Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, & Northern Pike. Then one day he found himself headed back out onto the road, behind the wheel again, and thinking of selling his property off to finance a new truck. “That literally changed my life,” he says. Navajo Dam is on the left side. Navajo offers excellent year round fishing and, is sure to become one of your favorite spots. The afternoon we were out we could hear thunder far off to the north where rainclouds could be seen building, but on the lake it remained sunny and mild. The pursuing fish turned from its previous quarry and raced over to the fly, snatching it from the surface greedily. See also. Nesbit said Navajo Lake can be an unforgiving place for those who mess with it. Home of the State's Best Green Chile Cheeseburger. Portions of the reservoir extend into Archuleta County in southern Colorado. Anglers can also fish a little deeper during this same season for largemouth bass lurking amid the submerged rocks and trees  found along the sheer cliff faces that make up a great deal of Navajo Lake’s extensive shoreline. Best Bush Whacking Waders on the Market. Navajo Lake is the second largest lake in the state, with multiple campgrounds, two marinas, and two boat docks. One spring day in 2009 Nesbit and his wife, Peggy Harrell, also a San Juan River Guide, took the author along to fish the lake for just that purpose,to have a little fun, relax in the warm sunshine and enjoy the spectacular scenery. How To Get To Navajo Lake The lake is part of the Colorado River Storage Project, which here manages the upper reaches of the San Juan River, storing and releasing … “If you can fool one of them you’ve done your work, “ Nesbit says. Fully guided charter trips. “Then he hands me the rod and takes off.”. Navajo offers excellent year round fishing and, is sure to become one of your favorite spots. Navajo Lake once held the state’s smallmouth bass record for a 22-inch, six pound, 14-ounce fish caught back in 1999. Navajo Lake is a year-round fishery offering: Bass Northern Pike Trout Salmon Catfish Perch Bluegill Crappie Rob specializes in catching smallmouth bass and northern pike. Navajo Lake fishing guide Rob Degner. The lake has smallmouth bass, black crappie, … He knows the legendary flows that made the river famous will probably never return and sees no sense in dwelling on the past. Nesbit began making trips to the San Juan River every chance he got and became proficient at working the water. Nesbit says efforts to draw attention to the river have helped prompt state game and Fish Officials to resume stocking the river at a more sustainable level, created new regulations like the two fly rule and catch and release only within the entire quality waters and led to stepped up law enforcement, all of which will help keep the river healthy and productive for anglers. During our outing we managed to land several largemouth that had repeatedly taken a watermelon speckled Gitzit. “So we’re out there on the river and this guy shows me how to cast, once, twice,” Nesbit says. Navajo Lake Marina, a one stop shop for FUN: Houseboat & Boat Rentals, Bumper Boats, Paddle … Nesbit had fished using traditional means for years, particularly when living out in California on the Sacramento River where he chased steelhead trout. Smallmouth Bass Smallmouth bass populations are very good at Navajo Lake, Ute Lake and Conchas Lake. That afternoon we sped across the lake at speed, riding the crest of the waves and pulling into the boat launch just as the rain began to come down. That record has since fallen to Ute Lake on the eastern plains of New Mexico where a 24-inch, seven pound, three ounce whopper was snared in 2006. “It’s widely considered by many to be the top small mouth bass fishery in the state,” says Marc Wethington, a Department of Game and Fish fisheries biologist stationed on the San Juan. These big fish are social animals that tend to travel in groups and can often be seen swimming just below the surface. Nesbit laid out some line from his fly rod and deftly dropped an ant pattern with a splash upon the surface. The construction of the dam and the resulting lake flooded and destroyed one of the Navajos' most sacred sites.[2]. Salmon snagging season at Navajo Lake … Nesbit who is celebrating his 10th year in business as a fishing guide working out of Navajo Dam, had called it just right. That record has since fallen to Ute Lake on the eastern plains of New … The river shorelines below the dam are also part of the state park. Water Temp: 70's Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility) Report: Water is still holding o color as the water rom the San Juan seems to be making it a little more to the south this year (low lake level I guess) start o June showed great ishing main lake turning on side arms all ishing well.


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