These soils feature gray colors near the surface and often have thick, black surface layers, although some have thin or light-colored surfaces that indicate they were formed under forest vegetation. Perc test results are usually given in minutes per inch – that is how may minutes it takes for water in the saturated test hole to drop one inch. When a soil is frequently saturated (poorly drained), the iron is dissolved and leached away, leaving a gray color that is the base color of the soil particles. In the real world, digging a soil pecolation test hole with a backhoe does not produce a perfectly rectangular opening with a perfecly-flat bottom of un-disturbed soil. 0 Quoting from Amazon's description: "International Private Sewage Disposal Code," 1995, BOCA-708-799-2300, ICBO-310-699-0541, SBCCI 205-591-1853, available from those code associations. pea gravel or HPB, not 'screenings' or 'crusher run'. ", National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) 2015 Onsite Wastewater Mega-Conference, Virginia Beach, VA, USA, November 3-6, 2015, Registered Onsite Wastewater Professional Program BC, PERCOLATION TEST PROCEDURE & FORM (2016),,, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, Study paper bags (or similar craft paper). h�b``�g``Z� j���Y8������Q���˸c{��>�U�������� Ӫ9B3݀kfb`�ɇ�\�pQ6W~�ZF� � r If the water is flowing, it may carry the effluent Brown, yellowish, or reddish colors are mainly the result of precipitated iron (essentially rust) that coats soil particles. The term “redox” comes from a combination of the terms “reduction” and “oxidation”, that are natural chemical/biological processes affecting iron and other minerals in the soil. Advanced Onsite Wastewater Systems Technologies, Anish R. Jantrania, Mark A. Bright soil colors combined with high and/or sloping landscape position generally indicate a drainage class of moderately well or better. Results. Applicants should submit the test results include testing of side wall if the disposal system will be more than three feet below the ground holes to a minimum depth as required by Environmental Health Officer, Leaving the excavated material for inspection. Written for designers and engineers, this book is not at all easy going for homeowners but is a text I recommend for professionals--DF. Somewhat excessively and excessively drained soils usually combine these features with high contents of sand and/or gravel. Slopes often change rapidly over a short distance. If a site disturbance must be minimized, this test can be performed in a small augered well. Place a piece of white plastic or similar provided with clear marks at 12.5 and 15 cm (5" and 6") from the bottom of the test hole prior to adding the gravel. Each of these master horizons can be subdivided if characteristics within them vary (for example, A1 and A2). Repeat the procedure until the last 2 rates of fall do not vary more than 2 minutes or by more than 10% (whichever is less). These colors generally indicate good internal soil drainage. Classes of consistence include very friable (vfr), friable (fr), firm (fi), very firm (vfi), and extremely firm (xfi). University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. (2015). Open the tube until the paper is in contact with the sidewalls of the test hole, then roll the top of the tube over to stiffen it. If a site disturbance must be minimized, this test can be performed in a small augered well. When the system is registered, keep a copy of the registration form with soil percolation data. - San Bernadino soil perc test specifications, cited below. "Manual of Policy, Procedures, and Guidelines for Onsite Sewage Systems," Ontario Reg. Typically, test holes are dug at each end of the area of the infiltration facility and near the centerline. | Specifications and guidelines for soil percolation testing.


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