Type of Microbolometer               Uncooled, Microbolometer resolution, pixels            384×288, Horizontal Field of view, m @100m          13.1, Max. When mounted on the rifle in front of a rifle-scope, the rear glass is protected by the attachment that connects it to the scope. The Pulsar CORE FXQ series of thermal clip-on thermal imaging attachments are the latest update of the CORE concept, presented at the IWA back in 2015. I tried them all but didn’t really get to see the most optimized setting due to my limited time with the unit. I selected the FXQ50 over its FXQ38 sibling because I wanted to use it with higher-powered telescopic rifle sights, and the FXQ38 is limited to 3x versus 5x on the '50. instead of a designated thermal scope, because I wanted the flexibility to mount it on several rifles (air rifles, rimfires, centerfires) as well as use it as a standalone monocular for observation. One more issue is it easily gets grime and dirt on the lens before the unit and with the magnification of a rifle scope the picture is blurry. The battery life is short, approximately 4 hours. Call it me being a little picky I suppose. With our Hassle-Free Extended Free Value Shipping It has flip up protective lens cap on the front glass. I sometimes found myself having to scroll through the menu and settings while behind the gun which can be extremely difficult unless you have super long arms. When putting the unit into operation, you open the main menu. This optic adds very little in the way of weight and size in return for having a huge advantage of thermal imaging. Again, this unit was designed for the hunter in mind and it’s use as far as that is concerned is pretty cut and dry. In closing, my overall impression of the Pulsar Core FXQ50 is very positive. The Core Thermal unit comes with the following accessories… attachment’s eyepiece, carrying case, hand strap, external power adapter, USB cable, wireless remote control, user manual, cleaning cloth, and warranty card. I did however get to view some animals through it. The unit features three automatic operating modes: “Rocks” (enhanced contrast), “Forest” (low contrast) and “Identification” (improved detail rendering). 9AM-5PM CST Sun (Chat & Email Only). When mounted on a rifle it is hardly noticeable. Adjusting the contrast, brightness, operating mode, and color inversion will optimize the equipment and it does require some time to play with the settings and figure out how best to use them. Please make sure that you've entered a valid question. Ever since my days of using green phosphorus night vision goggles (a completely different animal), I feel that there are better options out there especially with the technology that exists. It can be mounted as a clip-on attachment to add a thermal capability to any daytime rifle-scope. There are different types of thermal imaging devices. It also comes with a rubber eyepiece with shade to help protect the eyepiece when being used in monocular mode. The overall durability and ruggedness of construction is very excellent. observation range of an animal 1.7 m high, m           1800, Shock-proofness, E0, joules (when used with rifled gun) 6000, Mounting brackets on weapon  adapter 40, 42, 50, 56 mm or quick release Weaver, Operating Temperature,°С          – 25 … +50, Level of Protection (acc. could easily exceed that of your day scope or rifle.. At the top end of its range, Pulsar offers two distinct options: the Trail XP50, which bolts to the Picatinny rail on a rifle for dedicated night operations, and the Core FXQ50, a handheld spotter that will also double up as a thermal-capable optic when mounted to the front of your rifle scope. Pulsar also had a better reputation for withstanding recoil/impact than some of the other brands... and it is much less expensive than some equally rugged thermal gear. The Core Thermal unit comes with the following accessories… attachment’s eyepiece, carrying case, hand strap, external power adapter, […] © All rights reserved © 2018 GAT Daily. Also, the unit uses a green AMOLED display. The size and weight of the Core FXQ50 is very light and compact. Absolute junk. to IEC 60529)     IPX7/IPX5 (monocular mode). Reviewed in the United States on March 30, 2018. I will discuss the optic in four categories…Cost, Durability, Size, and Function. I sent it back and ordered a pulsar apex xq38 and it is great! We want to ensure that making a return is as easy as possible! The cost of a thermal-imaging scope. This added to the difficulty of changing setting when behind the gun. Your free subscription includes GAT Daily and specials sent by email in accordance with our trusted Privacy Policy. Fast, FREE delivery, video streaming, music, and much more. So, I waited as the deer moved on to the nearby wood line with what was the rest of the heard. This versatile thermal clipon or thermal riflescope forward as Pulsar calls it, enable the operator to convert their daytime scope into a thermal imaging device. Shop now and get Pulsar Thermal Imaging Monocular Core FXQ50 is compatible with numerous day optics. I thought this was funny because I saw the deer right as my spotter asked me if I seen it. The price is about midrange for thermal optics available in the civilian market. Holiday Returns, eligible orders placed through December 24, 2020 benefit from an extended Enjoy Free Shipping during the holidays! Seeing the thermal targets wasn’t an issue with the Core FXQ50. Those are the trials and tribulations of not truly knowing the equipment as well as I would have liked. I found I wasn’t fast enough selecting and having to restart the menu selection. It also comes with two CR123 3v batteries, as well as an adapter that lets you power the scope via USB (from a battery) or from 6V, again from a battery or power supply, and a micro USB cable. I did a quick scan around the back yard after dark and spotted a cottontail rabbit around 40 yards out. I had to get the scope from eBay though because Amazon doesn't have anything pulsar in stock except for the core. I used night vision 20+ years ago, when enlisted, and wasn't overly impressed back then. The folks at Optics Planet were phenomenal to work with as well, very knowledgeable staff. www.spotterup.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Excellent performance... ideal for hunters with different rifles, or as a monocular for spotting wildlife, varmints, trespassers, Reviewed in the United States on November 28, 2017. : +1-847-513-6201 The use of a thermal imaging device adds a huge advantage to hunters as it eliminates the animal’s ability to conceal themselves in natural vegetation. You will not see the full FXQ screen, just the centermost part (just about all of the vertical above the 'status bar' and about 80% of the horizontal... you lose about 10% of the width), but no big deal at 6.5X.However, you can see the screen just fine, and it looks like there's a little magnification. It weighs 14 ounces without batteries. As I was trying to find my target at around 750 yards, my spotter asks me if I can see the huge deer next to the target. It is 7.4 inches long and a little over 2 inches wide and high. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The wireless remote-control duplicates activation of unit, color inversion and image calibration. I own a Pulsar trail XP50 thermal scope and love it. I've saved and saved for a good dependable thermal scope and chose this unit. Be that as it may, I understand the cost of manufacturing equipment like that and the price difference that results. It can only control 3 functions. Thanks for subscribing to our newsletter! I used automatic calibration, so it does it automatically every so often. Then remount the thermal on my rifle-scope. Thermal monocular, thermal scopes, and thermal clip-on attachments. In fact since this is a clip-on the real trick is how good of a piece of glass it is attached to .I have some scopes that are clear at 15x and beyond with this unit on them . So I'm out an expensive scope for this experiment. We've all seen the footage first from the Gulf War and recently from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and most shooters have lusted after one.


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