Patriarchy is a social system in which men hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property. Many now cite the successes of women in education in terms of the number of women obtaining college or postgraduate degrees. Same ideology is adopted by the patriarchy where the females are manipulated, convinced and imposed, since birth, with the idea that males are meant to get higher education, more exposure, good jobs and are entrusted with the responsibility of becoming the breadwinner for the family while the female are meant to deliver babies, care and nurture them, run household chores and have an optimum level of education just fair enough for the husband to boast for an educated wife with no intent of making a job out of it. However, only after participating in the Youth Advocacy Institute (YAI) organized by Youth CAN, I was able to comprehend that this ethically erroneous patriarchal mentality does not just apply to power, politics, social responsibility and authority interest, but it has also been rooted into the very basic needs of our modern civilization – EDUCATION. Part of Springer Nature. The boy grows up to become academically sound, verbally frank and entrusted with the responsibility of getting higher grades and a good job so that he can marry and take care of his wife and family in future, while the daughter grows up with good cooking skills, caring and touchy emotions, a shy nature, a beautiful face and an alluring physique along with an academic degree fair enough to be a suitable bride in the community. The subtle (and not so subtle) sexism in the American workplace is embedded in our daily lives and will not disappear until we confront the root cause - patriarchy. It seems that attempts to eradicate gender discrimination in any society will not succeed wit hout first identifying deep-rooted Patriarchy – is a “ family or society in which authority is vested in males, through whom decent and inheritance are traced” According to Wikipedia – “Patriarchy is a androcentric social system in which the role of the gather is central to social organization, and where fathers hold authority over women, children and … Yet most men do not use the word "patriarchy" in everyday life. As they grow up, girls are restricted from indulging in activities like sports, adventure, advocacy and competitions. Posted Dec 11, 2016 People in society are taught male patriarchy through education , male dominance is enforced and a masculine view of the world is presented to children, this is shown through the gendered subjects and the teacher treatment of male and female … Let’s take an oath that until equal sex ratio will just not be limited for census, but administered into every field of interest, our perseverance for fight against this patriarchy will continue. Patriarchy | rss | more > Patriarchy: A New Legalism? Neither the daughter complains of her inferior treatment nor does the son thinks that he is being privileged. Most societies are still mostly patriarchal, in fact. INTERNATIONAL DAY OF GIRL CHILD: EMPOWERING GIRLS, Sexual and Reproductive health and rights. Patriarchy In Education. This disparity is especially prevalent in strongly patriarchal, or male-dominated, nations. This research essay saves to discuss the notion of patriarchy with reference to Zimbabwean Primary Schools. Unable to display preview. This will be done primarily through a study of relevant literature on gender discrimination in South African education. This is a preview of subscription content,, Palgrave Social & Cultural Studies Collection. Feminist writers claim American society is fundamentally flawed because of “patriarchy.” Whether by accident or design, this claim coincides with the Marxist goal to destroy the concept of family. Patriarchy is an ideology in which the sole authority is vested with just one gender i.e. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The patriarchy is a social system that values masculinity over femininity. As women enter the workforce, they are already entering an unequal landscape, an ecosystem that has traditionally been structured for men to succeed in.This is true even for the most privileged, educated women. Hegemony theory and the notion of cultural reproduction have engaged the attention of feminists for a number of reasons. The male students expressed that Berrick seemed to know a lot and therefore must have more experience. For higher studies, the boy as decided at his birth, is expected, convinced or even forced to pursue the tough competition of MBBS, Engineering, CA or some other noble professions irrespective of his academic potential. In the Caribbean, there is a surprisingly low level of gender inequality in education, with literacy rates for both men and women comparable to those in The biasness enforces these two siblings, born from same parents, to lead a very different life. education opportunities of girls’ and women, thereby helping to solidify male domination. The first of these is the perceived shortcomings of contemporary Marxism. Unlike boys, the girls are not allowed to roam outside the house for a long, they are also suggested to be shy, soft spoken and not have much interaction with new people. male, leaving behind all others in exploitation and deprivation. Patriarchy, hypothetical social system in which the father or a male elder has absolute authority over the family group; by extension, one or more men (as in a council) exert absolute authority over the community as a whole. Change ), ACCESS AND BARRIERS TO ABORTION IN NEPAL: PROVIDERS PERSPECTIVE. Text preview of this essay: This page of the essay has 421 words. International Phonetic Alphabet. If we observe the journey of these two siblings, acknowledging the biasness in all the opportunities and privilege they received since birth, it does not come as a matter of surprise that we have a mismatched sex ratio in education with a far less number of female making it to the top of the competition or applying for a tough job or grabbing a higher position in a firm. The research problem of this study is articulated through the following research questions: how do female academics experience patriarchy? Author: Morgan Malley . It literally means, ABSTRACT the rule of the father. ( Log Out / 


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