Lord I come before you today I need your healing power to heal my loved one – that they may recover from a successful surgery. Thank You for giving them sharp minds and calm hearts so that they can perform the operation without causing harm to my body. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What needs to go right? With a fast recovery. Be with the surgical team and all those who will interact with ____. I could barely move my finger so I called for an appointment with my physician. I believe that there is no disease more powerful than Your Name, God. How did God answer? Please remove my anxiety about my upcoming surgery. We ask you to be with _____ as they go into surgery and fill them with peace and hope. For someone unfamiliar with the world of medicine and surgery, prayers for someone having surgery can be daunting. EQUIPPING believers to go deeper in the disciple life through retreats, Bible studies, and one-on-one disciplining All of the above. Begone, in the name of Jesus. These short powerful prayers for surgery to go well will help to bring the Lord’s covering to you for your protection. Instead, I was referred to a hand surgeon, told to cancel all international travel, and scheduled for urgent surgery the next day. Prayer for surgery Gathered together on this page are a number of prayers for those who are currently awaiting surgery. 4 Biblical Ways You Need To Know. Thank You for another chance at life that I may continue to serve You and give glory to Your Name. Recovery from surgery is often the most challenging part. Prayers for surgery. I wasn’t a very good snapper before surgery so it wasn’t much of a loss. Praying for a successful surgery can help calm anxiety and nerves before the operation. Give the doctors, skills, and guidance at all times to do their job and for everything to be successful. Bless me with all your love, and give me the ability to move forward, fill me with health and strength. Turn your face towards me and give me peace. Christina. Prayer Before Surgery. Updated on 22/03/2020. Have you experienced answered prayers for surgery? How will surgery affect their role as caregiver, parent, spouse, employee, wage earner? Pour out, thy healing Angels, thy heavenly host upon me, and upon those that I love, let me feel the beam of thy healing Angels upon me. Today I ask you to protect me with your cloak and fill me with great strength, patience, and wisdom so that I can accomplish all that I need in this procedure. When we or someone we love has to undergo surgery, it is inevitable to feel fear and distress. I am asking for You to be with me as I face this upcoming operation and keep my heart calm. Help me to live my life in accordance with Your will. As a physician, I knew surgery never comes with guarantees especially if severe infection is already present. For listening to me and always taking me by the hand to fight all adversities. I was scheduled to help with a meal at the church after the morning service, so I arrived early and asked the first person I saw, an elder, to pray for my hand. Mostly. After the surgery is done, thank You, God, for You will grant me restored health. Trusting in the Lord through prayer makes us feel less nervous and calmer. A complication-free procedure requires all the elements to work together. Your word says that I do not need to be anxious about anything, but in every situation, I should present my requests to God. Heavenly Father, thank you that you are my ever-present help in times of trouble. These prayers will give you peace and bring the Lord’s covering to you. In your name I pray amen. We do well to pray against complications. Heavenly Father, You know that I am having to face some invasive and unpleasant surgery and I come to You to ask You to keep my mind looking to Jesus and not to be anxious about anything, but be prepared to leave all things into Your gracious and willing hands. Father God, as I fall into unconsciousness under the anesthetic, and as parts of my body are put under the surgeons’ knives, continue to touch me with Your healing hand. SUPPORTING missionaries through prayer and encouragement and connecting senior adults in long-term care facilities with missionaries in the field as prayer partners. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I wanted comprehensive prayer about everything that concerned me and the surgery. I pray for my friend's husband who is having a heart procedure today. I had far too much going on to deal with hospitalization and an operation. Ministry. In Jesus’ name, I rebuke this illness inside my body. He requires faith in the One to whom we pray, prayers according to His will, and confidence that He not only hears but will answer. Keep reading to learn five areas to include in your prayers. Because it was the first day of Vacation Bible School and I was the mission teacher I wanted antibiotics and a recheck a few days later. Prayer for surgery. Give me your hand to strengthen me and make me feel better, healthier, and stronger, because with you, my Lord, I will be able to resist any adversity in the name of the Lord. Bleeding was minimal but I covered the wound with a Band-Aid and went about my evening with no worries about the puncture. Lord, bless me and keep me, make your face shine upon me. Below, you will find powerful prayers for successful surgery.


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