Your email address will not be published. The colors are serious, but the pin dot pattern gives the outfit a modern vibe. The wedding party doesn’t have to match tie-for-tie, but it’s still important to coordinate your looks, especially when you’re wearing a bold blue wedding suit. And There is a perfect time for everything! Indeed, these two blue suits can be the foundations of a wardrobe, the kind of versatile, infinitely wearable, easy to pair outfits that we like to call Swiss Army suits. 2019. Simply put, it’s a great starter suit. Navy Blue Custom Suit by Black Lapel, $449 Lavender Solid Twill Weave Custom Dress Shirt by Black Lapel, $129 Lavender and Blue Striped Knit Tie by Black Lapel, $59 Purple Birdseye Pocket Square by Black Lapel, $39. Blue Suit and Gold Bow TieVia blandindelloye, Navy SuitVia, Patterned Navy Groom SuitVia, Blue Suit and Red FlowersPhoto by, Rustic wedding Blue Tweed SuitVia 100 Layer Cake, Navy and Grey Wedding suitVia Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, Italian blue SuitVia Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, Boho Sky blue SuitVia Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, Smart Blue Groom SuitVia Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, Blue Suit Groom and Bow TieVia Your Perfect Wedding Photographer. When you decide you’re rocking a blue suit or tuxedo at the altar (or gazebo, or mountain-top—whatever), you can’t forget about your groomsmen. For a lot of us men, can also be worn with a navy blue suit. Read the Affiliate Disclosure. Instead, wear the same color but not the same material. It’s a classic suit and the first suit in many guys’ closets. A velvet slipper, perhaps? The pops of pink paired with the Navy give this a fresh, fun feel. And of course, the burgundy color which adds the Undeveloped keeps you safe. It works well in spring, summer, or fall and really add an unexpected liveliness to your day. Madison Blue Micro Check Custom Suit by Black Lapel, $549 White Solid Herringbone Weave Custom Dress Shirt by Black Lapel, $109 Wheaton Tie by Armstrong & Wilson, $69 Solid White Pocket Square by Black Lapel, $39. A little less contrast, but a lot more support, which can make for some interesting combinations with accessories. Go for a patterned blue tie with almost the same shade as your navy blue suit if you love patterned ties. Reign in the look with classic tux accessories, or work with subtle patterns—a pin dot bow tie or bold-print pocket square. Formal Men Outfit. Colorful details… By @gentsplaybook || MNSWR style inspiration ||, As much as I hate to admit it, fall is fast approaching. creative and playful feel to your overall appearance. As a man, navy blue and white will be just fine for you. The dinner jacket look can sub in for a full matching tuxedo in most situations, so it comes down to which look you prefer—matching or contrasting. Enliven the rich color in this suit by wearing it with a strong analogous color like the shades of purple we’ve employed here and nobody will confuse you for just another stuffed suit. Any of the three colors There’s nothing wrong with that, but know that you have options—bold options, like these blue wedding tuxedos in a variety of shades and styles. This color combination is the perfect amount of masculine and feminine. Here to educate and guide you down your path towards style. An orange-colored tie too, can add an awesome twist to your outfit if a white shirt is involved but tread its path cautiously. A suit on the weekend? there is always the option of playing safe, and by playing safe, you should But i don’t know where i can find this one.


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