Gum Gum (ガム, Gamu) is a main and playable character and overall deuteragonist in the Jet Set Radio series. ; The Cameo: In Sega Superstars series: In Sega Superstars Tennis appears as a spectator at the Jet Set Radio court, and in Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed appears on an unlockable sticker in this game. She wears light cool grey gloves with a four-pointed star emblem on them. The Doom Riders wear jackets, helmets and scarves. Gum’s background before joining graffiti gang is receiving short training mission along with Tab, another main character of. Unlock the Love Shockers. Besides those three main characters, there are also some of characters that playable in this game, including Combo, who stands for the giant boombox on his shoulder, Cube, who joins the GG’s along with his friend Combo, DJ professor K, a DJ in Tokyo-To’s premier radio station, Garam, Mew, Pirahna, and Yoyo. Administrivia/Pages Needing Transparent Images. Another lead character is Gum. Love it. Trending pages. Popular Quizzes Today. Along with Gum, Tab was doing short training mission before joining to the gang. She is very loyal and will treat her allies and friends with the upmost respect. ===== JET SET RADIO FUTURE Character FAQ ----- PLATFORM - XBOX PLAYERS - 1 TO 4 CREATED BY - Sega ----- FAST FIND: (Macintosh) To find things quickly in this guide using an Apple Mac, press Command + F and type in any of the names in the contents below. In Jet Set Radio future, you meet him in the sewers before you face Poison Jam. She, alongside Corn, is an original member of the GG's and … Jazz, I LOVED Jazz. My favorite to play as in JSR is the Noise Tank. I'm in love with those game so much and one of my favorite things ab this game is I can't even pick a favorite character because they all are so interesting and cool! I like Slate, Beat and Gum, personally (from the original, I didnt like future as much). It was chosen among other potential palettes by the backers of the DLC in a poll. Garam is a playable character in the jet grind radio series. New jsr fan here! Each of those characters plays a role in the plot of this game, where you need to fight the government that known as Rokkaku Police. Red answers are normal characters, green answers are unlock-able characters. My faves are YoYo, Beat, Cube, Garam, and Jazz. Click the 'H' Things! Gum also appears on an unlockable sticker in this game, obtained for winning an event in the Shibuya Downtown stage while playing as her. Gum on a sticker in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed, with her small signature graffiti in the background. This includes unlock-able characters in 'Jet' mode. Leader role? She, alongside Corn, is an original member of the GG's and a loyal friend to her allies, including Professor K and Beat. From now on Professor K from Jet Set Radio can be chosen as a playable character. Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . QUICK! Professor K. In this game, she has a green tattoo on the left leg, saying "Gum" in Japanese, which is in reference to the same tattoo that is shown in her original Jet Set Radio appearance, though the tattoo was originally placed closer to her inner thigh. He appears in the Jet Set Radio minigame, grinding and throwing spray cans to the player, which are needed to complete tags on the court. Gum dancing in the Garage in Jet Set Radio HD. Her blonde hair pokes out from the front, curling under her eyes along her cheekbones, and out the back down her neck. Jet Set Radio > General Discussions > Topic Details. Gum appears in both Jet Set Radio, and Jet Set Radio Future. Height Her All-Star theme is a remix of Let Mom Sleep. See results from the Jet Set/Grind Radio Playable Characters Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Known as Jet Grind Radio in North America, this game actually also released for other platform as well, including the 2D version on Game Boy Advance that developed by Vicarious Visions and on the Xbox console and named of Jet Set Radio Future. Tab is the next Jet Set Radio character, which is also a member of the GG’s. In the Jet Set sequel, Tab is also known as Corn. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Age He is only seventeen years old but already joined a street gang in Shibuya after ran away from his home in Fukowoka. Demoted to Extra: In JSR, Combo is a narrator and main character … Regarding appearance, Beat wears orange t-shirt with Japanese letters on it and black pants. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the JetSetRadio community, Press J to jump to the feed. Gum's Maximum Health, Cans Held, and Starting Graffiti Challenge - 180 Counter Clockwise then 180 Clockwise, Tutorial Stage (JSR); Start of Game (JSRF). Category page. Like most other characters, Gum’s voice actress was never specified in the end credits. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Contributed By: Zool. Gum appeared as a playable rare green hero in the canceled mobile game, SEGA Heroes. Only six teen years old, Tab is already become one of the GG’s most skilled taggers, which is the best choice for beginners on this game. Tutorial Stage (JSR); Start of Game (JSRF). Non-Playable Characters. I definitely agree! New jsr fan here! Gum is an upbeat, cocky, sarcastic and charismatic teenager who has a talent for graffiti art. Gum first appears in Campaign as a clone, who must be fought off by the heroes, which confuses Beat. Besides as the main member of the GGs, Gum also helped Beat to form the foundation of their gang. Quiz by HelveticaBold . 1 0. Her skates are dark and light grey with green and yellow detail.


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