Thank goodness for personalization. Similar to Facebook, Linkedin provides me with a personalized homepage of updates and links from my business contacts that I’ve made connections with via the app. • Advertising When you start to build campaigns based on the platform your customers are using, their level of familiarity with your business, and the specific interests they’ve expressed, you’ll naturally begin to see higher open rates and conversions. Netflix has become a mainstay for my family when it comes to consuming movies and television. So after they’ve clicked your personalized content, they also receive a web experience that continues to meet their needs and guide them through a personalized conversion funnel. If you want to help improve the song recommendations, you can thumbs up or thumbs down a song. To see all five marketing must-dos, download the free eBook below: • Google My Business Thank goodness for personalization. It shows me the posts that it thinks are most relevant to what and whom I want to see. Similar to Bombfell but for women, Stitch Fix uses the information you provide about your size, shape, and personal style, compare it against others in the system, and then a stylist selects outfits that you receive in the mail. Mass marketing techniques are out. As you can imagine, I have quite a bit of interest in the world of online marketing. • Marketing Strategies Examples of Personalized Content 1. Here are some examples of websites and apps that are already leveraging their data to provide personalized experiences that you’re likely using: With a seemingly limitless product database, finding what you want on Amazon can be quite difficult. When it comes to informing viewers as to why and how they are personalizing content, they are one of the most adept. Learn more about Matt’s versatile writing services at It will become commonplace for all website owners to create data-driven online experiences that are tailored to your specific interests, based on your previous actions. They separate it out … content is a way to connect with your audience on a deeper level, Email Marketing for Small Business Owners, 5-Step Guide to Writing Killer Website Content. Right on the homepage, it’s analyzing my previous behavior and promoting products that it thinks I might want. One of the best ways to do this is by sending them special coupons for their birthday or 1-year anniversary. You want to deliver valuable content as it relates directly to individual consumers, but you want to do so by using a tone that resonates with them. As a result, when you show your target audience exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll be more inclined to stick around and potentially become a paying customer. If you’re looking for a way to further aid your personalized content strategy, consider using targeted advertising. Here’s an ad for an inbound marketing audit that I received while reading an article in the Washington Post. Drop it in the comments. Amazon . This is one of the most cost-effective ways to immediately begin implementing personalized content into your marketing strategy. In a personalized thank you video sent to their donors , they not only thank them for their contributions that are helping people in need but also act as a strong solidifier of the decision to donate and acts as a reminder of the good they are doing by donating. While a lot of creating personalized content is based on different segments of your target market, the language you use when creating the content is also very important. When I go to a men’s clothing store, my eyes glaze over looking at all the possibilities. You can also use calendar reminders to keep up with customer birthdays, anniversaries, follow-ups, and just about anything else that keeps you in contact with them on a more personal level. When you connect with your audience on a more personal level, naturally your engagement will go up, but so will the positive experiences that consumers are having with your brand. When visitors opt in to an OptinMonster campaign, you can use email retargeting to send them personalized offers that they can access when they visit your site.. For example, when they return to your site, you can display specific campaigns for specific product categories by using page-level targeting. For more help with email marketing, download our free eBook: Looking for more help with content? You provide them with a song or artist you love and it’ll find like songs and play them for you. It gives me a very personalized newsfeed of what’s happening with my friends and groups. Spotify has a massive collection of music that you can choose from and listen to. Whether or not you’re familiar with this new trend, in this article, we’re going to explore some simple ways you can begin personalizing your brand’s content to stand out from competitors and grab the attention of your target market. Brainstorm some jargon and conversational phrases that you can pepper into emails to make them feel more personal while staying true to your brand’s voice. With a seemingly limitless product database, finding what you want on Amazon can be quite difficult. Oracle and Java are registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates.Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners. • Social Media, Your email address will not be published. Plug in the specific demographics, interests, and behaviors of the segment your targeting and let your ads do all of the hard work while you collect interested potentials. It’s just right there. Let’s be honest. Bombfell leverages data that you provide via a style survey, compares it against other subscribers, and then with the help of a personal stylist, ships packages to its customers with styled outfits personalized to your taste, shape, and size. As consumer needs continue to move the world of online business forward, the era of mass marketing is beginning to come to an end. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. • SEO Technology promises to help in multiple ways. No matter how broad or narrow your target audience is, you can always do more segmenting based on demographic factors, where they are in the sales funnel, how long they’ve been a customer, and what level of interest they’ve expressed in your brand. When potential customers are landing on your page for the first time, having a live chat or popup that greets them can help create a positive first impression. Amazon does a nice job of showing that this section is personalized content. Sadly, many companies end up following the standard personalization practices. Personalized content is the content on a website that changes depending on the person who is visiting the website. Top Content Personalization Examples: Netflix Uses Algorithms To Recommend Videos Netflix uses algorithms to recommend videos. Now, here are some examples of personalized marketing in eCommerce: Deliver Weather-Sensitive Personalization; Adjust Navigation to Visitors’ Interests; Recommend Product Categories Based on Browsing Behavior; Personalize Search Results; Send Personalized Email Based on User Behavior; Use Geo-Location Targeting; Show Category-Specific Discount Coupons I had recently been on their site and was getting re-targeted with an ad for their app while I was on Tech Cocktail’s website. For a great example of personalization in action, check out how Optimizely uses personalized content to provide a unique experience based on the knowledge that a visitor is a Microsoft customer. Customers love to feel remembered by a brand even after they’ve made a purchase. You just want to hit play and listen to music you’ll love. If you have an eBook that customers can download or a free course that they can take, one of the best ways to implement personalized content is by structuring an email campaign around the topics covered in the eBook or course. The most common example is a website that displays local weather or news. Instead, retail customers expect personalized communications and products tailored to their individual preferences. Also, international visitors automatically get product … You can also ask them to complete a survey to show them you value their feedback. Another wonderful example of using personalized video content comes from the team at Oxfam. All rights reserved. Personalized content, on the other hand, grabs the attention of visitors by showing them content that has the highest probability of holding their interest. Even for customers that have already bought your product or service, a simple “how are you enjoying your product?” email can work wonders and increase the chances of repeat business. Personalized experiences are what modern consumers are coming to expect rather than the same article or email campaign that’s sent out to the masses. 10 Tips to Get More Followers for Your Site, 4 Top Trending Fonts for Graphic Designers, Introducing Audience Targeting: Target Your Website Visitors Like Never Before, Minneapolis Running: Using Audience Targeting to Better Engage Their Visitors, Steps to Buying a Car in the Digital Age [Infographic]. Personalized content is just one of our 2018 Marketing Must-Dos. With an incredible inventory of content, Netflix uses the types of content that I’ve consumed in the past and how I’ve rated different shows to figure out what I might like and make recommendations.


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