I drive at least 20-30 minutes to anywhere and am just used to that. (DP was one of them). After 16 years she finally made the leap to a small village in Devon. I used to live in Newton Abbot and work near Totnes. Our removals company, Wotton of Tiverton, were second to none, courteous, considerate and very professional. Exeter is the best choice for somewhere a bit more lively and has some good schools. We also needed to be reasonably close to a mainline train station as I still (at present) don’t drive, and we needed to be near to amenities like shops, a post office, a good doctors and veterinary practice. Moving to South Devon (71 Posts) Add message | Report. I have friends who live near there. Most kids who grow up in Devon head for London for university precisely because it's so difficult to be a teenager there. Along the coast traffic might be better, but in the summer it’s impossible. Beautiful views. It's also quite a hippy place. Independent? House martins, swallows and birds of prey swoop overhead. I think I’d go higher than Torquay on the hill. One road in and out ‍♀️. Just don’t expect a metropolis anywhere. A guest blog from someone who's made the move out of London. It was painful in the summer. Even Exeter has some really rough parts, and as PPs have said it’s a ball ache of a commune. Teignmouth is dead but there is the beach in the summer and Muse came from there. We had found the house we wanted to buy. South Devon forums . We have two teenagers and one in primary so obviously need to take schooling into account. The new bypass is quick and the road to Exeter is ok outside of rush hour. Traffic worries are all relative, Devon bad traffic is probably very different to London bad traffic for example! Positioned in the south west of the UK, Devon covers an area of 2,590 square miles and is bordered by Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. To use this feature subscribe to Mumsnet Premium - get first access to new features see fewer ads, and support Mumsnet. Exeter is out. As my husband and I are both freelancers it didn’t matter where we lived, but there were still things that were very important to us. I live near Kennford and it takes 20 minutes to got to my mums in Ellacombe, which is near Torquay town centre. By chance in January, when doing another house hunt in Somerset, my husband pulled a ‘wild card’ out of his pocket. Can you give more details? The house had everything we wanted, the village was lovely, and the location ticked all the boxes. (I have tried to be even handed but I dislike Torquay because I went to school there and I think Totnes is full of pretentious twats and I refer to Newton Abbot as Newton Armpit... but I’m clearly bitter). The commute needs to be 30 minutes or less. It is rich with history, the locals are so welcoming, and there is so much to see and do in such a short distance. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Now we sit in our garden that overlooks the Grand Western Canal, listening to the birds singing. The grammars are single sex in Torquay if you really want that. It is also conveniently close to the South Coast and the lovely Dart Valley. Devon is a beautiful county; the green rolling hills go on forever making you fall in love with it. A key decision for every family to make and research is the quality of local schools. Woman just called to say she's sleeping with my partner, How do you style your children’s hair? - Torquay is quite rough in places but also some nice areas. I always think it would be a waist of a move to Devon to move there as it could be anywhere - which is completely ridiculous!! The house was in a village just over the border in Devon. Moving took almost a year, (including three estate agents, and a complaint to the financial ombudsman to complete the process). I'm not sure if this is the best place to post this or not but would be really grateful for any advice.We are relocating to Devon due to my husband's new job in Torquay. There was a small town with good amenities either side of the village, and Taunton and Exeter were both a half hour drive away. Some lovely places out of Torquay. I grew up in Devon. Totnes is quirky and could be seen as cool by your kids if they’re into that sort of thing. I wouldn’t go further than Newton Abbot due to traffic. A year ago we decided to put our flat in Clapham North on the market in preparation for a move out of London. It might help to know where you’re coming from? We watch the swans lazily swim past with their cygnets. Sorry to all people who live there. Depends what your house budget is OP and where your kids will be going to school ? The other thing that was top of the list for us was connectivity, because we work from home we needed to find somewhere that had good broadband, preferably super fast. To think boycotting to my DS wedding is too far? Reposting in chat in case better place for this. - places like Dartmouth, Brixham are lovely seafront towns (nicer than Teignmouth) but much further away travel times to everywhere else. If you want your kids to have more independence then perhaps Teignmouth for the railway would make sense. Teignmouth isn’t dead and has rail links to Exeter.But yes need to know where you’re coming from and schools really. Maybe look up the hill from Torquay (Shaldon, St Marychurch)? Exeter, a thriving city with several booming industries, is among the top places for those … Your email address will not be published. If you have teens I’m presuming you’ll want Exeter College for Alevels to be accessible. The commute needs to be 30 minutes or less. We’re so glad that we made the move, and even though there are things we’ll miss about London, our quality of life is so much better, and we know that if we need it, the City is only a train ride or car journey away. You should - it’s totally lush. Advertising, Designed by Business Accelerator eCommerce Website Design | Owned by Life After London | © 2014 All Rights Reserved. Devon is a beautiful county; the green rolling hills go on forever making you fall in love with it. Good transport links and easy to get everywhere from. ondevontime Sun 24-May-20 12:23:50. Lots of people do it. If you want to be closer to the moor has you considered Totnes, a biggish town with a trainline to Exeter? You aren’t going to find London down in the South West. At the same time, Ashburton is a sensible choice for people working in Plymouth or Exeter, both about 30 minutes away on the A38 Devon … I wouldn’t live there by choice. My DS sails at events at the various clubs round the bay and the road along the coast is quite tedious even first thing on a weekend morning. Do you prefer coast or countryside ? Her third is being released soon. It's not dead! The thing with Devon is lots of places don't have much money but where it can, rely on tourism so have a certain feel. It wasn’t far from the motorway and it was close to a mainline train station. All forums . Raising our son in fresh air, with an outdoor lifestyle and not having to worry so much about his safety. Nice town feeling, also very popular. Whilst 85% of schools in Devon are considered to be ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED, you’ll want to find the right fit for your children, as well as working out the school run on those rural roads! While there are still very expensive areas in which … Headache? - ashburton / bovey tracy might be worth a look as well as smaller towns nearer the moor but seem to be well liked. Ashburton, located on the border of South Dartmoor, is a dream town for lovers of hiking, nature, and fishing. Its popularity lies predominantly in the beauty of its countryside and … Exeter - Torquay is a terrible commute. What to expect living in Devon Stretching (north to south) from the Bristol Channel to the English Channel, Devon is the only county in England with two separate coastlines. Torquay itself seems quite run down.I am torn between being near the sea and the moor.I wondered if anyone has any recommendations of possible locations for us and might be able to describe the pros and cons of the places and whether they might suit a family/ what the roads are like, etcMany thanks.


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