I have pastor acquaintances who never go to the hospitals or darken the door of a church member’s home. This is an act of nurture and care which can be a great encouragement to parishioners provided it is not the only contact they have with the pastor or congregation. Be reasonable with your goals. Convince the marker of the theological viability of the pastoral skills and methods being discussed. Thus it enhances both pastors and members to a better knowledge of God and them selves. "For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him" (John 3:17). This action was long in coming. Ministers need to rediscover themselves by asking, "Who am I and what is a pastor?" Each day their minds are bombarded with unwelcome ideas. It is a beautiful picture, and so instructive for the pastoral carer, as most of the elements of pastoral care after a loss are there. If you're a print subscriber, we'll complement your print copy of Ministry with an electronic version. Without a deep personal experience with God, pastors cannot make meaningful visits. Visiting in the home helps with this. Retired North American Division president Charles Bradford loves to say that a home-going pastor makes for a churchgoing people. That would be the equivalent of missing the trees for the forest (if that’s a thing). 4-6. As Jesus noted, a good shepherd would personally guard the gate to the sheepfold. Furthermore, this strange alliance Christianity seems to have made with Santa Claus keeps the holiday in the secular vernacular. On the practical side, you may make your way to a member's home only to discover that the member is not there or not in a position to welcome you. Seventh-day Adventists believe in inspiring those around us to experience a life of wholeness and hope for an eternal future with God. 5 Philip Keller, The Inspirational Writings(New York: Inspirational Press, 1993), 115. It is, of course, necessary occasionally for pastoral visitation to be made to the counselee in their places of work and/or leisure because this is also part of their own environment where they will feel more at ease than in a one-to-one encounter in the pastor’s office. * In Jesus Christ the transcendent God became immanent and one with us. Pastors also can encourage members to visit one another. Therefore pastoral visitation should not be seen as a time for counseling but as “simple, symbolically rich opportunities for being present …..in a concerned and supportive way”. Another benefit of pastoral visitation is that it helps in building warm, caring relationships. Thanks for these insights, Alan, they’re really helpful. The advantages and legitimate functions of pastoral counseling, How the pastor may respond to substance abuse, A biblical view of the causes, evaluation, and goals in counseling couples, The need to "preach in stereo" in the contemporary world, Enriching our funeral and funeral home ministry. "Have been there for over fifteen years. The meeting will focus on the role, responsibilities, and expectations the Pastor/Pastoral Coordinator/ Administrator may have during the … Visitation protects us from living a sheltered life. Provide significant evidence of reading of substantial course texts. I’m naturally an introvert and a type A (a bad combination). Gerkin (1997, 23) says, “Pastoral care as we know it today did not spring forth out of the shallow soil of recent experience. In fact, after Adam and Eve fell it was God who took the initiative in seeking them (see Gen. 3:8, 9). 13. While preparing for another visit, I noticed a woman in her fifties whose warm smile and eye contact invited me to introduce myself as a member of the pastoral care team. Had I concentrated and focused more on him and his concerns, and not so much on my own, I could have been more helpful. 2. Every pastor of whatever title should be a part of the church’s visitation ministry. It’s a total encouragement. This used not to be a question. He shows that there is a vital sense in which the ideas of visitation and shepherding are connected, and they reflect God’s concern for his people. alcohol or drugs, sexual abuse etc.) Jesus came to bear our weaknesses and carry our sorrows, giving His life for our salvation. Pastoral ministry is hard and pastors need encouragement. Then there is the matter of time. Afterward, I reflect and evaluate each visit as to whether I have been caring. Another form of follow-up ministry is simply the sending of birthday or other type of anniversary cards. McMinn and T.R. Assn., 1946), p. 438. Many pastors call on parishioners unannounced, believing that setting an appointment robs the visit of its spontaneity and them of their flexibility. Many mistakes have been made, and all these at the expense of the one most in need, the counselee. And our Sunday School teachers do. That’s not healthy for any church or any pastor (as the church growth movement has rightly pointed out). "1 Christ also showed how important visitation was by placing it among other acts of kindness and benevolence that would separate the sheep from the goats in the final great assize (see Matt. These encounters don’t need to be realised in people’s homes, but often that is the best location of all. Communicate in both demeanor and words that you are not there to judge, condemn, or embarrass. Let them know that that isn't so. If you have over 75 members then you probably find it hard to keep up with everyone. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. “One of the most important ways that pastors differ from mental health professionals is that pastors have the freedom, indeed the obligation, to intervene in the lives of troubled souls within their congregations…..One of the reasons why people are in trouble is that they cannot take that first long step toward admitting that they need help” (Willimon 2002, 177). 14. People not only need to know that their pastor will be visiting with them, but also why he or she is coming. Gratitude for Faithful OthersPAUL MORRISON, Editorial – In All Circumstances: A Theology of GratitudeTODD WILSON, The Way of Jesus in a Divided NationKRISTEN DEEDE JOHNSON, The Article by Which the Church Stands in the GospelPHIL ANDERAS. Erik Raymond is the senior pastor at Redeemer Fellowship Church in Metro Boston. My family is reading the Gospel of Luke this month, and my kids observed the parallelism between the sending out of the Twelve and the Seventy, and they quickly understood the importance of teamwork. 2. Further, Patton (1990, 537) observes that a pastoral visit to a patient in hospital “should ordinarily not be very long; fifteen or twenty minutes is often sufficient, and more can easily become a burden to the patient”. To do so even with out revealing names is to destroy trust and confidence that members have in you. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.


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