2 0 obj - not bottles! Phone: +1-866-978-0288, All the content is user posted and exporthub shall not be held accountable for any offers, company profiles, products, images and other content posted by the user. Old oil often has an acrid, rancid smell. We are happy to change this to a different format if required. Sean Choi / Marketing Director TS International Toronto,Canada1-416-999-2322, My name is Miguel Benejam, Assistant Purchasing Manager at MCV Enterprises & Associates, Inc.We want to buy large amounts of Used Vegetable Cooking Oil for manufacturing Biodiesel fuel. These are the specifications for the UCO we want to buy:Free Fatty Acids (FFA) 3% max.MIU (Moisture, Insolubles & Unsaponifiables) 0.1% max.Iodine Value (IV) 120 min.Target price: USD 400/MT CNF Mobile. Scientists f, Plastics and Environmental Health: The Road Ahead, Most advances of human society over the past century have been facilitated by the use of plastics. Please advise the possibility of such supplies. The supply should be made either in a 20 FLEXITANK CONTAINER or in DRUMS in an ordinary 20 fcl. Signup Successful! Special characters and numbers are not allowed. By agreeing to our privacy policy, you consent to the use of our cookies. )��c��}���V�(�u(?R� _&��S����ʏ0��^�gdw�~�f��)������j���0f���ǪON�Ws �[ ���m���C[/X�= ,��? However the oil must be filtered to 5 abs and contain no mineral oil or derivatives. (60 MT).Upon successful completion of the trial, we will offer your company a yearly contract with annual rollovers gradually increasing the quantity to 2000 MT/month. x���_��8����S�� �,Q��F�=��6� ~X�ͻk}�y��w2Ή� �TU��]4p;�B���dR������������������v���Ϗ���ǿ�4>��ן��m~l������V��v����O���(������gx;�co���o�8n�W��m�Bc��R��ydyV�ϻ.�c.��1�8��Ͽ�[yV$��e��ߧ����Sy�����Y�@�L����,ο/��}z������;����J�� G�A��|l�G���˸��Q��WW�Y��fo��f>�no�+gN^����3���� �LX�چ��r`���w�$�-��I�PO,&���Ƅ��p�@~�b��bf۱�*�شNr�"�G*6PO,����Q��;lн�@~�"����tG�K��56��n�#�P�=l���{�BҏR$��:���@. Palm Kernel Oil Palm kernel oil is laurate (12:0)-rich, has many industrial uses, especially soap production, and is gradually replacing coconut oil as the main laurate-enriched oil. The Discovery Palm kernel oil, which is semi-solid at room temperature , is more saturated than palm oil and comparable to coconut oil. In fact, it woul, Join Us to Access Thousands of Suppliers & Buyers. Please enter at least 10 characters and not more than 20000. Buyer opens L/C in favor of Seller.6. A typical specification would be : Mixed/blended waste vegetable oil FFA 10% max (likely to be less) MIU (moisture + impurities) 8% max (likely to be less) Saponification 152-228m koh/g (more likely to be 190) Iodine value 80-120 Melting point (titre) 26-28 0C (more likely to be 27 0C) Filtration 5 microns abs So far we have obtained 20, 000MT per month for various sources but need at least another 85, 000 MT per month. We do not pay up front fees but pay when the oil is past customs with proper export paperwork and has been inspected by SGS or one of our own agents. The contracts we are signing are based on 12 months fixed price and a formula for changing the annual price based on an agreed formula with the sellers. Buyer reports a result of sample and Buyer/Seller agree to all conditions.4. Seller makes a shipment and collects a fund from Bank. Those firms operating in it are going to see a huge boost in the sales. The oils must only be heated by a few °C per day, otherwise the risk of rancidity and other negative changes arises. The raw materials used for soap boiling are vegetable oils and tallows. questions- your price, spec and company information- From which kinds of oils is your UCO made?- If you mix several kinds of oil, can you make sure that the specification is always stable and/or consistent?- If we order 3,000-5,000MT once, can you ship it by oil tank vessel ? First delivery will be each oil one container next order 2 containers per month Shipping is in flexitanks! %PDF-1.4 %äüöß (please specify the price for flexi containers supply and new/used drums supply)-Loading capacity in a 20 flexitank container and in 20 fcl in drums-oils specification.Thank You in advance for Your kind answer.Best regardsAlexander PolitukhaTel: +0038-057-7837169/70/71/90/91Fax: +0038-057-7837050E-mail: xxxxx tallows, palm oil, palm-kernel oil, palm stearine Tallow, palm oil, palm-kernel oil, palm stearine, Dear sirs, We are interested in vegetable oils for industrial purpose.Please send us your offers.