid Lake Anglers . Cutthroat Justin Jackson caught and released this 11 pounder... more » Pyramid Lake … This is an awesome fly to use with an indicator system in stillwaters everywhere. All Rights Reserved |. Pyramid Lake. I use a pyramid sinker rig with about a 3-5 foot leader of 6lb flourocarbon and have been using salmon egg skein as bait.


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