Mother of Thyme Seed This variety of creeping thyme grows about 4-6" tall and has broader leaves than S1922 Creeping Thyme. What are the differences between organic, heirloom, and hybrid seed? Once established, Creeping Thyme is drought tolerant and requires little to moderate … Because of its compact, spreading growth habit, it is often grown between the stones or bricks of garden paths for its beauty and sweet aroma that is released when walked upon. Grow Mother of Thyme, Creeping Thyme from fresh Thymus serpyllum seeds. I have no other plant that attracts so many bees (and different types of bees- honey, bumble, those tiny hovering ones). If sowing directly outdoors, scatter the seeds to the surface of the soil, on a calm day, allowing direct sunlight to reach them. Also known as 'Mother of Thyme', 'Creeping Thyme' is a low growing (three to six inches) plant. By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. Mother of Thyme (Thymus serpyllum), also known as Wild Thyme, is a low growing subshrub (4-6") with green oval shaped leaves and lilac to pale pink flowers that stand up on about 4” stems. The plants will grow anywhere from 6 to 12 inches tall and can spread a good 18 inches wide or more. Instock - allow 3-5 business days for processing prior to shipment. The perfect combination! Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. Each branch bares clusters of roughly 10 to 20 flowers atop slender stems. Easy from seed, it blooms generously in spring and keeps its spicy scent until frost. Heirloom Seeds are open-pollinated -- they are not hybrids. Transplant outdoors when the weather is warm and all danger of frost has passed. The blooms attract butterflies and bees, while the intense fragrance seems to deter nibbling rabbits and deer. Once established, your Creeping Thyme plants will produce beautiful, lilac purple blooms throughout your garden. Evergreen in most areas and quite drought-resistant once it has become established, Mother of Thyme is a good choice for just about any bare, sunny, well-drained patch of soil. Looks great in all seasons. It is a hardy perennial, handling summer heat and winter cold. Thymus vulgaris, English Thyme, grows to 11/2 feet tall, has larger leaves, and is hardy Zones 4 to 8, Superior Germination Through Superior Science. Mother of Thyme can handle summer heat and winter cold, it can withstand periods of drought, although for best results moderate watering will help. Mother of Thyme is dense with a spreading habit that makes it the ideal groundcover, trailer in containers, or addition to any Living Wall. Check Out The Sacred Plant Co Seed Selection. Mother of Thyme is a low growing herb that produces masses of beautiful purple flowers. What is the best way to store seeds over a longer time period? Grow Mother of Thyme as you would other thyme varieties: direct-sow in well-drained garden soil receiving full sun, or begin indoors. This perennial thyme is very adaptable and tough, though to look at its lush display, you would never guess at its resilience! To be considered an heirloom, a variety would have to be at least from the 1940's and 3 generations old (many varieties are much older -- some 100 years or more!). Mother of Thyme is not too picky when it comes to soil conditions and can adapt to sandy, poor or fertile conditions. To increase drainage, we recommend adding a light compost to areas containing hard, compact soil. Mother of Thyme is popularly sown in rock gardens, along borders, fences & walkways, in containers & pots, or directly in the garden. Besides its traditional role in the herb garden, this vigorous herb is grown as a groundcover in the front of borders, used as an edging, and situated in rock gardens.


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