Thank you Glenn for getting me one of the first in Australia. Update - There has been an update to the Pulsar Trail firmware giving it extra capabilities, please connect to Streamvision to get this. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. We also strongly support rural feral pest control and hunting, with unique hunting LED torches and rechargeable LED headlamps built for this purpose. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! We design and supply LED torch barrel or scope mounts, LED Torches magnetic mounts, quick release mounts, LED Torches holsters, molle vest holsters, LED Torches Picatinny Rail mounts, Quick Release QR picatinny rail mounts, LED Torch picatinny rail switches, LED Torches tapeswitches, pen clips, batteries, high capacity batteries, chargers, LED Torches Traffic Wands - we even have spare LEDs. The Pulsar Trail and Trail2 thermal scope includes a progressive autonomous B-Pack power supply consisting of a quickly detachable, rechargeable IPS5, 5.2A-h battery pack designed to deliver over 8 hours of Trail Thermal Scope operation on maximum mode. Some choose the Pulsar Core FXQ for it's ability to quickly clip on and add thermal capability. 384 x 288 microblometer. Please check your email for confirmation message, Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 Thermal Riflescope, Pulsar Axion Key XM30 2.5-10x24mm Thermal Imaging Monocular, Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50 2.5-20 Thermal Binocular, Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 Thermal Riflescope, Pulsar Trail 1.6-12.8x42 LRF XP50 Thermal Riflescope, Pulsar Core RXQ30V 1.6-6.4x22mm Thermal Imaging Riflescope, Pulsar Helion XP50 2.5-20x42mm Thermal Imaging Monocular, Pulsar Helion XQ50F 4.1-16.4x Thermal Imaging Monocular, Pulsar Accolade LRF XP50 2.5-20x42 Thermal Binoculars, Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 2.5-20 Thermal Monocular, Pulsar Helion XP38 1.9-15.2x32mm Thermal Imaging Monocular, Pulsar Axion XQ38 3.5-14x32 Thermal Monocular, Pulsar Accolade LRF XQ38 3.1-12.4x32 Thermal Binoculars, Pulsar Trail 2.1-8.4x38 LRF XQ38 Thermal Riflescope, Pulsar Axion LRF XQ38 3.5-14x32 Thermal Monocular, Pulsar Axion Key XM22 2-8x18mm Thermal Imaging Monocular, Pulsar 3.1-12.4x32mm Thermal Imaging Monocular Helion XQ38F, SB Tactical SBM4 Stabilizing Brace for AR Pistol Buffer Tube Platform, ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 4-8x Thermal Rifle Scope, w/ Custom Reticle and FREE QD Mount, ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x Thermal Rifle Scope, w/ Custom Reticle and FREE QD Mount, Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XQ50 Thermal Riflescope, 384 x 288, 50 fps, Black, PL76558, Pulsar Trail 2 LRF Thermal Riflescope Operating Instructions, Pulsar Trail 2 LRF Thermal Riflescope Reticle Sheet, ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 4-8x Thermal Riflescope, Black, TIWSTLT125OP, ATN OPMOD ThOR LT 3-6x Thermal Riflescope, Black, TIWSTLT119OP, TRYBE Defense Multifunctional Headwear - Facemask, Balaclava, Neck Gaiter in One, Grey Digital Camo, TRBBALA-GRY. The Pulsar Trail2 XP50F LRF thermal imaging scope is probably our favourite thermal scope at the moment (as well as Australia's), followed equally by the Pulsar Trail2 XQ50 LRF, & Trail2 XQ38F LRF, depending on application. Capabilities of thermal detector are pushed even further by proprietary software features of PULSAR like Image Detail Boost technology and Observation modes. Shipping costs are not refundable. Return Policy. Thanks to revolutionary electronics, TRAIL 2 LRF can be powered up almost instantly. Of course the APS2, APS3, IPS5 & IPS Pulsar batteries are all available. We know how hard it is when buying a new scope sight unseen - and it is twice as hard when it is new technology like a Pulsar Trail thermal scope. Available on backorder. Picture-in-picture displays a magnified image at the top-center 10% of the overall field of view for precise shot placement. unbelievable what it can do, it probably cuts out 3/4 of the time I would spend on reducing foxes. This can be on a phone or say a tablet mounted on the windscreen. 3.5 - 14 magnification. We want it to be straightforward to use your new Trail2 thermal scope, not a task like learning to reprogram a computer. Learn more about our Also when we get there we never really new what was around, now with the Trail we know within minutes after arriving. 1800m detection. Very straighforward and an easy way to keep your thermal scope up to date with the latest features. Based on the estimated heights of viewed objects, the stadiametric rangefinding reticle makes determining distances with your Pulsar Trail2 fast, easy, reliable and repeatable. These batteries work equally well with your Pulsar Trail and Trail2 thermals scopes - all models including XP50, XP38, XQ50 and XQ38 - and also with your Pulsar Helion and Helion2 thermal scope & Pulsar Accolade and Accolade2 thermal binoculars.


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