The appearance of hyperlinks does not constitute endorsement by the Defense Health Agency of non-U.S. Government sites or the information, products, or services contained therein. _�~y�/4�x���ƛ/�X�Gm��ׂ�C ��F$ (13) Chapter 4 … (�X�М��A�z��A�=�M}��8�ޔ�|�Ӵ9n���]16lg��|*��Fl��&���8e�"�2*�q._��I�Q��K-���D��|���o,� �3������>���)}!��!�N_������ـp��z�:{ofj��Ci�I�gc ��O�������3�+���[1�狧�X��"%,�жF�)���x�Uy9�����h�yV}3���y ;qa&�E#�@��_�]�8��~6�P�s'�#��J����s�H�,��6� Q���В�D�������1����M�tV�(I^��E� l�y�r��\nm�P���b>�J^�� 9��Zү��oX�+�n 3 _�a�iD�C,(h~�@lA1�d��H endobj department of the navy bureau of medicine and surgery 7700 arlington boulevard falls church, va 22042 in reply refer to bumedinst 6320.103 . ����h=�\_A��5Q�W-i;1�dC�L���%�-z��Z�592M% ޺J���N��N����xkzc�F��4q/���r[��{�@��Oԉ��'�G�=�e����H2�Dl=� bumed instruction 6320.103 . x��][s�6~������&@��N������m-9m'�-Q6�2�Rr���{ �� a�8�ibK �s�d�O�E>IG��O�'�E:z������y���ѯY:Ϊ�&>���|ϗ�%����g�0Re���@�Ã�Ã�O������E>����$��s2|�5�"�0����[�����i0|Ed8�����'�������Ã� �z�:! %PDF-1.5 3 0 obj (�,H�z�tĽؕImGA`xk -� C�3�7�?��De>��+�Ɂ��LB_��•�����c(�bG�c�Iiwh�G��@��H���c~������f��"s�E����K|��=�#��6:�[h�`1���E�ocP� .�&7&�.x�9 }��N���T�1��iE��+��W�0�3��"I�UB֋�r{ @L�s�&l׋d؆�c{M3���5*jn�T��D�X ���sﴨsmJ�`�����SQ�K��M-�PՒ%� J�-J�2�U����Z��[�i��[�`��`K�����bkK��kXV��Y�9x����3?B2�p2҆"gѮ(�"hX��=�f�}/�;��$��C��m�6�����"���*��BN�*�*r����Rv"�A��L�K�܀���[�T/�;/�6ϑ�`K�L��tJ>����.� �0r�ߖ3OW*A�.��{a�\nX��2l/,9^�[+6�㦬)�LD,7�t��� �Jy���]K��6�c(q��O�C�{a%B]kƲ�(�`q�y�K�{۲8:���h@�B���@?ͺ8�J���U���_��������Qɐ�ZJ��7�������a�y���tk�O:����]@ ���i��c�l'����k������ k%��@CI)��8�rj ���FI�(u=�8(�q���<>~z�Z��)6FR,D��;�%{5��#�8J����ԶmWۇ���mg�޵�� �%Mo`렗��쏛[u��ݷj��ܪ��]�����^� v��#d��~� ��6�輶�\�z��1n�IVe�(��F��@y"O1Ip8��@�'���;Eƴ��w�Z�A��H��=��nC����p#��x�.�|�͂߿9��s6{)"TO (5) Inform civilian employer of impending recall orders per reference (d). <> (6) Review and sign statements of understanding on 8 aug 2016 . bumed-m3b1 . �,�8��h�4���^�~�9�=��!��B��7g����-@۞xyv5D54Qa���b����@��3U�a����K���]|:���Z�5�6��� FQ(Di���|~z�14���k�jZc����/*� �QAUef��hHU�6����@�*@{d�[�&L��0���T��an����>��V����/�v�Az ��sw��ev�2��� "�Q�Bu����Ϙ�3���?