Orange Narcissus symbolizes positivity and friendship. A symbol of good fortune and success, it is one of the earliest stones used in jewelry — even as early as 5500 BC. Narcissus flowers are often found at the banks of rivers and lakes and took association with the mythical story as it became commonly featured in paintings recreating the tale. December ~ Narcissus & Holly. 5 inches tall. The primary birthday flower for December is the Narcissus which blooms in late winter to spring (Northern Hemisphere). With the busy holiday season upon us, don’t forget your loved ones who have December birthdays. Its name originated from the Greek myth of a young man named Narcissus who became obsessed with his own beauty. The official flower for December is the narcissus, a genus of flowers that includes daffodils and their smaller, paler cousins, paperwhites. For example, in China, the Narcissus flower represents wealth and prosperity while Victorians consider it to be a flower that represented egoistic personalities. Although the Narcissus has many different interpretations, universally the December birth flower represents the following qualities: If this December flower has interested you, you may want to explore what the December birthstone is. When properly pronounced, the Narcissus flower’s name sounds similar to the English word “narcissist” due to its affiliation with Greek mythology. The narcissus can often be confused with the daffodil, the birth flower for March, which is a type of narcissus. We can’t forget to mention the other flowers and symbols that rise in popularity during December. Although most narcissus flowers are spring flowers, several species, such as the paperwhite narcissus, bloom in the winter — making it the perfect selection as December’s flower of the month. In those situations, the Narcissus flower represents a chance for change and future success. Narcissus are spring plants that grow mainly in the Mediterranean region. The narcissus flowers are also often associated with respect and faithfulness. Privacy Policy. To coincide with the festive season, Holly is the December berry. Learn More. Zircon colors can range from red to brown and orange to yellow, however the most prized color of zircon is the red gemstone. Glass is in perfect vintage condition. Maybe I should give it a try just to see. Have a great time in Paris, Janice! The Narcissus birth flower commonly represents modesty, respect, and faithfulness within art and literature. Upon excavation, mummified pharaohs have been found adorned with turquoise bracelets, and turquoise beads were found in ancient Mesopotamian ruins. Zircon is the secondary birthstone for December. December’s colors of red, white, and gold are also used in decoration during this month and represent purity, clarity and new beginnings. December flower – Holly and Narcissus. Yet their symbolism and meanings varied since they are widely prevalent in many cultures. Learn more on our December birth flower page! Both of these flowers represent hope and can be weaved into a beautiful birthday bouquet or used to embellish gift wrapping. The narcissus is the December birth flower and symbolizes good wishes, faithfulness and respect. For instance, narcissus flowers signify prosperity and wealth in China. Yellow Narcissus symbolizes positive energy and joy. FLOWER OF THE MONTH December: NARCISSUS. The National Day of Mourning is a Native American protest in November. The Narcissus flower is the December birth flower and symbolizes faithfulness, good wishes and respect. The December birth flower commonly represents purity, sweetness, and simplicity. 14K gold-filled pendant featuring a hand-drawn Narcissus for the month of December. Similarly, spruce, pine and fir trees used as  Christmas trees rise in popularity during this month. The most popular of the December birthstones is Turquoise. The December birth flowers are the narcissus (paperwhite) and the holly. This birth symbol would make a great gift for the spiritual friend or family member in your life. I think narcissus must be the December flower because of the popularity of forcing paperwhites (a variety of narcissus) for Christmas (personally I prefer amaryllis!). Well, Narcissus is the flower for your birthday. Now that you know the meaning of December’s birth flower and other birth symbols, give a gift that shows a personalized touch. December Birthday Glass, Narcissus Flower of December, Daffodil Glass, Vintage Glass With Daffodils Glass measures approx. Another aspect of flower lore concerns the designated flowers for each month of the year. 3 min read. Yellow Narcissus are the most common and universally represent happiness. Not celebrating a birthday in December? 46 Perennial Flowers to Brighten Your Garden. Narcissus – the flower of December December 17, 2013 ourflowersflorist So it does seem a little stran ge I know, Narcissus being a Spring flower and yet its the flower of either the Summer month for us here in New Zealand or a cold Winter month for those on the other side of this world but like it or leave it, whatever and where ever you are this is Decembers flower. Unlike the rest of the months, December has two birth flowers – Holly and Narcissus. Germany is originally known for starting the tradition of Christmas tree decorating when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes during the 16th century. Although most narcissus flowers are spring flowers, several species, such as the paperwhite narcissus, bloom in the winter — making it the perfect selection as December’s flower … The December birth flower has a rich history and is very popular across the globe. Read more for tips on how to celebrate. Turquoise is a gemstone that is best known for its color. A unique, beautiful keepsake for every flower lover. All of these outfits are beautiful. But for Victorians, these blooms are representations of self … In addition, flowers can be gifted with different options like baskets, eye-catching arrangements, vases and more. Send this sunny colored flower to your most vibrant friend to let them know how happy they make you. No chips, cracks or scratches. The second birth flower for December is the narcissus. Now you might be feeling eager to know about your December birth flower. December is one month that brings with it a lot of good cheer, celebrations, vacations, delicious food and of course the amazingly cold weather. As a punishment, he was cursed to look at his own appearance in the river and ended up falling in and drowning. National Day of Mourning: What is Unthanksgiving Day? To learn more about flowers and their meanings, see our page on the Language of Flowers! Yes, there is another birth month flower for December, which is great as it means you get extra blooms to add to your birthday flower bouquets! Discover 46 of the best perennial flowers for your garden with our comprehensive guide including images, gardening information and tips.. © 2020 Provide Commerce. Created by Julia Szendrei Jewelry of Lake Tahoe, CA. Singles' Day is celebrated on November 11 and is an opportunity to practice reflection and self-love. All rights reserved. I so love that brown cable knit sweater dress, but I am not sure I can wear that style (sigh). Narcissus is a group of plants in the amaryllis family, also known as Daffodil or Jonquil, and the flowers are white, yellow or orange. All varieties of narcissus have similar structure, with a bell-shaped center surrounded by six large petals. Everyone has their birthday flower and so do.


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