It’s kind of like sleep. Breastfeeding is how nature intended us to feed our young. Get acquainted with 15 most common pros and cons of breastfeeding. Here are the pros and cons of it. Many people have personally told me that breast milk after one year is equivalent to water, it holds no nutritional value. 1. I am a stay at home mom of a 15-month-old baby girl and I could opt for extended breastfeeding. This is a real life post where I tell you how I truly feel about it. Extended Breastfeeding Pros and Cons. This is not based on any scientific research of how good or bad is extended breastfeeding, just a list of pros and cons I felt from my personal experience. Now, one good way to gain our own insight on this matter is to take a closer look at its pros and cons. Breastfeeding after the one-year milestone is not quite common, and it has become a subject of debates trying to find out whether it is good for the mother and child as a whole, or not. If a mother chooses to nurse her child when they are over 2 years old, she is taking part in extended breastfeeding. Extended Breastfeeding Cons. In some societies it is much more common than others, and the practice is actually recommended by many experts on children's health and development. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of extended breastfeeding. Extended breastfeeding, also called long-term breastfeeding, is usually defined as continuing to breastfeed a child for longer than one year. Attachment parenting – and especially the extended breastfeeding that goes with it – has everyone talking today after Time magazine featured a cover photo of a mother breastfeeding … Breastfeeding: Pros And Cons Of Doing It For A Long Period. Extended Breastfeeding Pros and Cons February 20, 2018 5:42 pm by Alexia Merin Views: 113 As long as possible breastfeeding has numerous health benefits for the child – However, long-term breastfeeding is rather low in Germany and partly also a controversial topic. It is recommended that we breastfeed our children for no less than 6 months as breast milk helps aid in the healthy growth and development in the early years. We’ve already talked about many of the pros of extended breastfeeding. The benefits of breastfeeding are undoubtful but there is always other side of the coin. The Pros & Cons Of Extended Breastfeeding June 7, 2018 April 1, 2019 The process of breastfeeding always amazes me on the wonders and how strong a woman’s body is. The longer you breastfeed, the harder it will be to wean if you decide to stop. List of Pros of Extended Breastfeeding. Let’s talk about the cons, because it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding Nutrition. Extended breastfeeding has been taboo for many years, but fortunately, the tide seems to be turning. The benefits are many, but there are some mothers who choose to continue extended breastfeeding. In many countries around the world, the image of nursing toddlers is a common sight. The pros and cons of extended breastfeeding *This is a guest post . The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that mothers breastfeed their babies for the first year of life. 10 Pro: Can Keep Mom From Getting Sick. These children are not going to be “traumatized” or “need therapy” later in life. But I know and can back it up with evidence that this is untrue. Celebrities such as Mayim Bialik, Salma Hayek, … If you were to write a list of pros and cons, the benefits of extended breastfeeding far outweigh the socially perceived “negative” aspects of doing so.


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