-price (CIF Thesalloniki port-Greece)-quantity per week or per month-quality standard specificationsBest Demetra Filippou cooking oil,used cooking oil vegetable oil, Dear Sir, My name is Eng.Mohamed Sallam, i am from Egypt, My Company Name is Royalin Traders Co. , our company is looking for supplier who can supply used cooking oil under our Specs shown below, the minimum quantity requirement is 5000 MT each month and the destination to all European countries and for a best price not more than 200 USD per MT CIF and this Quantity above it will increase after few months to 20000MT per month if you can Afford.The payment method will be 25 % LC transferred into Sellers account after receiving shipment documents and the rest will be 75% LC after the delivery of the shipment to the destination port and specs acceptedThe price is CIF to the discharge port and with a contract between my company and yours for minimum 5 yearsThere will be a trail order 23MT for one time only when signing the contract to check the specs required and the process is going on the right way 1.1. Please enter your buying/selling products, signuppage.SignUpPagePleaseenteryourproductsbuyer, Tallows, Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil And Etc, Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos - Fibes, Stockholmsmässan - Stockholm International Fairs, Parc des expositions de la Foire de la Haute-Savoie Mont-Blanc, São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, Dubai World Trade Centre (Dubai Exhibition Centre), tallows, palm oil, palm kernel oil and etc Importers, Buy Vegetable cooking oil, Corn Oil, bulk vegetable oils, buy used cooking oil, waste vegetable oil for biodiesel, MERCATO DEI VINI DEI VIGNAIOLI INDIPENDENTI. Powered by ExportHub LLC | Copyright © 2020 ExportHub.com. A verification email has also been sent to your email address. to draw samples from each container at Country of Origin, seal the containers and conduct chemical analysis of the samples. Our clients are biorefineries we work with and they will buy very large amounts of these oils and we will treat them. Leaking oil leads to massive contamination and may make whole cargoes unusable. 世界大百科事典 第2版 - palm kernel oilの用語解説 - 果肉から採った油をパーム油と呼びマーガリン,セッケンの原料とするほか切削油,さび止め油などにも使われる。種子から採った油はカーネル油(パーム核油palm kernel oil)と呼び,パーム油とは成分や物理特性が異なる。 At the moment we are looking for the supplier of COCONUT OIL, PALMKERNEL OIL, BEEF TALLOWS and other. Please enter at least 10 characters and not more than 20000 . Palm kernel oil forms a eutectic with palm oil in a mixture containing about 30% palm kernel oil. 1. YOU can be, the one to get Huge A very first systematic investigation of hazardous elements in second-hand plastic toys took place in the UK, with the start of 2018. ), Berlin 1998-2020, Various references and information from the cargo information pages, Overview of Web sites containing information on the locations of truck stops in Europe, Container Transportation – More Than A Coloured Box, Permissible loading capacity of containers, Report on the investigation into Flexitanks, The securing of containers on deck on a container ship, Tipping balance of transversely and diagonally stowed cargo units, eLearning program: Moisture when transporting goods. Packaging: Flexitanks.Payment terms: 100% at sight Letter of Credit.Product inspection: MCV will contract an independent inspection/verification service such as SGS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, etc. <> What we eat is important, and consumers are nowadays seeking more information about their food, including questions about their origin - where it comes from and how it is produced. Palm kernel oil, palm oil, and coconut oil are three of the few highly saturated vegetable fats; these oils give the name to the 16-carbon saturated fatty acid palmitic acid that they contain. tallows, palm oil, palm kernel oil and etc - Find RFQ detail Specification Used Vegetable Oil, Edible Oil & Allied Products from Ukraine Join Us to Access Thousands of Suppliers & Buyers Join Now


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