�VAj)�?p <>>> MCO 1050.3J 3 (12) Chapter 4 paragraphs 2, 7, and 8. Adds Marine OnLine (MOL) procedures as primary means to request/approve leave, liberty, and PTAD. MILPERSMAN 1320-155 ACTIVE DUTY (ACDU) NAVY DEFINITE RECALL PROGRAM FOR RESERVE ENLISTED Responsible Office COM FAX OPNAV (N13) Phone: DSN 664-5040 (703) 604-5040 (703) 604-5943 NAVPERSCOM CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER Phone: Toll Free 1-866-U ASK NPC _____ References ((a) 10 U.S.C MILPERSMAN 1050-180 CONVALESCENT LEAVE Responsible Office CNO (N13) Phone: DSN COM FAX 225-3304 (703) 695-3304 (703) 695-3311 Governing Directives DOD Directive 1327.5 of 24 Sept 85 DFAS-DJMS, Procedures Training Guide (DFAS PTG) 1. Unless otherwise indicated, convalescent leave shall be granted MILPERSMAN 1160-050 VOLUNTARY OR INVOLUNTARY EXTENSION OF ENLISTED PERSONNEL BEYOND EXPIRATION OF ENLISTMENT, FULFILLMENT OF SERVICE OBLIGATION, OR EXPIRATION OF TOUR OF ACTIVE SERVICE Responsible Office BUPERS -328 Phone: DSN COM 882 3048 (901) 874-3048 MyNavy Career Center Phone: Toll Free E-mail: MyNavy Portal: 1-833-330-MNCC (6622) +{���AV>'"�3�$������ �l5xp��2j���DE�mBo5��myhC҆��|V��~j����l{�d$\O&�(CD�̗�����ĚYP~� �%|�]+�p��2��pM*u�^Y}��CFMV{�3p)?1Û&��@1H�(�ShP�9D'+�v�`�0h )K|eW�h̨��n�"�Q���8�+:ѣ��4��T��I�����W�r�9�.< 4 0 obj �*��+����pvzu���j0$"fP��JtA�"L�8m�0�Y�ppb�J{*=le��%M@���[K���M�����I��� �^�x4޼��綪� � h�� ҶTx�*�N�t-i�Z�%�%!��MZ�%-N��U="\G��|�f �.��U�� �$5�! from: chief, bureau of medicine and surgery 2 0 obj %���� Milpersman elective surgery keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website endobj You are leaving �c����&ɻ���. 1326-030 CH-60, 21 Aug 2017 Page 6 of 11 (PERS-95) prior to commencing elective surgery or medical treatment per reference (f). <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 11 0 R 12 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> ��jg;�HV+�|9����Ǭ )�s��d�!�7� ��Z����,s�N�V�d۱���0�Im�ŭܰ���蚘+jZ��Ʊ;���ꅤs�9�P�FFk�PM�޹�t��y�XV��L� 1 0 obj 6000 - 6999 Medicine and Dentistry: 6110 Physical Standards 6110-010: Cancelled: 6110-020: Physical Risk Classification for Officer and Enlisted Personnel on Inactive Duty: PERS-95 6120 Physical Examinations 6120-010: Enlisted Physical Qualifications for Certain Duty Assignment and Physical Examination/Medical Screening Prior to Transfer of Duty ���>����?8߂��[$s�-X�"p������4Ƶ-�h��m���$��z�,{5q6�$�#,�',)�\Jو��G ]�WNH�k?8����MH1�q����rvyJ��L�������do����やq�L�������vpyrE�ʋ��A(�0w�[(Q(��e�T����X�KΖ�5��+PxIh��P�7�w��m���f�����닻������v�8��H#�1f���G���q�x�����E�^(,,���b�cf�5�] ί���'D�(���y�@��5^��g��\���������뫫�D�XD^����������W� <> endobj stream Authority to Grant Convalescent Leave.


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