The collective impact of the Sylex Blast, the Shard, the Tolarian time travel experiments, the Rathi Overlay and Karona starts to be felt, as mana-sucking rifts begin to open all over Dominaria. Orim marries. Enraged over the death of his apprentice Kobo at the hands of, O-Kagachi finally manifests in the physical world and demolishes, Toshi is taken to Dominaria and blinded by the Myojin of Night's Reach as punishment for indirectly recreating the planar barriers around, Johan is preparing a fleet of airships to conquest Efrava. The victors of that war were Nicol Bolas (who ascended), his siblings Ugin, Arcades Sabboth, Palladia-Mors and Chromium, and his cousin Vaevictis Asmadi. Lim-Dûl, Leshrac, and Tevesh-Szat start a war on Shandalar. Click the "edit this page" link (above) to start this page and to tell people what this wiki is all about. Magic can be played by two or more players each using a deck of printed cards or a deck of virtual cards through the Internet-based Magic: The Gathering Online or third-party programs. If you want more about Magic, visit Wizard's official Magic site, She then closes the rift over Yavimaya, but damages the ecosystem and possibly destroys Multani. There is about a two-year margin of error here, and it's not clear when exactly Family Values takes place, but it's not long after RtR. Lim-Dûl defeats Azar and returns but finds that Shandalar has powerful defenders now. They collectively become known as the Elder Dragons.Between -20,000 and -17,000 1. Legend of the Cryptids • Gerrard decapitates Urza. Kaijudo • Some sources place Antiquities War comic after Arabian Nights, but one of them also reminds that in fact, the Antiquities War comic is a narrative made by Taysir after he was trapped in the Shard and researched the mysteries of this ancient conflict. Clash Royale • Phyrexia approaches Vuel. Slobad gives up his spark to resurrect all people on Mirrodin and transport the original generations home. He uses an enthralled Leshrac to close the Madaran rift. For more details please read this blog post. Ravidel pushes Taysir to kill planeswalkers and use their energy to pierce the spell, just like Faralyn did to the Shard during the Summit. Ravnica works with Z.C. approximation for the events of Throne of Eldraine: The Wildered Quest assumes that Will Kenrith and Rowan Kenrith did not have a spark during War of the Spark. Radha unifies the Keldons and remaining Skyshroud Elves. [1], The dates on this timeline are in A.R. Yawgmoth corrupts Urza, causing him to degenerate into madness. Flooding caused by the World Spell drowns. Refraction of Rabiah happened still in his infancy. "Business last year?" MTG characters . Sandruu is banished to some faraway plane. Sorin returns to his homeplane of Innistrad after the fiasco on Zendikar to find it destroying itself. Kevin Maples, Jeffrey Gomez, Alex Maleev, and Rodney Ramos (September 1995). Not long after, the adopted son of the magician Xarl, Left by his mistress, Sol'Kanar seeks to restore his power and fight the Fallen Angel in the north. Art Holcomb and Doug Tropea-Wheatley (May 1996). Nancy Collins, Richard Kane Ferguson, Dennis Calero, and Don Perlin (May 1996). Legend of Minerva • In the story Family Values, Teysa Karlov states "I am one hundred and twelve years old,"[84] and in the novel Guildpact, Uncle Karlov states "I purchased it many years ago, not long before you were born", with “It” referencing Uncle Karlov's purchase of Utvara in 9965 Z.C.


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