. And maybe even brightens some of the most mundane. Prepare, chop, and slice all the toppings and put in serving bowls or containers. 136 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2683C0FEB2C99E498960373F7A91940E><749CF87EC158A2489356369BE5E7F6F4>]/Index[106 48]/Info 105 0 R/Length 132/Prev 263281/Root 107 0 R/Size 154/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream With this specific bag design, Barrel O’Fun has simply used a more horizontal style bag, rather than the deeper vertical bag, and included an easy open, rip-off top. Barrel O'Fun - Nacho Cheese Tortillas Taco in a Bag Rating: ©©© chips (notable) Comments: For any of you still unfamiliar with the wonderful, late-night, drunken snack, that is Taco in a Bag, you can check out examples here. About the Chip Review Rating Scale and Types of Reviews, RATING: Tostitos Artisan Recipes – Toasted Southwestern Spices Tortilla Chips, REVIEW: Paqui Tortilla Chips - The One Chip Challenge - Carolina Reaper Madness. Even though I love being in the kitchen, I love making memories with friends and family more! Barrel O’Fun – Nacho Cheese Tortillas Taco in a Bag. Contains MilkAllergen Statement: X Matthew Cullinan Regulatory Specialist. Maybe you have already had one and didn’t know that it had a name. We invite you to learn more. If you are a classic or purist and want your walking taco to be a Frito Pie in a bag, start with Frito Corn Chips, add chili, cheese sauce, and chopped onions. Classic Original Potato Chips. Follow me on Pinterest for more fun recipes! REVIEW: Zapp's - VooDoo Heat New Orleans Kettle Style Potato Chips. Indiana Owned & Operated est. The nacho cheese flavoring is rather bland, fairly one dimensional, and once again, just OK. As usual we find ourselves comparing these tortilla chips against the quintessential, gold standard, nacho cheese flavored tortilla chips that are Doritos; and once again, we find a chip that simply falls short of Doritos classic quality. 0 These were so awesome for game day last week! The best way to describe a walking taco is a taco in a bag! 1984. 203600112 – Barrel O’Fun ‘Taco-in-a-Bag’ - Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chips 72 / 1.5oz . Filed Under: Perfect Party Foods Tagged With: for a crowd, portable, walking taco, Make for Halloween every year at office. I’m going to make these for our next football party! Having chips in a perfectly portioned bag is the best way to start! Product Details Product Number: 27242 Category: 0365 - CHIPS & SALTED SNACKS Pack: 72 1.5 oz Unit of Measure: SKU Manufacturer: BARREL O FUN Manufacturer #: 11061 ©TakeTwoTapas.com. BOOM! It is the leading contract manufacturer and private label supplier in North, Central and South America, Australia and Asia. These are so fun and perfect for a crowd! Tacos are a super easy way to serve a crowd and even better because you don’t have to wash all those dishes that a crowd can leave when the party is over. Chips provided to Chip Review from Barrel O’Fun for review. So kid friendly and EASY for a crowd! If you use certified GF corn chips or specifically GF chips and taco seasonings then they are GF! These chips can be purchased separately but if you have a crowd you can buy a box of 20-30 chips in an assortment of flavors, including Fritos. You can make a sign or just demonstrate with the first one. If you’d rather skip my (very helpful, I think) tips and tricks, essential cooking info, and similar recipe ideas – and get straight to this delicious easy walking tacos recipe – simply scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find the printable recipe card. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I prefer a crock pot but if you are traveling, you can place them in an oven proof dish and place in the grill to keep warm. Most walking tacos start with Fritos or corn chips as most tacos do, if you like the hard shell tacos, but I like to start with Doritos. %%EOF As always we would love to hear what you think. Home » Walking Tacos – Portable Party Tacos for a Crowd! Walking Tacos are a FUN, DELICIOUS, and INEXPENSIVE way to feed a crowd! So tasty too and perfect for picky eaters, so they can customize their eats!! eq. �K��D6��> �6U`v/�dL��?�H)P֛�M����S���ۀ�_�L@����� ���i�G� W�� My niece will love this when she comes for a sleepover. Get ready to smile and say cheese. ( Log Out /  Once you have your chips picked out, gather the rest of your favorite taco ingredients and toppings! Effective June 22, Shearer's will no longer ship Barrel O' Fun and Rachel's items to its distributors. I've been feeding crowds, large and small, since I could hold a spoon. ), and be sure to help me share on facebook! Change ). To prepare a walking taco, start by picking your chips. Open the bag and gently crush or smash the chips into small pieces. Apr 1, 2017 - Barrel O' Fun Chips, Taco in a Bag, 1.5 Ounce (Pack of 72): Amazon.com: Grocery & Gourmet Food *If you like this recipe, please leave me a comment and rate it with some stars. ( Log Out /  Super easy to serve, tasted amazing and the best part—- EASY CLEANUP!! Thus, providing an even more perfect taco in a bag vessel for those of us who love to indulge in such snacks! endstream endobj 107 0 obj <. Copying and/or pasting full recipes to any social media is strictly prohibited. h�b``�a``������j**`b�d1(f`Tfd�l�w�K����������C6�}�����{eW7H��2����� v���maa`a��2J fC� ( Log Out /  With nine varieties to choose from, there’s fun in every flavor! Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. endstream endobj startxref I wish these delicious walking tacos could have helped my team! 153 0 obj <>stream Made these for our watch party this weekend!! Let us know. Your email address will not be published. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Add your favorite toppings to the bag of crushed chips. These are super fun & everyone loved them at my party. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Other portable party foods to try are my Walking Gyros, Walking Dessert Tacos, and these Street Corn Empanadas! A walking taco is essentially a taco in a bag that you can eat on the go! Weight of Grain 34.8g Document Updated 2/14/2017 Case UPC TBD Bag UPC TBD Case Pack TBD Kosher Status Kosher Dairy USDA Smart Snack Compliant No Grain - oz. « 70+ Chicken Wing Recipes for any Sports Event! Pork Tenderloin Sliders – Easy Fall Appetizer! Shearer's acknowledged the possibility of short-term challenges in the transition. When you need a great idea and an inexpensive way to serve a crowd, have a walking taco bar, enjoy time with great friends and delicious food, and don’t worry about the clean up! These are so fun! From summer barbecues to family gatherings to time spent relaxing at the end of a long day, Frito-Lay snacks are part of some of life's most memorable moments. Yes, you can but I prefer spicy nacho or cool ranch Doritos! Pork Riblet Sandwich, Bag of Barrel O'Fun Chips & 24oz Fountain Pop $6.00 Any of our Chicken Sandwiches in a Combo Meal for $6.00 (includes same as above) Taco-in-a-Bag $3.79 The Frito-Lay The Walking Taco DORITOS Nacho Cheese are a delicious snack option for people on the go. Thank you! eq. Sharing of this recipe is both encouraged and appreciated. 106 0 obj <> endobj Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The perfect portable party food and everyone can make them with all their favorite toppings! This is one of our FAVORITE meals! However, here at Chip Review we review chips, not snacks that use chips. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Barrel O' Fun: Cheese Puffs & Snacks; Cheese Puffs & Snacks. With 18 packs of Frito-Lay tortilla chips, this bulk case is an ideal option for convenience stores, concession stands, and college cafeterias.


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